Occidental Dissent 2021 Fundraiser Update

Editor’s Note: In light of recent polling, I have rolled out the long awaited Rhett banner.

Welcome to 2021.

Joe Biden is now the president.

The Trump malaise which lasted for years is over.

The organized “movement” (whatever label you want to call it whether Alt-Right, White Nationalist, Southern Nationalist) is still in shambles due to lawsuits, deplatforming, demoralization, etc.

The cause, however, has actually never been more popular. Millions of normies have been shaken out of their slumber by COVID, the George Floyd riots, Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election, the rollout of systematic racism. The polls show an across the board surge in support for the “far right” by almost any metric whether it is support for secession or perception of anti-white discrimination or support for explicit White racial identity or opposition to “antiracism” and Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The audience for our politics has never been larger and has surpassed what it was in the Trump years because millions of people have been persuaded that we are correct about the way things are going in this country.

Just a few years ago, our politics were radical and far outside the mainstream. There would be like a few dozen of us attending protests and pushing quixotic ideas like dissolving the Union in the 21st century. Fortunately for us, it turns out that our enemies are their own worst enemy and their overreach and excesses are normalizing our perspective. There isn’t even much of a gap between what we are saying these days and grievances which are increasingly being aired on national television.

In spite of all the countless setbacks and disappointments, we have persisted. In fact, I have become much more optimistic over the past year. The fundraiser is also going great. Since our last update, we have raised another $2,080 which brings our total up to $3,935. The site has never been more active than it is today. Traffic has been headed up all year. We’ve also raised the majority of what we normally do without closing and tanking the site like we have over the previous three years in August.

I would like to give a big shoutout to everyone who has contributed. You’ve been our strongest supporters. I would like to give a shoutout to Joe Biden and the Democrats for their hard work in confirming the narratives which we have worked so hard to create and push on this website. I would like to give a shout out to progressive activists and the “extremism” experts and researchers for their draconian tactics which have obviously backfired and dramatically increased public support and acceptance for our cause. I would like to give a shout out to all the exhausted “journalists” who are suffering from “trauma” and who have lost credibility and employment over the past year like Luke O’Brien. These are hard times. I would like to give a shout out to all of our wonderful readers and commentators including those who come in a little too hot at times and who don’t always get through the filter. We all have those days.

In the second half of the year, we’re going to stay positive and continue to build up our audience and relentlessly critique the Biden administration. We’re on track for our best year ever. It is important to stay a happy warrior and understand that our cause will always have its up and downs.

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  1. I applaud you Hunter – thanks for your diligent work to keep the site going. You’re one of the very few voices in the wilderness.

  2. I have not sent anything in a couple years and for that i apologize. The powers in charge really knew what they were doing when they began making their lists and removing payment processors making it a real pain in the butt to give a friend like Brad fifty dollars. For the amount of blood sweat and tears you put into this for over a decade I really do hope everyone takes the fifteen minutes to get a money order or even easier just put a couple twenties in an envelope.
    It is galling when you see shady cults operating behind money first paywalls or getting rich off reading awful superchats when Brad basically asks for nothing and does this as a legitimate service to his extended family and people. I will get on that money within the next week and as always wanted to thank you for the site. It is an important meeting place for many of us and a trusted source

  3. I’m sure HW has a wide readership in the right and the wrong places. You know that Bowtie Boy on fox is reading.

  4. I’m sending you a donation by US Mail today.

    Hey Hunter – can you edit my post in draft – it’s the one about Neo Con man Max Boot leading a bombing of Syria to promote homosexual marriage equality? You should have my/Farstar comic on the subject which is very good.

  5. @Brad, I made sure to send in payments and I am still getting others to chip in and help you out.

    That’s what telegram is for!

  6. C’mon folks. We need to step up on contributing to Occidental Dissent. I just mailed in $150. Others can do the same.

    Hunter Wallace does a great job – OD is becoming a credible alternative to the likes of CNN.

    That FI#*$&@ CEO of Amazon – think he’s the major stockholder int he Washington Post – he just gave the worst Black, hate White people guy at CNN Van Jones $100 million and said.

    “Do whatever you want with it”

    We’re not going to get anything like that, but Hunter should be able to make enough to send his son to a decent school.

    C’mon folks let’s step it up.

  7. Launch an ‘enlarged all white CSA 2.0 movement,’ and watch the donations fly in. IF you marketed it correctly, you, like Johnny Depp in the movie “Blow,” would have trouble figuring out where to put all the cash that would blast in.

    Or don’t … and a small shoe box should do …

  8. Hello Hunter;

    On the way via U.S. Post office. Check the postmark, you have supporters all over the place. For everyone who comments here there are at least a thousand others who agree with us, reaching them is the challenge.

  9. The picture of JWB does inspire contribution … but the real wallet vacuum would be an organized push for CSA II. I check periodically … always hoping … always wanting to give and to spread the link to Kingdom Come


  10. Hunter

    Can I do an OD post about the Olympics featuring a lot of good news about “ woke” celebrity athletes losing , terrible BRA adverts and our Olympic winners featuring attractive but not slutty women athletes and hunk male swimmers with lots of appreciative fans?

    This blog will take sone editing from you to include lots of photos

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