Biden Administration Promotes Radical Group Pushing To “Disrupt Whiteness” In Schools

If you notice what is going on in the military and public education system, you are succumbing to a White oppression delusion which is based on the tropes of inversion, projection and victimization.

Daily Mail:

“The Biden administration said it was an ‘error’ to promote a handbook urging teachers to ‘disrupt Whiteness and other forms of oppression’ in their Department of Education guidance on reopening schools.

The government document published this year linked to the Abolitionist Teaching Network’s ‘Guide for Racial Justice & Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning’ in a section describing how schools are a ‘microcosm of society’ and conversations essential to ‘race and emotional learning’ should be ‘anchor tenets’ in schools.

But the Department of Education has now said it was wrong to link back to the group and distanced themselves from their policies. …

President Joe Biden also has expressed support for it.

In June, he signed an executive order that required all federal agencies to ramp up workplace training on ‘systemic and institutional racism’ and ‘implicit and unconscious bias.’ …”

It had nothing to do with the executive orders that Joe is signing and the sort of people who are being empowered in his administration.

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  1. ” delusion which is based on the tropes of inversion, projection and victimization”

    Isn’t that a group from the mideast that took invaded Palestine.

  2. “Pushing To “Disrupt Whiteness” In Schools”

    Yes, it’s called ‘brown vs. Board of education’.
    It did a great job of ‘disrupting WHITENESS’

  3. Biden is just the face of the Presidency, the real policy makers and decision makers are the jews behind the scene.

    • When Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President, the Cackler in Chief, confidence in the U.S., which is already shaky will go to zero quickly. We will then see Black Girl Magic in action as the regime implodes. There is still time for more preps and don’t forget to keep as many miles as possible between you and the colored people, they really don’t like us, just ask Cackling Kamala.

      • Lake Oroville’s power plant is likely to shut down from August – December due to poor water management. If others go down California is in trouble. Fire season has barely started or I should say it started two months early.

        • Yes, I am aware of that. Lake Powell and Lake Mead are the big ones though. If theses two lakes drop too much further power generation will be reduced and eliminated if the drought continues. There simply isn’t enough alternative generation capacity in or near California to compensate for the loss of just one of those two big dams. Rotating blackouts for California looks to be in the future, it’s too late to fix this problem now.

    • As DJT. JR. noted in a tweet last November:

      “Remember in the Lion King when Scar cheated to win the title as King? And the Pride Lands were overrun with hyenas? And all the lions lost everything they had built and maintained. Just asking.
      No reason.”

      Biden is not a valid president. His administration is an illegal COUP.
      We must SECEDE.

      • There will be nothing to secede from. That’s the good news. This shits coming down fast. That’s the bad news.

  4. Joe wants Kamala Harris gone. Harris has been sent to a lot of dangerous places by Biden, the border, Texas. The latest was the meetup with the covid infected Texas Democrats. Something is going on there. The great fighter for racial equality seems to have a problem with his black female VP.

  5. Biden is demented. A sick psychosexual fixation on hurting his own kinsmen.

  6. What he and every politician should realize is we all live in America and you need Votes if you plan on being elected and staying in office. You need White People’s Votes as well! You can’t dump on entire groups if you’re plan on winning votes. Obviously this wouldn’t be a problem if the World would racially segregate again!!!!! Deo Vindice !

    • “you need Votes if you plan on being elected and staying in office”

      Not if they control the vote counting.

      (Along with blacks that vote 5 to 10 times. Who needs WHITE votes, when each black vote counts 5 times)

  7. The Democrats want to destroy any hopes of the existence of our people and a future for White children. If the Trump administration did this to negroes instead of increasing their welfare checks, the outcry from the CNN Jews would be there 24/7.

  8. This sent the Biden administration, as much as the Ronald Klain administration. That’s not to say that Biden hasn’t harbored anti-white feelings and pushed for anti-white legislation in the last, but in his current state of declining cognitive impairment, he isn’t capable of doing all of this alone.

    Having a cabinet being comprised of some of the most malevolent White gentile hating jews in all of ZOGdom are the not so hidden talmudic hands behind these pernicious policies.

  9. Since it is an illegitimate government that seized power through chicanery and force, you should be calling it the “Biden Regime”.

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