FLASHBACK: Joe Biden Slams Apartheid In 1986

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Joe Biden recently lashed out against “21st century Jim Crow.” Amazingly, he seemed to suggest that would be a bad thing.

In the 1980s, Joe Biden and progressive activists led the charge against apartheid in South Africa. “Democracy” required South Africans to submit to the ANC and follow in the footsteps of Zimbabwe and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa. The Rainbow Nation would then become a multiracial paradise. It was “racism” and “white supremacy” to doubt that it would all work out because blacks have been oppressed by systematic racism and actually have the same capacity for self government as everyone else.

It is worth remembering that Joe Biden and his ilk got their way in Zimbabwe and South Africa. In fact, pretty much all of the things that are now happening in this country today under Joe Biden were pioneered in post-colonial sub-Saharan Africa. We have vicious racial attacks on Whites. We have the same cynical exploitation of White guilt and progressive fifth column. We have the UN investigating systematic racism in the United States. We have rising inflation and violent crime. We have the same Africanizing of the country and erosion in First World standards. We have “equity” now like in Zimbabwe and South Africa where the evil White man’s civilization has been in precipitous decline for decades now.

Guess what? South Africa is now the most unequal country on earth in 2021. It is one of the most violent countries on earth. Millions of Whites have fled the country. “Racism” hasn’t gone away. It is just directed at the White minority now who are forced into poverty and to live under African barbarism. The standard of living has declined for everyone in South Africa including the blacks, coloureds and Indians. Some of the most vicious racial attacks in South Africa these days are Zulu-on-Indian. It is reminiscent of Uganda’s racial reckoning under Idi Amin or the now forgotten genocide in Zanzibar.

South Africa and Zimbabwe show that “equality” doesn’t necessarily mean going up together. Instead, it usually means going down to the lowest common denominator. It means dragging life for everyone who ISN’T black down to their level and staying there. Joe Biden got rid of that morally repulsive regime in South Africa and obliterated the evil civilization that had been created there.

Are we going to allow him to repeat that experiment in this country?

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    • “In the 1980s, Joe Biden and progressive activists led the charge against apartheid in South Africa.”

      but now that he has arranged his COUP on the USA, Biden is ALL FOR MEDICAL APARTHEID (i.e., COVID passports, and mandating everyone be ‘pricked.’

      May God damn him, and right speedily. He, and Bergoglio, and Bruce Jenner, all are NOT what they appear to be…. President, Pope, or a Pretty Woman.

      One God/One Elect Race only, Two sexes, Three Members of the Trinity.

  1. Can you add a graph that shows economic equality and inequality in pre and post Mandela SA? I’d hazard a guess that a prosperous white middle class was objectively a better precondition for overall black wellbeing and economic security than the black cronism of today.

  2. Blacks prospered as much as their abilities allowed under apartheid just as the blacks prospered under the White Rhodesian govt. When those govt were giving back to blacks, all hell breaks loose, i’e, Nelson Mandela regime killed more blacks than under White rule.

  3. Of course the genocide of Palestinians was just fine as was Israel’s nuclear cooperation with S Africa. Reagan still had open trade with S Africa so this shitbag was just trying to score political points.

  4. Just imagine if America was a White country….all the politicians would only represent us. Now obviously we don’t live in a White America and this country is in a downward spiral. It’s now a Third World Cesspool in direct rebellion against God and all things White People care about. Deo Vindice !

    • He’s a case study in everything wrong with politics. It’s one thing to be inclined against Apartheid, which I can understand from the point of view that it’s unfair to deprive people of political enfranchisement. Or think that it’s unsustainable on practical grounds as a regime. He’s just being hostile to white people though. He’s also chastising a Reagan official who wants Apartheid dismantled too. Dog whistling the Jewish donors and black primary voters. Biden is so fucking weird.

      • If the (((British))) hadn’t attacked the Boers S. Africa would have broken into nation states but only Jews are allowed that.

        • Biden dealt the death blow as a Senator and later as a VP and now he’s murdering whitey in the US. Knowingly.

      • Apartheid, like de facto or de jure segregation, protected the White population and allowed peace and prosperity to continue. Yet, by ending Apartheid the White population went along with their own destruction, much the same as White countries are doing now.

        • I do not want to get into missteps by whites in SA. I’m pointing out Biden’s choice of words here. “Ugly WHITE regime” he’s not couching it in practical terms or economic necessity or whatever. Even a snake like Chris Hitchens just said Apartheid would go because of a quickly growing black population in SA. Demographics being destiny.
          The Reagan cabinet member he’s yelling at wanted Apartheid dismantled too but didn’t vilify whites in the slightest. Biden is fucking weird. it’s such a weird thing for an American politician to fix on. Like he wanted whitey dead.
          I’m not relitigating the wrongs and rights of SA history.
          What even is Biden? What did the US elect?

  5. I am not sure that anything in Sub-Saharan Africa is worth so much effort by Whites to keep – it has been, is, and always will be Niggerland. It may be best if Whites consolidate power in what has historically been White lands namely Europe and the US.

    • The megafauna. It’s truly amazing. Hippos, giraffes, rhinos, elephants, gorillas, chimps, bonobos, all of the antelopes, lions, leopards, cheetahs, crocs, hyenas, meerkats, bushbabies, mambas. Damn. That’s why whites have an interest there.

  6. Biden is truly trash.All that sissified hand waving made him look like a fag having a hissy fit.Notice how he balls up his fist like Hillary Clinton(very un-tough looking gesture indeed).But we all know that staged tirade was to please his master the Jew.It was the Jew that used Britain and the U.S. to hurt our White kinsmen in Rhodesia and South Africa.Notice the Jew Oppenheims gold and diamond mines aren’t nationalized by the blacks.Very curious huh.

  7. Everything the segregationists predicted would happen with forced integration has come to pass.

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