Matt Heimbach Is Relaunching Traditionalist Workers Party

UPDATE: I’m told there ISN’T any TWP relaunch.

So, this news broke last night.

Matt Heimbach is coming back and relaunching TWP.


“Matt Heimbach, a?self-described radical extremist who played an instrumental role in getting white supremacists to attend Charlottesville’s deadly Unite the Right rally, plans to relaunch his old hate group as soon as this weekend.  

In an interview with Newsy Heimbach says he now supports violence and killings in what he says is a revolution against rich corporate executives, global elites and even those who have caused global warming. 

“These people have names and addresses. Their kids have names and addresses, and the capitalist class, by hook or by crook,?has to?be liquidated. You know that it’s called class war for a reason.?” Heimbach said. “Any violence the proletariat brings is simply in self-defense.?” …”

Here are my thoughts on the TWP relaunch:

1.) First, one of the lessons that we learned from the Alt-Right years was never to talk to these “journalists” and have them tag along like Vegas Tenold. These “journalists” are not your friends. Nothing is gained and much is lost engaging with the “Enemy of the People.” Eric Striker was right.

2.) Second, it goes without saying that nothing is gained from associating your group with violent accelerationists with Merrick Garland leading a DOJ witch hunt against “white supremacists.” Their “strategy” has never worked and all of those people were arrested after El Paso, but years later their actions have been used to justify the Biden administration’s assault on our civil liberties.

3.) Third, I disagree with rebranding TWP as a “Nazbol” group. I also disagree with the overly lefty jargon and embrace of “socialism.” I don’t think it attracts anyone to our cause. I think these buzzwords repulse lots of people who otherwise share our values. The political center of gravity in this country is socially conservative and economically moderate, working class and non-college educated. There is no reason to complicate this by associating yourself with “Bolshevism” or “socialism.” It makes more sense to appeal to the Heartland working class as a normal White working class populist.

4.) Fourth, social democracy is popular with the White working class which supports economic fairness. Why not just say you are defending the cultural values of rural White America and oppose rapacious free market capitalism? Nothing is gained from taking a MODERATE position and presenting it with a RADICAL aesthetic. It makes much more sense to say your ideas are moderate and popular in the Midwest.

5.) Fifth, the Matts have always had this unreciprocated fascination with the fringe left and the fringe right and have focused on appealing to the wrong audience. Normal White people who share our values hate those people. The people we should be appealing to are not radicals or ideologues. They are the vast swath of people who are not part of the base of either political party who are caught in between the True Cons or Charlie Kirk or Tomi Lahrens on the Right and the shitlibs and lefty degenerates on the Left. It is fine to appeal to good people on the Left and there are plenty of Left Populists like Jimmy Dore who basically agree with us on economics and imperialism and who hate shitlibs as much as we do.

Huey Long once said, “All I care is what the boys at the forks of the creek think of me.” It was sound advice then. It is still sound advice today. Anyway, that’s what would I do. The dam is getting ready to burst on plain old vanilla White Middle American populism. That’s what will gain traction.

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  1. Huey Long, Eugene Debs, Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Father Caughlin. Andrew Jackson, John C. Calhoun, Smedley Butler, Gottfreid Feder, Martin Luther… There must be some name out there that describes this group.

  2. Is he trying to call Antifa’s bluff or something? He does know they aren’t actually socialists, doesn’t he?

    This looks like him trying to rope folks into another situation like cville where the only lasting memory of it is a titkitorch march where White autists are screaming about being replaced by Jews while confused citizens look on with pearls clutched firmly.

    It worked so well last time, why not go balls deep?

    • I trust Parrott more than Heimbach. But, to be fair/honest, both are literal trailer trash, and have no validity as either “Patriots’, or ‘Spokesmen’ for whatever they’re selling, nor as ‘Christians’ – especially not as Orthodox Christians… anymore.

      [Not that the cucks in Pseudo-doxy are much better- they’re not; but at least they aren’t being vilified by the Common Enemy- the JEWSMedia, 24/7, and be a cause ‘for stumbling’ as the Bible says we are NOT to be..]

      The Church had canons excluding heretics and heresiarchs, back in the day. Just sayin’……

  3. KT-88

    Don’t forget Dennis Kearney and Samuel Gompers who fought for the 1888 Chinese Legal Immigrant Exclusion Act……JFK never would have supported the 1888 Chinese Legal Immigrant Exclusion Act..

    By the way, America had a Sikh Legal Immigrant Exclusion Act…..

    How did the Corona Virus come to America?

    Alex Jones said:”‘yeah but it was LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL and the corona viruses paid their taxes…so it was ok…”

    Tucker Carlson said:”‘yes I agree with you Alex…as long as they were LEGAL…”

  4. Hollywood Nazi group spinning up just as the DOJ is looking for white supremacists. How convenient for them.

  5. Re: ” I also disagree with the overly lefty jargon and embrace of “socialism” and “Nothing is gained from taking a MODERATE position and presenting it with a RADICAL aesthetic”:

    You are saying, and I agree and besides it’s very obvious, that Heimbach’s very right-wing conservative position is not socialist or left at all. He’s just using some left “jargon” as an “aesthetic” like other fake left leaders and movements. The language of Heimbach is inconsistent and fake, but so is the language of populism. Trad Workers Party is going nowhere but neither is populism. Populism or social democracy, no matter what it is called, no matter how attractively it is packaged, is still nothing but capitalism, that is going through a reforming process, a reform stage, and capitalism reforms itself temporarily ONLY when it is absolutely necessary to survive, otherwise the populist/SD tendency is banned or destroyed.

    Now why shouldn’t “the boys at the forks of the creek” be allowed to discover socialism? They certainly are intelligent enough to grasp it.

      • Nationalizing Blackrock, Vanguard and the FED could change that. You can’t do shit when a hostile tribe controls your currency.

      • To anonymous, a movement isn’t “left wing” or “real socialism” unless it’s led by Jews. He’s a low IQ retard.

        • Re: “a movement isn’t ‘left wing’ or ‘real socialism’ unless it’s led by Jews”:

          “Real socialism” led by rootless cosmopolitan Talmudists is not real, Ethno-national socialism.

  6. As a distant spectator, it seems that Matt Heimbach is the type that gets his jollies in petty street brawls.

    • Re: “Heimbach shouldn’t be trusted. It could be is is working for the feds now.”

      If I had to guess, I’d guess they’re holding access to his kids over his head, for a start.

    • Heimbach is not very smart and was never real leadership material. Not stupid just not smart enough to make real change happen.

  7. The (((Bolsheviks))) Lenin included thought their socialist paradise was finished, until American industrialists and other Western capitalists rebuilt their manufacturing and agricultural sector.

    That was the first time that Western financial ogliarchs saved that communist open sewer of judaism. The second of course was WWII.

  8. Iirc, didn’t heimbach jin the splc or some other jewish White genicide NGO a few years back?

  9. Hamback just can’t live without news coverage. He’s just as much a media whore as Fuentes or Spencer.

    And he definitely IS a liar.

    Anyone dumb enough to still associate with this fool deserves everything the feds do to them.

  10. I can’t believe this is actually happening. Like the meme has become a reality. This is such a Low IQ way to go about your cause. He only makes the rest of us look stupid because people are going to assume that anyone not on board with fiscal conservatism and social liberalism is now crazy like this.

    We just want our own citizens taken care of. We don’t want Americans to go bankrupted with medical debt. We don’t want our friends and family being shipped overseas to fight in foreign wars. We want things like Universal Basic Income to help lift up working class White people.

    I would support making an open plea to the American people on these types of issues. Not taking on the whole world with some type of lone-wolf approach.

  11. Sounds like he’s a Fed now. I thought he became some kind of pro-multiracial leftist and denounced us?

  12. Matt is a disaster waiting to happen. What we need is a white civil rights movement, not some right wing neo Maoist street gang that is guaranteed to be in the media on the regular.

  13. You make some good points and I respect your opinion 100%. With that said I really like Matthew and hope the news is true. He’s a smart, energetic, and dedicated activist. As for me…my political views have become very Nationalist focused and I don’t have a problem with Socialism. I’ve always believed the 25 Points of National Socialism is the best political platform for Whites. I have small disagreements even with the 25 Points…however overall I like it and I think they would be good for the South, the US, and all White Nations. Deo Vindice !

    • But he is a supporter of Marxism. That is Jewish economics. He also is very likely doing this as a federal agent. He joined life after hate and then when the government starts saying they will crack down on extremists, he openly advocates violence to the media. This group is likely a federal trap or it will quickly fizzle out and everyone will get arrested. Don’t you see what’s going on here everybody?

      Also National Bolsheviks aren’t our friends. They look up to the Communist Jews who did the Red Terror 100 years ago.

      National Socialism is different from Socialism as well. It’s best to follow Populism as opposed to this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      • “National Socialism is different from Socialism (…) It’s best to follow Populism”:

        Nazi-ism is fascism (or similar to fascism, if you insist on Mussolini-ists being technically the only true fascists and call Franco-ists something else, and so on) which is a form of populist reform capitalism, NOT real socialism. “National socialism” was supported or allowed by capitalist elites as the antidote for revolutionary socialism that had been gaining ground in Germany in the teens and twenties; and it did destroy socialism in Germany, and also attempted to destroy it in Russia.

        Populism is a TEMPORARY REFORM of the capitalist system that elites feel forced to allow. It is never a permanent arrangement.

        There are really only two systems you can follow, only TWO political choices. Populism is not a “third position.” Nazi-ism and Neo-Nazism also belong fully to the capitalist system and serve a purpose. If the Far Right did not exist, elites would need to invent it.

  14. After his fall from grace a couple of years ago, why would anyone with any common sense want to follow him?

    • “why would anyone with any common sense want to follow him?”

      The DOJ doesn’t want ppl wi common sense.
      The DOJ wants some rash hotheads that will commit petty violence. Then they can go before the media, public and congress wi a whole raft of draconian anti-WHITE legislation and bigger bugets for infiltration, disruption and entrapment of WHITES.

  15. “Right wing neo Maoist street gang” is hilarious, and accurate. Total confusion, and failure.

  16. Has Matt H sorted out his female “issues”?

    We want our young men to have “relations” with healthy White women.

    This is an area where our “movement” always has “issues”.

  17. Why do we even care what this clown is doing anymore? He should still be in jail and the fact that he has avoided doing real time tells me he’s probably been a fed agent provacateur all along.

  18. He publicly disavowed White Nationalism not that long ago but now expects to be welcomed back into “The Movement” as if he did nothing wrong and is openly encouraging acts of violence.

    You wouldn’t be related to Hal Turner by any chance, Matt?

  19. It’s obvious Matt is a fed at this point. Avoid at all costs. Aside from being a fed he is also a filthy degenerate. Laughably he puts forward that he is a good Christian.

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