Roll Call: The 2022 Midterms Will Be Independents’ Day

Jared Kushner spent the entire 2020 election chasing after based blacks which was based on the absurd assumption that totally defied history that White Indies had “no place to go.” This proved to be fatal to Donald Trump’s reelection campaign. Even if there was the usual voter fraud, he still lost because the swing against him among Independents was too large to overcome.

Roll Call:

“A few weeks ago, I suggested in this column that independent voters would decide when Joe Biden’s honeymoon is over. Well, Independents’ Day has arrived.

While the president’s support from his Democratic base remains strong enough to offset Republican opposition, several recent polls have seen his job approval rating begin to slip with the most crucial voter group — independents. Our July 6-8 Winning the Issues survey saw Biden’s job approval underwater, with 40 percent of independents approving the job he is doing and 47 percent disapproving. Only a month before, our June survey had him at 46 percent approve/42 percent disapprove, a significant drop.

July 3-6 Economist/YouGov poll found similar results among independents, with Biden at 41 percent approve/50 percent disapprove. A July 7-8 Reuters/Ipsos poll, which reported only on independents who approved of Biden’s job performance, put that approval at 44 percent. …

Finally, a majority of the country is not a part of either party’s base, a trend that is often ignored by policymakers and pundits. In 2016, liberal Democrats were 18 percent of the country, and conservative Republicans were 21 percent (22 percent at the congressional level). Both groups added up to 39 percent, meaning 61 percent of voters were something else. …

So, if Republicans improved in party identification, ideology and size of base, why did Donald Trump lose in 2020? The answer — independents, a group Trump won by 4 points in 2016 and lost by 13 points four years later, a seismic shift of 17 points. In fact, you have to go back to Walter Mondale in 1984 to find a major presidential candidate who lost independents by a larger margin than Trump. …

But independents have a propensity to change sides. In the last election, independent conservatives outnumbered independent liberals by 14 points (32 percent to 18 percent), with independent moderates accounting for half. …”

Independents made Trump in 2016.

Independents unmade Trump and the Republican Congress in 2018 and 2020.

Note: Joe Biden’s current strategy for maintaining his support with White Indies in 2020 is scolding them for their systematic racism. The Democrats are running on that and spending trillions of dollars, inflation, a historic border crisis, woke supremacy, censorship and a crime wave.

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  1. There’s some amazing footage of Biden chastising a Reagan official for not destroying whites in SA quickly enough in a committee hearing. He’s a Judas from a long time back.

  2. Here’s Joe encouraging the dismantling of civilisation in South Africa as far back as 1986. What a Judas. How’s that looking now?

    • Since when was it any business of the U.S. Government how S. Africa and other places conduct their affairs? The record of U.S. involvement in other countries’ business is a record of disaster, failure and destruction. The ruling class is absolutely impervious to any lessons history has taught, they just move from one failure to the next, never looking back, never learning, not an ounce of humility to be found amongst these damn fools.

    • The regime will never — never — admit that the problems ripping apart South Africa are a result of the end of Apartheid. It will ALWAYS be blamed on the “lingering legacy” of inequality and White rule.

  3. If Trump had payed more attention to his White voter base, it would have been a lot harder for the communist-socialist Democrats to steal the election!

    Pandering to Blacks, Hispanics (Catholics), Jews and other non-Whites is a losing strategy.

    Besides, if Blacks, Hispanics (Catholics), Jews and other non-Whites see White voters strongly moving to a White candidate, they will either not vote, or vote for the White candidate as an assimiliation vote. That’s past history Brad.

  4. Voting in America is a choice between a faster or slower slide into Brazil-ification.

  5. Jewred told dumbass Dump that Whites had nowhere to go; in his chutzpah, he didn’t bargain on us not going to the voting booth.

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