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  1. Sputnik was really pissed it was not destroyed coming back in to American atmosphere to be a play toy with that penis rocket.

    The Imperial Shuttle, Space Wars! Way more sexy design! Take a hint you Feds reading this

    Least Slavic Sputnik made a orbit around clowns world and not just a jet plane ascend and decline!

    Seriously stupidly with physics





  2. Filmed on the same soundstage as the “Moon Landings” were – dipshits like Branson and Bezos and Musk are tied at the hip to .gov – this is all part of Bread and Circuses for the masses as the US, England and Europe go to shit. Uncle Sam and his hand-picked oligarchs are trying to give the serfs the illusion of a better tomorrow but the jig is up and the proles are stocking up on ammo.

      • Part of erasing our history. The gas chambers were real and the moon landing was fake. You can listen to the entire audio of all the Apollo missions on Youtube. This Tel Aviv troll can fuck off.

        • Hey, dipshit- we couldn’t put a man on the moon now with modern technology and we’re supposed to believe that Honest Uncle Sam could do it 55 years ago? For a bunch of people that don’t believe a world the govt says(WMDs, Lee Harvey Oswald, Gulf of Tonkin, etc) there sure are a lot of gullible morons that take his word on the “Moon Landings. lol – the “entire audio…” – it sure is convenient that Uncle Shlomo “lost” all of the Apollo mission videotapes – some of the most important video ever shot – isn’t it, ya mook.

          • How nice of you to detract from the great accomplishment of a bunch of White men. When the Chinese are the next to achieve it, guys like you will enable the ongoing erasure of Whites from history.

  3. The US government took about 4 years of serious effort to achieve orbital flight. It took Bezos 20 years to do a short suborbital hop even with the advantage of knowing it could be done. Bezos other space projects are years behind schedule.

    Bezos and Branson will likely never recoup their investments.

    While Elon Musk does have a practical system to put payloads in space it is unclear how profitable his privately held SpaceX really is. His current project is to develop a super rocket to put colonists on mars. He hopes the project will be paid for by his Starlink satellite internet network. Recent analysis casts severe doubt about the business model for Starlink and at any rate, the idea of colonizing mars at this point in history is ridiculous.

  4. CNN “white privilege and white supremacy is evil bad soyim”

    Also CNN “Kneel down and Worship Jeff Bezos multi million space adventure ungrateful plebs, while you pay for overpriced gas”

  5. One thing I noticed with both the Branson stunt and Bezos’ was that nobody was wearing pressure suits which is the default safety norm during such extreme high altitude flights. What happens when the inevitable depressurization occurs at altitudes where your blood boils? No mask dropping from the ceiling is going to save you in such a situation.

    • The emergency oxygen masks are probably in the shape of a circumcised Jew dick on both. Jews in Space!

  6. While SPACE TOURISM FOR THE ELITES is being established (and Bezos and other U.S. and Western billionaires prepare to further increase their super-wealth by privatizing the Moon for mining its resources) TENS OF MILLIONS OF POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS are being crippled by, or dying of, Covid on earth.

    “The real death toll of the COVID-19 pandemic in India is BETWEEN THREE AND FIVE MILLION, ten times the official figure, according to a new study by the US-based Center for Global Development (…) This massive death toll is a crime against humanity, in which the entire imperialist world order is implicated no less than the ruling class of India. Moreover, the massive undercount of cases and deaths in India is replicated in other countries. This means THE REAL GLOBAL DEATH TOLL, which stands at 4.13 million by official figures, IS WELL OVER TEN MILLION, AND LIKELY FAR HIGHER (…) The study, released on Tuesday, estimates there were between 1.5 and 3.4 million excess deaths in India during the first wave of the pandemic between April 2020 and March 2021. The number of deaths per day was even higher during the second wave between April and June of this year, as India’s hospitals collapsed in the face of a tsunami of infections. An estimated 1.4 to 2.4 million people died in these three months, a rate of death three times higher than the previous period (…) The Modi government bears responsibility for this catastrophe. Its response was guided at every step by the single-minded aim of preserving the wealth and privileges of the financial elite. It did virtually nothing to contain the pandemic until abruptly calling for a nationwide lockdown on March 24, 2020, ordered with only four hours’ notice, which was later removed before the virus was contained. No economic assistance was provided for the hundreds of millions of informal workers rendered unable to feed themselves and their families, which induced a mass migration of workers back to rural areas, spreading the virus to every corner of the country. Even as coronavirus cases and deaths mounted, Modi pressed forward with reopening (…) Speaking for the Indian ruling elite, he infamously declared on April 20, 2021, during a national broadcast, ‘In today’s situation, we have to save the country from lockdown!’ This horrifying death toll reveals the true meaning of this declaration. In the midst of the largest surge of COVID-19 anywhere in the world, the country had been ‘saved’ from the basic measures necessary to contain the disease, at the cost of millions of lives. According to Forbes, IN 2020 THE WEALTH OF INDIA’S BILLIONAIRES NEARLY DOUBLED to $596 billion. During that same period, an estimated 230 million Indians were robbed of their livelihood and pushed below the national poverty line of 375 rupees – FIVE US DOLLARS A DAY. However, direct responsibility for this crime against humanity extends to every capitalist government – and in particular, the United States (…) THE MAJOR CAPITALIST POWERS, LED BY THE UNITED STATES, USED THE CRISIS TO ORGANIZE A MASSIVE BAILOUT OF THE FINANCIAL MARKETS AND THE RICH. This was followed by the campaign to return workers to work and remove all necessary restrictions to stop the further spread of the virus. The consequences have been devastating for the population of the advanced capitalist countries. IN THE UNITED STATES, more than 625,000 people are dead, according to official figures, while THE REAL TOLL IS LIKELY OVER ONE MILLION….” https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2021/07/21/pers-j21.html

    But Jeff Bezos is on the Moon:

    • China is making rapid advances in space travel and exploration that are hardly mentioned in Western mainstream “news” (propaganda) media, and at the same time ALL Chinese people have been lifted from poverty and the health of ALL the people are being fully protected. There is a VERY sharp contrast between capitalist and socialist systems in space technology and health care, and many other areas.

      Bezos’s ridiculously media-hyped, promotional “space” trip was not even really into outer space, flying higher than jets but still sub-orbital. Meanwhile China is making REAL progress in space travel and exploration, soon to be leaving the U.S. and its satellites (its allies, pardon the pun) trailing in the dust.

      • The Chinese are a proper NATION. They have become more like National Socialists than communists at this point.

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