“Trans” Is Bankrolled By Three Degenerate Jewish Billionaires

I didn’t know this.

It makes sense though. I mean that is the pattern with all types of cultural degeneration which have been normalized by progressive activists and the political establishment. It is usually the same set of oligarchs. In this case, it is James Pritzker, Jon Stryker and George Soros.

Note: This excerpt comes from Helen Joyce’s new book Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality.

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  1. Repeat after me: 2+2=5. Disorientation seems to be an important part of the life cycle. Cuckoos come to mind here as they push the real offspring out of the nest their parents built.

  2. Judaism is all about breaking other people’s gods. In a sense this Trans stuff is a way to break the White Man as a sign and symbol. The white man has ruled and conquered all, he exists as a god to lesser beings. This wig shit and dressing up is a deliberate way to destroy the image.

  3. It might not be a bad idea to get Scott Howard’s “The transgender-industrial Complex” from Antelope Hill.

    it’s a very thick and small print book -I have yet to read it.

    • At some point how much more do we need to know? I guess having it on your coffee table for normies

      • Agree. Most of the “authorities” out there know less than most of us. They have very little contact with these people in real life.

  4. The latest Jihad for woketardery – the “Trans”-Push – is among other things also an opportunity to make huge loads of money, for so called “Trans rights”-NGOs and for the big pharma/the medical industrial complex. So called “Transpeople” are goldmines for big pharma and the medical “professionals”

  5. “It is usually the same set of oligarchs. ”

    oligarchs, oligarchs ?

    Just use plain simple language, mobsters.
    All these so called ‘oligarchs’ are just mobsters or the offspring of a mobster. At the very best , they are money laundering for fellow members of their minion.

    Just as Jeffrey Epstein was universally called a ‘financier’. He was nothing but a blackmailing pedophile pimp.

    We have to learn to speak clearly, so our minds and thoughts aren’t corrupted with petty euphemisms, they really do corrupt the thinking process and lead to false conclusions.

    • Epstein financed is that he took money given to him from the Federal Reserve network and launched things like Faceberg and activities we don’t probably want to know about but yes, calling him a financier is like calling Bill Gates an entrepreneur. They are/were just expressions of corrupt Jewish power and money. Bill Gates never “entrepreneured” shit.

  6. “But the money comes in large part from the world’s most powerful people: rich, WHITE AMERICAN MALES.”

    Lol…ACKSHULLY it comes from rich KIKES. The motivation of the majority who aren’t insane self-mutilating faggots themselves is the age-old jew plans to destroy the hated White race by usurping their nations by attacking strong familes & the sane moral rules that govern them. The dick-nosed billionaires don’t give a fuck about putting in the time & effort to convince the “Flyova white trash” to acquiesce in their own dispossession & erasure when all they have to do is buy race traitor politician cunts like Biden.

    The jews must be destroyed as they’re destroying us: from the top down.

    • A Jewish History class isn’t really about Solomon or Moses, rather it focuses on the middle ages and you get a lot about Spain and the Islamic world. One of the things you get is the famous 14th century Ibn Khaldun treatise on the rise and fall of civilizations where he defines “assibiya” as the key to a strong civilization. Assibiya is another term for group solidarity, patriotism, ethnocentrism, group cohesion and you’d think someone took his proscriptions for making a civilization strong and deliberately turned them on their head to make us weak. Like the authors of cultural marxism remembered Ibn Khaldun when drafting their perverse subverting prescriptions.

  7. This is why everything is simply being outright censored, without even trying to hide it. People outside of the usual upper middle class sphere aren’t responding as predictably to charges of anti-Semitism or racism anymore, so the only establishment solution is to simply shut them down completely. They know no other solution. The establishment, believe it or not, is panicking.

  8. The jews are behind everything evil and degenerate. They thrive on ruining everything that is pure and wholesome.

      • I think there is a lot of truth in that: If they can’t control it, then they break it.

        Of course, if your holy books teach you that you’re gods on earth and all others exist for your benefit, to be sociopathic naturally follows.

  9. This is the result of inbreeding. Jews have been producing kids with their sisters and cousins for centuries, CENTURIES.The homosexuality the tranny stuff it is all brought about by past Jewish breeding practices. They are not well. Jews are sick sick people. I am telling you, with all the incestuous breeding in Jew blood it is a miracle that Jews do not have two heads. Funny how theses retarded kykes love calling southerns inbreeds, no?

    • That is why Freud invented psychology.
      The Talmud leaves the adherent mentally ill along with some in-breeding.

    • @Robert,
      I wouldn’t call them ‘retarded’. They seem very competent with what they’ve done, and still do. Being inbred hasn’t made them any less dangerous. That they’re invariably billionaires tells us that.
      I now support trans rights, gay marriage and open borders………for Israel!

  10. How about a wealth tax here to peel some of those billions away, perhaps to fund Social Security? I think these no good bastards won’t even notice it, they have so much already.

    Notice how talk about a wealth tax has disappeared now that the election is over? Not a peep now from Pocahontas or that dirty Bolshevik, Bernie. No members of Congress have the courage to confront the degenerate billionaire class who buy and sell these politicians like the cheap whores they really are.

  11. Read the bible,
    Read the prohibitions on incest.
    Notice anything ?………….
    There’s no prohibition on father-daughter sex!
    Wonder why hasids are always being investigated by CPS ?

    “theses retarded kykes love calling southerns inbreeds,”
    Projection !

  12. Notice that Joyce never directly mentions or even indirectly alludes to or hints to Jewish. And at the end, she uses “white.”

    That’s how afraid they are of being named. They freak out when you don’t even name them.

  13. When I read Mein Kampf in my 20s this quote stood out for me the most: “Was there any form of filth or profligacy, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it? If you cut even cautiously into such an abscess, you found, like a maggot in a rotting body, often dazzled by the sudden light – a kike!”

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