Jimmy Dore: White House Endorses Censorship of Social Media

What is the Left?

There are various factions on both sides.

Historically, the True Cons have been the governing elite on the Right and the shitlibs have been the governing elite on the Left. Both groups are college-educated, professional class voters who live in the suburbs and whose interests as a class often outweigh their partisan differences.

This is why it seems like elections don’t matter and nothing ever changes because this class has such a stranglehold on both parties. They win every election due to their domination of both parties. At least this is the way it was until Trump came along in 2016 when the demographics inside the GOP tipped toward the working class and their preferred candidates all lost the nomination and it was a national crisis. Censorship was rolled out immediately in 2017 to ensure that something like that can never happen again. When they lose elections, it is due to “misinformation” and “domestic extremism.”

Note: The ADL wants to censor the populist Left now.

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    • Biden is a hugely dishonest man. “Facebeth are killing people! Bah” it’s not just a raving lunatic. “Ugly white regime!” Or “we are gonna have to drive to Baghdad” he’s a malicious Jimmy Carter. At least Carter was a decent human being.

  1. Of COURSE there is censorship of the Left, which is so complete and thorough that it is hardly noticed. Truth-telling anti-imperialist Julian Assange remains silenced and forgotten in the U.S.’s REAL gulag system, prepared for extradition to the U.S. at just the right moment.

    The TRUE Left (I mean ethno-national socialism, NOT rootless-cosmopolitan Trotskyism) is the greatest threat to the system, much more than even the most extreme right. In fact, if the Far Right did not exist, the system would need to create it. But wherever the Left (ethno-national socialism) exists, the system uses all its power and resources to cover and destroy it: https://thesaker.is/sitrep-cuba/

  2. Imagine for a moment if Trump had wiped out the publications of the left. He’d have won. Notice these people don’t wear masks and people are in that room coughing and sneezing.

  3. The Center For Countering Digital Hate is a foreign NGO with close ties to right wing of Labor Party in UK and they are the ones behind the censuring of the disinfo dozen. Why isn’t any one speaking out about foreign influence in our domestic affairs?

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