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  1. The gas increase was clearly intentional. I’m guessing the meat increases are as well or opportunistic pricing after fear mongering by the Corpse in Chief. Refugees get free food/ICE cards already which, along with EBT, suggests the regime is moving us towards food rationing. Cuck Island only gave up food rationing reluctantly in the 1960’s. Fun times ahead regardless. If the power goes out grocery stores will be cleared in days.

  2. Immigration, legal and illegal is infationary by its very nature. Because immigration creates unnatural demand for goods and services.

  3. People just assume it is the money printing which is certainly a factor. The other factor is a lot of small businesses were destroyed by the lockdowns. Billionaires like Jeff Bezos did very well out of the lockdowns, because what competition they did have was destroyed, so now they can charge higher prices.

    • Cheap imports have masked it. I think that was the plan. They print themselves a few $trillion but Walmart just keeps getting cheaper.

      • Bingo, give the man a cigar.

        Yes, cheap imports do mask inflation, but at a deep cost.
        The deep costs being
        1) loss of industrial power
        2) loss of innovation and infrastructure that industry develops
        3) putting wealth power into another nation while the importer loses his
        4) giving the producer industrial/military capacity that may kill the importer
        (In order to get oil, Germany sold heavy presses to Russia, those presses produced the t34, kv1,kv2 and is2 that killed millions of Germans)

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