Georgia Secretary of State Calls For Fulton County Election Officials To Be Fired Over Double Counted Ballots

Wait a minute.

Wasn’t this the guy who had the famous heated phone call with Donald Trump and who was paraded all over national television last November by state media to assure the public that the election in Georgia was square and legit? That’s the job of the Georgia Secretary of State, right?

The Federalist:

“During a detailed discussion with The Federalist on Wednesday, representatives from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office provided their perspective on new evidence suggesting more than 10,300 Georgian voters illegally cast ballots in the November 2020 general election.

Last week, The Federalist reported on recently obtained data indicating tens of thousands of Georgia voters had violated Section 21-2-218 of the state’s election code, which requires residents vote in the county in which they reside, unless they had changed their residence within 30 days of the election. …”

Joe Biden’s official margin of victory in Georgia was 11,779 votes.

If tens of thousands of people illegally voted in Georgia in the 2020 election and that ultimately came out, what would be the result of that? Georgia lost the MLB All Star Game over this. Joe Biden branded Georgia a Jim Eagle state where “Jim Crow on steroids” is practiced. Merrick Garland’s Department of Social Justice is suing Georgia over its election integrity law.

Yahoo News:

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger demanded the firing of two high-profile election officials in Fulton County, Georgia, on Thursday after it was revealed a number of ballots were double-counted during the 2020 presidential election.

Raffensperger urged local officials to terminate both Rick Barron, the Fulton elections director, and Ralph Jones, the registration chief, for “continued failures.” Earlier in the week, it was revealed that nearly 200 absentee ballots were scanned twice after digital images of the paperwork were made public under the Peach State’s new voting law, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. …”

The entire political establishment – Wall Street, Corporate America, Big Law, Hollywood celebrities, “journalists,” etc. – ganged up on Georgia over this. It was covered by Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources. It was Jim Eagle and “white supremacy” to question the 2020 election results in Georgia.


“A duplicate write-in vote for singer Kanye West was a big clue that some absentee ballots had been counted twice in Fulton County.

Digital ballot images made public under Georgia’s new voting law show nearly 200 ballots — including one for West — that election officials initially scanned two times last fall before a recount. There’s no indication any vote for president was counted more than once in official results.

The discovery of identical ballots provides evidence to back up allegations of problems in the presidential election, but on a relatively small scale that had no bearing on the final certified count. A group of voters seeking to prove the election was fraudulent say double-counting is just the beginning of what they hope to find. …”

It is a sad day in Georgia.

Who knew that the Atlanta Journal Constitution was on the side of Jim Eagle?

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  1. Gosh golly Brad, it’s almost like the election was fixed or something. Are you ready to admit Trump won yet?

      • Arizona found similar evidence, supposedly, during their audit. Pennsylvania is moving towards one (which is why Joe ran to Philadelphia, where fraud most certainly occurs every election).

        Trump likely won. More proof is coming out to to support this instead of refuting it and showing the election was sound.

        Regardless, the president is chosen by the electors and certified in the Congress. This happened already and there is no taking it back, even if they all got it wrong.

        The best we can hope for is more strife and division the harder the Left pushes.

      • Michigan and Arizona went for Trump too it’s pretty obvious. I think even Minnesota went for Trump. There is no way Biden received 20 million more votes than Obammy. Next time voting wrong will get you on a list. 2020 was just practice.

      • Not just Georgia, but also Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan also went for Trump. I know people involved in the Arizona forensic audit. This was a stolen election, face the facts Mr. Hunter Wallace.

        • I agree Preston,it was stolen.I voted for Trump both times but was sick of his Jew control by 2020.We never have a choice.Its either this Jew puppet or the other Jew puppet.Glad Kushner is gone.Glad the Platinum Plan is not done by someone I voted for.The elections are all rigged.Everytime.

  2. So what if people voted in a different county than the one they reside in? They are still residents of Georgia, so there votes matter in a statewide election.

  3. I watched the votes come in for 4 or 5 hours on Real Clear Politics to see how it went, and a win was just about statistically in the bag for Trump in Virginia, NC, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Indiana, and I think Wisconsin and a few other states, until the counting stopped. When things resumed, the percentage of votes counted in these states went way down, as did Trump’s lead. At least with RCP, something was surely wrong.

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