Lloyd Austin and Gen. Mark Milley Brief Media On “Nazi” Threat

This is a pattern with these people.

They openly say extreme things about hunting down their “domestic enemies.” They also call you a “domestic extremist” and “conspiracy theorist” for noticing and reacting to it.


“Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Wednesday said he had “tremendous faith and confidence” in Gen. Mark Milley following reports that the Joint Chiefs chair sought to prevent former President Donald Trump from perpetrating a coup in the aftermath of the 2020 election.

“I’ve known the chairman for a long time. We’ve fought together. We’ve served a couple of times in the same units,” Austin told reporters at the Pentagon. “I’m not guessing at his character. He doesn’t have a political bone in his body.” …”


He doesn’t have a political bone in his body!

Joe Biden isn’t imposing a political litmus test on the military!

Mark Milley just wants to “understand White rage” and thinks that a third of the country are “Nazis” and “the same people we fought in World War II” who need to be fenced out of Washington, DC.

Note: The U.S. military under this duo is facilitating the invasion of the states by foreigners and is menacing American citizens.

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  1. If they are going to call Trump’s White Working Class Male Voters NAZIS….They might as well call the Working no Class White Men who fought the Nazis during WW2…NAZIS!!….for these men would never have tolerated being voted into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America by Pakistani Muslim LEGAL immigrants and their US born Pakistani Muslim geneline…

    Slimey General Mark Milley a girly boy brown turd who floats in Rosie O’Donnells’s turlet….

    • The American soldiers who landed on the beaches of Normandy were so White, they would have qualified for the Waffen-SS.

      • They landed on Normandy so a Pakistani Muslim American Federal Judge…appointed by a lisping Kenyan POTUS…..could sentence a highly decorated Native Born White American Iraq War Veteran to Federal Prison for protesting peacefully on June 6……

      • Except their foreskins were all forcibly amputated by the military if they still had them. Totally Talmudic army. And they went and died like sheep in a slaughterhouse for their Jewish masters. The Germans were the only combatants that actually fought for THEIR country.

      • Maybe some of them, but the Waffen SS were the elite, ferocious, and fearless.

        The British, American, and Canadian force that landed on the beaches of Normandy were unprofessional soldiers in comparison to the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS.

        • Depends on the unit. 6 Armies in Normandy by Keegan is a really nice comparison of the nations arrayed in Normandy. The Poles struck me as an elite force Armoured Division. The British Parachute Regiment/Airborne and perhaps the US Tank crews had tricky jobs to do.

  2. Let’s remember who ended the Vietnam war. It wasn’t protestors, it was men who turned on their officers.

  3. Milley and his faggot army lost to the Taliban. They are trying to change the subject. Misdirection. But it doesn’t change anything. The goat herders still whipped your faggot army Mrs. Milley.

  4. No normal Whites, particularly White guys from Dixie should enter military service. Those who are in the military should get out as quickly as possible with an honorable discharge. The U.S. Government will chop them up in the next war then abandon the survivors like they always do. If White guys from Dixie didn’t volunteer it would put an end to the military’s adventures quickly. Peace is better than war.

  5. Whites can add. You put 2+2 together and you got the military releasing the virus. Gain of function research was financed by the DoD. Not in Wuhan in the Lugar Center in Tiblisi Georgia.

    These two scumbags are trying to intimate people in order to cover their crimes.

  6. If only there was a viable NS threat to the jewish empire. They would have no problems with volunteers and recruiting.

  7. They’re actually walking it back here. It’s the same old same old – whites are always around for a beating in this genocidal society but have to be kept around to do the actual work.

    Boycott the military.

  8. Mark Milley wants to understand white rage. Okay well I want to understand military careerism and Irish boomer fagets of which there are many who slob on zogs knob like a obedient retarded slave. Did the general do it for a increased paycheck? Or does someone have dirt on him?

  9. “White Rage” isn’t a thing. Its a fantasy imagined by Cultural Progressives like Mark Milley, the race traitor scum that he is – that ALL Cultural Liberals are.

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