Pediatrics: The Harms of Structural Whiteness on Weapon Carrying, Policing and Child Health

In the 1983 movie A Christmas Story, all Ralphie wanted was a BB gun.

This is from the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.


“We live in a country that “adultifies” and criminalizes children simply for not being white. “Adultification” is the process by which certain children are perceived as older than their actual age and, as a result, are regarded as less innocent and subject to callous and sometimes violent treatment. This misperception of Black children begins as young as age 5 for Black girls and age 10 for Black boys and is far from benign.

Misperceptions of children that deny them the presumption of innocence affect the ways we, as a society, protect children, legally and socially. Consequently, when children of color are routinely misperceived as older, the protections typically afforded all children as a function of their age and developmental stage can come to uniquely benefit white children as a material advantage of their whiteness. This process has two related effects: it absolves white children from scrutiny, and it contributes to the inordinate policing of children of color.

In this issue of Pediatrics, Jewett et al examine patterns of weapon carrying in US schools among white, Black, and Hispanic boys. Using data from the Youth Behavior Surveillance System from 1993 to 2019, Jewett et al compared self-reported weapon carrying in US high schools by race and/or ethnicity, age, and school climate. Their results expose troubling patterns of weapon carrying in white boys that impugn the common justifications used to disproportionately punish and police Black and Hispanic children. …

A simple answer to both questions is gun control. …”

This garbage trickles down from worthless academics:

  • There are too many police officers in black and Hispanic schools in crime-infested urban areas
  • The real cause is systematic racism
  • White boys in rural America are taking too many guns to school in their pickup trucks
  • The solution is gun control

Who is the author?

Apparently, this woman is rather well known. She also published an article in The Lancet called “Despair Doesn’t Kill, Defending Whiteness Does.” This is the type of nonsense that has proliferated across all government agencies in the Biden administration.

Note: Chris Hayes echoed this woman last night on MSNBC when he said that Biz Markie and DMX had died of systematic racism.

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  2. “systems that deeply harm folks of color and Black folks in particular”

    That’s the reason they enjoy the highest standard of living in the world, They are so harmed.

    That woman produces nothing but mindless gibberish.

  3. The article is the typical inversion of facts.

    The truth being, Americans pander to blacks, tolerate too much, make excuses for their animal behavior and give them too many privileges.

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  7. This is a deadly and pernicious evil. They are literally demanding that we believe 2+2=5.

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  8. I am not sure exactly what this systematic racism is. To any sane observer from outside the American nightmare on the groveling toward blacks has now become a form of idolatry.

    If whites have such god like powers to control everything then credit must go to you for the good as well as the evil. Blacks in recent memory receive way more good than bad while they dish out way more evil than good.

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