Boris Johnson: Full Vaccination Will Soon Be Mandatory For Entry Into Nightclubs

This is snowballing into a civil liberties disaster.


“LONDON, July 19 (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that English nightclubs and other venues with large crowds will require patrons to present proof of full vaccination from the end of September.

Clubbers flocked on Monday to the first live music events without restrictions since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The government reopened nightclubs and dropped almost all coronavirus measures in England in a bet that mass vaccinations will prevent another deadly wave of COVID-19.

But hours later, Johnson announced that people who were not fully vaccinated, including those who had not had both doses of two-shot immunizations, would be barred from nightclubs. …”

As early as last May, life began returning to normal here in Alabama.

We never experienced a truly draconian lockdown here. Fake populist Boris Johnson is going further than any state here in the United States. In retrospect, the relatively mild response that we had here in the South was a much more sensible approach to COVID than what happened in states like Michigan and California. There is also no reason for this state of emergency nonsense to continue now that vaccines are widely available. Those who don’t want to get vaccinated are adults who should be free to make their own health decisions. This is especially true of young and healthy people who aren’t at much risk.

Note: Experience has shown that Americans are terrible at lockdowns and it wasn’t worth the cost. We simply can’t do that with our federal system.

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    • I love how the French protest. Down with Macron!

      The so called vaccines claim they reduce the symptoms if you catch the coof. They do not prevent you catching covid or passing it on. So why the lockdowns and internal passports? Because this about control. The internal passports are not going away, they will find endless excuses to keep them. They will use them to punish people for wrong think, by banning them from public places, just as they are doing with social media. People are right to protest this. Macron is a traitor.

      • In Snowpiercer the various classes of people on the train have to go through biosecure decontamination cabins as they move from one area to another. Who this ultimately benefits and hurts is an interesting question. In dystopian fiction it’s usually the machinations of a rightwing kind of Mustafa Mond or the Architect in Matrix. In reality it’s a horse face tramp like Gretchen Whitmer or Jess Phillips. Give me the urbane Mond rather than these dishevelled unkempt whores. Give us better villains casting department!

  1. 60% of hospital cases having had the shots should be impossible; should be the exact opposite. It seems clear that the “vaxxes” make the duped guinea pigs MORE susceptible, not less.

    • It’s suggests that they do very little to prevent hospitalizations. Data suggests that they do prevent death though.

    • If the Vaxx make lots of spike proteins how does your immune system separate the Vaxx proteins from the virus? Seems to be me it would be over-loaded.

    • The problem is that it excludes from gastropubs. That’s a horrible thing. It will be used in twisted ways against white people.

  2. (1) The nightclub rule must be considered good for the nightclub business or it would not exist. Maybe nigfhtclubs are asking for it; otherwise it would not be enacted. Because capitalist Britain’s response to the pandemic is big business and profit-centered, it has been purposely slow, disjointed and ineffective, resulting in death or crippling of hundreds of thousands of “herd” commons.

    (2) The pandemic is certainly NOT “winding down now” when less than half of the population is fully vaccinated, and more than a third are not vaccinated at all, and less than a quarter have sufficient natural immunity from a healed infection, and all public health hygiene requirements have been rescinded – in the face of a new dominant strain sweeping the world that is much more infectious and virulent than the original dominant strain, creating up to 1,000 times more viral load than the original dominant strain and breaking through vaccinated immunity, killing hundreds (so far) of fully vaccinated people and causing thousands to be hospitalized.

    (3) Re: “Those who don’t want to get vaccinated are adults who should be free to make their own health decisions” – sounds like a libertarian! What else do you think American adults should be free to do that helps to kill hundreds of thousands (and cripples many more) of their fellow citizens?

    (4) Re: “Experience has shown that Americans are terrible at lockdowns” – sounds like an admission that the U.S. population is so poorly educated it cannot understand why a lockdown is necessary. But while that is true, a better statement is that capitalist governments are terrible at lockdowns. The American SYSTEM will never allow a REAL lockdown because it would interfere with profits. Capitalist lockdowns are TERRIBLE, because they are fake and ineffective.

    • I should add that although China’s real lockdown worked perfectly to eradicate the original strain, it now relies on UNIVERSAL vaccination to control the much more infectious Delta variant that has finally invaded China. China’s lockdowns and vaccinations are real and successful. The U.S.’s and U.K.’s fake lockdowns and half-vaccinations are ineffective.

      • Imagine when a WORSE disease with high fatalty in children and younger adults appears and sweeps across the world. Unless you are one of the superwealthy elite, you will be much more likely to survive and remain healthy in a real socialist country than in the U.S. or the U.K. or other U.S. satellite.

        Note that the capitalist state of Israel was aggressive about vaccinating the Jewish half of its population.

        • Dude, when Ebola hit, and I think you can search this site for comments, the possibility of it getting into the subways of NYC and buses etc was very much imagined. The radical right wing was always keeping an eye on contagious disease as a pretext to deport foreign scum and isolate city areas. Sadly Trumpian instincts were Judeolibertarian rather than Nazoauthoritarian. Now the US is ruled by a coalition of nogs and cuckold whites under a Jewish cabinet.

      • Wonder if a delta/India is an actual biological weapon. Some of the mutational strains could be labwork. Anyway, the UK does have the pretext to close airports and get draconian if a serious virus with 10% deaths emerged from a natural bat cave in China. The US could at this point get away with border closures on any pretext. Things have changed.

    • Video to go with that. This is what happens in the world’s fourth most populous country (Indonesia only recently moved to fourth place after the U.S. took third place due to massive immigration) where the U.S.’s and U.K.’s “herd immunity” doctrine is carried out consistently with no interference by tattered remnants of a public health system safety net:

      Indonesia is one of the most capitalist countries on earth, with virtually no safety net and corporations including U.S. and other foreign corporations are essentially unregulated and rape it with impunity. While the U.S. is approaching one million Covid deaths (officially over 625,000 since testing became available) Indonesia may soon catch up and surpass the U.S. Note that neighboring socialist or semi-socialist states with similar demographics have much smaller infection and death rates, orders of magnitude smaller than Indonesia. “Rugged individualism” is rugged indeed unless you are on top of the heap.

  3. The strange thing about the vaccination data in the UK is that such passports would tend to exclude blacks. Whites have vaccinated at higher levels than pakis blacks and Muslims in general. Blacks tend not to get these things arranged. They tend to be in religious sects that reject vaccinstion and blood work.

  4. I don’t drink, and haven’t done nightclubs since about the 90’s……….so I couldn’t give a shit. People can try staying home, and saving some money.

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