Breaking Points: Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Revealed As A Complete FBI Setup

So, this whole bizarre hoax was made up by the FBI to make Gretchen Whitmer look like a victim and to demonize the “far right” on the eve of the 2020 election.

Note: They are serious professionals. There isn’t a political bone in their body either.

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  1. strange,
    they are too busy entraping innocent people to do anything abot BLM and ANTIFA.
    It’s almost as if there is a political agenda within the DOJ to encourage violent chaos and eliminate any movement for positive change.

    If i didn’t know better, I’d say they are promoting social chaos to promote the sort of instability that brings about communism, by a certain tribe.

  2. Creating a climate of fear and suspicion, to keep honest citizens from grouping together and working for positive change.

    “Peasants, keep your heads down or commissar garfinkle will send you to the gulag.”

  3. Her governess has used this as a cudgel anytime someone criticizes her for the lockdown, which cost people to loose their businesses and commit suicide. The kidnapping was a hoax from the beginning. The FBI informant suggested this plot to these gullible guys.
    They were all thrown in jail except for the rat informant who tricked them into it. Now HE is going to jail for potentially ten years or more for allegedly beating his wife because she was angry he made her go to a wife-swapping swinger’s party. So now an FBI informant who beat his wife will go to prison.

  4. I knew this would all come out in the wash.

    Half Whitmer was SMILING at the press conference last year announcing the arrests and charges.

    If someone credible informed me of a credible conspiracy to kidnap and kill me, the LAST thing I would think to do is smile.

  5. At least the F.B.I. weren’t setting up anyone with Gretchen. She looks like the wicked witch version of Courtney Cox. Was Gretchen’s code name Black Widow or Scarlet Witch?

  6. The fbi has always been a suspect organization even when going after the mob. I am all for defunding and disbanding them.

  7. The (((FBI, Capitol Piglice))), ad nauseam are ‘Murca’s Stasi, They should be shut down, and their heads sent to Supermax for life with their dupe victims. But they will get ever-more funding & power instead.

  8. But no involvement in Charlottesville, eh?

    It was a known corrupt FBI agent who discovered the “suicide” weapon in Terrance Yeakey’s murder.

    The ATF is another one to watch out for. And, BLM (Bureau of Land Management). If someone wants your land or the land you lease, these are the bastards who get it for them, The Bundys fought and had widespread support which is probably why they beat them. At least for now.

    If you want to know what is the most corrupt government on the planet, start with your own and go no further.

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