Sen. Dick Durbin: Whites Are Being Demographically Replaced In America

You’re also a “racist” and “domestic extremist” for agreeing with him. It is politically incorrect to listen to Democrats and take what they say at face value. Shut up!

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  1. Fuck Dick Durbin, the only reason he’s saying this is because he is retired and not up for reelection. If he was, he would be saying the same thing as Biden and the rest of the White hating scum. He cares nothing about Whites being replaced.

  2. Durbin is like a big, nasty turd blocking the toilet. I suspect he is taking a payout in exchange for the Day of the Plunger.

  3. 2 problems –
    1. Immigration
    2. White women in the US consider themselves “moms” if they have a dog or a cat.

    • @cd – If there were more White men worth having children with that would eliminate one of your problems.

  4. Well the difference is, they’re gloating about it. Trying to draw attention to demographic change for any other reason is racist and anti-Semitic*.

    *Except in Israel.

  5. None of them will do a thing about it. Wasn’t it year after year, that the Republicans wanted Hispanic and nonwhite voters on their side?

  6. By 2050, these gloating nogs who wanted the whites to be a minority, will suddenly be seeking asylum in Australia, Canada, Europe and NZ. They need to be where waysist evil YT’S can babysit them, whilst also playing the ‘victim’.

  7. My own opinion is that what groups vote for who, might turn about to be far more surprising than either party imagines. The assumptions could be rather wrong.

  8. ….and why? Why is this being done? It is being done out of a hatred of Christ. Why do (((they))) hate Christ? Why? When are we going to talk about the real haters the ones who hate the innocent son of God. Step up fat Heidi, step up you fat bitch, step up now.

  9. Here’s a good description of the left. Heard it used to describe the cunts from Texas avoiding the voter ID vote. FLEEBAGGERS.

    First chance they got while pissing on the rules, they took selfies on a plane as they avoided their job to vote on bills. In a plane no masks while lording it over everyone else. Absolute hubris. Everyone of them appears to have been infected with Covid19.

  10. Durbin is a Roman Catholic, so he hates America. I couldn’t care less. A bigger problem for that cult is their faggot pope limiting the Latin Mass. It will be just about eliminated worldwide under the new rule. Even the mentally ill Archbishop Vigano is thunderstruck.

    And funny that the fag issued the new rule just after having colon surgery. Lol. Just LOL.

    Chatted with a toad yesterday (Groyper), says they will begin a schism. Great, I told him, you are a protestant now. He blocked me. Burning at the stake was not feasible, I suppose.

    Seriously, there are enough of us. I don’t care how many of the others there are. Our job is to break off a piece and make it ours alone. We need to start all over.

    Christianity failed when it abandoned tribalism. Once we regain that, the setbacks will stop.

    Secede. No other option.

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