Quillette: The Faith of Systemic Racism

Systematic racism has been conjured into existence because “white supremacy” doesn’t exist anymore and fifty years of systematic antiracism across all American institutions has failed to close racial gaps. It was originally based on Gunnar Myrdal’s theory that White prejudice was the cause of black failure. White prejudice has faded though and that hasn’t changed the reality of black failure.

Black professionals like Ta-Nehisi Coates and Ibram X. Kendi have given up on liberalism. “Equity” is now in fashion. Colorblindness and equality are out of fashion. If racial gaps can’t be eliminated through liberal means, we will simply demonize Whites and redistribute their wealth and status to blacks like in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Even there though, “equity” is far from being achieved and blacks continue to lag far behind Whites and Indians due to inherent racial differences in intelligence and ability.


“We hear constantly about the systemic racism coursing through America. Everything, we’re told, is shot through with hate. It does not matter if no white person ever has actually thought a hateful thought. The structure, or system, these innocents inhabit and profit from was designed by those who hated with abandon; the hate is baked into the edifice and walls and rooftops. It constitutes an architecture of oppression, and the persistence of that architecture amounts to an indictment of its beneficiaries. They’re fools or, more likely, willing participants who go to inordinate lengths to camouflage their complicity—Dean Armitage of Get Out declaring he would have voted for Barack Obama a third time while living on a latter-day plantation. 

Of course, if a system is nefarious, it must be blown up, and the bricks and rubble must be redistributed to the politically favored, and anyone who opposes that—anyone who does not loudly and enthusiastically embrace the new dogma—must be a tool of white subjugation.

This is the not so hermetic logic of most every blue-chip multinational, tech behemoth, university, studio, streaming service, and media conglomerate, which, in the past year, have committed to even bolder and brasher equity targets meant to inoculate those institutions against charges of systemic racism.  …

Alas, most major institutions in America right now are making important decisions about hiring, firing, investment, programming, content, syllabi, and so forth, on the basis of a religious claim—systemic racism permeates the whole of our existence—that is necessarily unverifiable. They are being illogical when we expect them to be logical.  …”

After being defeated by reality itself, what do these people do?

Do they finally admit the truth about racial differences which explains racial gaps?

Do they admit there are no longer any individual racists oppressing blacks?

Do they admit that they were wrong about White prejudice being the cause of black failure?

Do they admit that our system actually discriminates against all other races in favor of blacks?

Do they admit that coddling blacks and favoring blacks has failed to close racial gaps?

No, they are doing none of those things. They are doubling down. The “racism” that is oppressing blacks is just more subtle, more sinister, more invisible and harder to detect than was previously suspected. The “hate” is baked into the system itself. It is invisible like luminiferous aether.

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  1. Native White Working Class Americans have 0 control over economic institutions and social and cultural institutions in the US…and therein is the big lie of systemic racism.

    The charge of Systemic Racism at its core is a racist attack on the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority…

    Unfortunately Tucker Cucker Carlson and Alex Nosenstien Jones respond to the charge of systemic racism by exclaiming:”‘I’m not a racist…I don’t mind Hindu LEGAL Immigrants and Pakistani Muslim Legal Immigrants voting me into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America as long as they obey the Constitution…pay their taxes…and study the speeches of Martin Luther King….”

  2. This conservative middle ground that denies both racial differences and “systemic racism” can never work. What is their explanation for racial gaps?

    The race-blind conservative explanation used to be that black moms were welfare queens getting handouts and living on the democrat plantation. Then it was because of rap music. But we know that poor Whites still perform much better, and White kids have been listening to rap for two or three decades now and it never caused them to go join street gangs.

    None of the conservative explanations hold water, and the new generation of conservative shills like Chris Rufo or quilette writers don’t even seem to be trying to explain the gaps at all. They just avoid talking about the gaps at all. Which is why they will lose (as usual).

    • The “conservatives” role is to conserve the destruction of the country but at a slower rate than the left while running their grifts to get money while everything collapses around them.

  3. It is the ideology of complaint by Dionysiac people uncomfortably living in the territpry of an Apollinian people.

  4. Fifty years of television movies and platitudes has turned blacks into a golden calf. To any black with intelligence not invested in media or the university system this comes across as nuts and they can’t figure it out. They live amongst their own and know the reality also knowing that they have no real power in the system outside of beating down whites from having their any unification

  5. “. The “hate” is baked into the system itself.”

    When there isn’t a basis in facts,
    assert the absurd.

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