Gov. Bill Lee Plans To Remove Nathan Bedford Forrest Bust From Tennessee State Capitol

In a nutshell, this is why Republicans lose elections.

In spite of “America’s racial reckoning,” Confederate monuments and symbols remain more popular than Republicans. In fact, Republican voters have grown more supportive of Confederate monuments over the past five years. And yet, spineless Republican politicians in states like Mississippi and Tennessee grovel before blacks and refuse to represent the overwhelming majority of their own voters.

The Tennessean:

“The bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest is expected to be removed from the Tennessee Capitol this week, following decades of controversy over its placement.

Pending a successful Thursday morning vote by the State Building Commission, Gov. Bill Lee plans to have the bust of the Confederate general, early Ku Klux Klan leader and slave trader moved to the Tennessee State Museum by this weekend, according to multiple individuals with knowledge of the removal plan.

Lee announced last summer he supported relocating the bust from the Capitol, citing the pain Forrest’s legacy represents for African Americans. The statue was installed in 1978 and has drawn regular protests at the Capitol in recent years. …”

It is important to understand what the problem is here.

The problem is not Republican voters. It is not Independent voters. It is not even voters at large only 30% of whom nationwide support this shit. Democratic strategists know that this issue is toxic with Independent voters. The problem is Republican politicians who are purchased by donors.

These numbers are undoubtedly higher in Tennessee:

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  1. Remember this traitor’s actions when he’s up for reelection. All politicians who seek their own continued existence, must be removed.

    • I watched White Nationalists repeat the same for 20 years. ‘Primary that traitor and put in someone better!’, they’d say each time this happens So they’d primary the guy and then the Republicans would select another traitor for them to vote for, and the process would repeat.

      The whites of South Africa supported their conservative party all the way to the end of their country too. The conservatives betrayed them all the way to the end, yet they kept voting for them. I don’t understand it.

      • S Africa has been Shlomo controlled since the Boers surrendered. Genocide is the end game. This isn’t s bug it’s a (((feature))). Europe, Australia and the US will come to the same fate if nothing changes.

      • Yep…. We need about 30,000 desperate and angry White Men ready for hell… Voting is useless now.

    • “All politicians who seek their own continued existence, must be removed.”

      Matters little to them. They just slide into a lucrative lobbying, consulting or law firms (as most are lawyers.)

      The thing to do , is get them to sign binding performance contracts, before they are elected, as the jews do.

  2. Stop voting for Republicans, they’re not on your side. They’re cowards and fold as soon a minority screams racism.

    • The problem is what is the solution? Voting for Republicans ends with the same results within a decade but it gives delusional normies a sense of power which is repeated every two and four years. When they ask what to do in place of voting red, there isn’t a good answer. Make a bullshit meaningless gesture or be totally inactive. Neither is a good option so i at least understand their mentality

      • Gee whiz, maybe white nationalists in America could put our efforts into our own political parties like white nationalists in every other white country do? Would that really be so hard?

    • “They’re cowards and fold as soon a minority screams racism.”

      Not really. That’s the cover story, they are bought off , by ppl with very deep pockets.

  3. The Republicans are good bidnessmen, they seen their opportunities and they took ’em! Bidnessmen own and run the Republican Party e.g. DJT and copying their bidness “morals”, they are indifferent to right and wrong. They are only concerned with personal political success and using the Party to protect and increase the oligarchs’ bloated wealth. The beneficial owners of the Republican Party such as the late, unlamented Sheldon “nuke Iran” Adelson despise Republican voters, only seeing them as a means to an end, never as real people with real problems.

    The problem with love of money (not money itself) and unbridled capitalism is that it is amoral i.e. it is indifferent, neither hot nor cold regarding the means and ends of obtaining and using money. This dovetails nicely with democratic politics anyway which is fundamentally based upon lying, cheating, bribery and extortion. Having no conscience, the Republican politician loses no sleep after he looks his constituents in the eye, promises them he will build a desperately needed wall on the southern border then breaks his promise when he has the means to carry it out.

    The only reason the Republican Party continues to exist is because the Democrats are worse. The reason the Democrats win about half the time is because they actually believe in something, even though what they believe in is all bad. Once the Democrats start implementing their evil agenda there is a natural turning away from them as chaos ensues and the Republicans then win a victory, which they promptly squander. The Democrats may have gone insane but the Republicans are not the cure, they sell out their constituents every single time.

  4. Everything is imposed from the top down in this shithole of a country, by rich kike scum & goy race traitors; the wishes of the majority mean less than nothing. So it’s all illegitimate.

  5. Ted Cruz joined the wicked mob of Nathan Bedfore Forrest bashers the last time around. Don’t forget.

    Cruz tweeted:
    “This is wrong. Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Confederate general & delegate to the 1868 Democratic Convention. He was also a slave trader & 1st Grand Wizard of the KKK. Tennessee should not have an official day honoring him. Change the law.”

    All Republicans would be doing even more damage to us and the South if Trump was still in office. If the Republicans never ever win again it will much better for the South because the Dems would soon destroy the Yankee Empire and hopefully there will never be any more anti-White, anti-South Dems or Repubs trying to beat down the South for virtue signalling/political points.

    May God Save the South!

  6. Well, this certainly underscores the utterly worthless use of legislation to protect historical monuments. No doubt, all the outrage and activism against the teaching in schools of CRT will have the same staying power. None, that is.

  7. Forrest was a great man, but a bit off the mark. He had done better to spend his life trying to send them back to Africa. We don’t need these joggers around at all.

  8. Either grow a spine and fight for White Southerners or get out of politics. The whole reason they elect you is because you aren’t the anti-White Democrats.

    Originally the Democrat party was the party of White Southerners and actually stood up for their interests. Now they scorn the very same people they once represented.

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