England Can Never Win the European Championship

In A Man for All Seasons, Sir Thomas More rebukes another character who betrays him in return for a regional appointment. “It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world, but for Wales?” In like manner, I ask what have we gained from importing the whole world? Thanks to mass immigration, our countries are sunk in crime, corruption, and self-loathing. One excuse is that this was necessary for white nations to have good soccer teams.

In 2018, the “French” team won the World Cup. Most of the team was non-white. The Washington Post, the Guardian, and the Daily Maverick all praisedthis. The UK Independent called a game between two multiracial teams a “celebration of immigration.” The French victory was a victory for multiracialism.

The all-white Croatian team came in second, which suggests that multiracialism isn’t necessary. Nonetheless, France won, and even though the country was dealing with non-white rioting, many thought France had a national triumph thanks to diversity.

It seemed like the same thing would happen this year. The “English” team, mostly non-white, was marching to victory at the UEFA European Championship. Reporters were already writing the story. The diverse English team would be a triumph over petty English nationalism. Non-whites winning a soccer game would revitalize and even redefine the nation.

The English team was also “taking a knee” before games, so it represented a superior, anti-racist England that might exist someday. When English fans booed the gesture, some reporters said this was racism.

The undercurrent to these stories was that the English team wasn’t really competing against other teams, but against British racism. World War II has been redefined as an ideological crusade against “racism” in all countries, even the Allies. Now, sports are a competition not against other teams, but against ourselves. We try to win against our internal racism.

Unfortunately for journalists, there was still a game to be played. Both teams – England and Italy –  “took a knee,” but England was the team of “diversity.” It came down to penalty kicks, a kind of overtime. Black players on the English team would decide the game.

We know what would have happened if the black players had scored. There would be countless articles about blacks saving English soccer, and thus England itself. It would be a mighty weapon against English nationalists. Knighthoods might be in order.

The idea that blacks are inherently better at sports was floating through the stands. These fans are chanting, “Give it to a black guy, he’ll score!” They were mostly non-white, but some English were in the crowd.

It didn’t work out that way. Black “English” players Bukayo Saka, Macus Rashford, and Jadon Sancho missed their kicks. Even worse, the Italian team that won is actually Italian. The problem for the media is that if you set up a soccer game as a political competition, it’s a disaster if your team loses and the white guys win.

The government, the media, and the monarchy acted against social-media criticism of the black players who lost the game for England. The Guardianand “Hope Not Hate” “found more than 120 instances of England players receiving racial abuse on Twitter in the hours following the game.” Prime Minister Boris Johnson was already reeling from media attacks because he didn’t admonish fans who had booed the “take the knee” gesture, so, perhaps to counter this, his government pledged to ban anyone guilty of “racist abuse” from all soccer games. The Independent called this “closing a legal loophole.” The British government wants to punish Facebook and Twitter for not doing enough to stop the comments. Prince William himself said he was “sickened” by anti-black comments. This was briefly the most important story in England.

If England had won, media would be celebrating the blacks who brought the championship “home” and showed up the “racists.” Instead, a white team brought it back to Rome, so the press and politicians lectured English whites about racism. Win or lose, the result of the European championship was a demoralization campaign against English whites.

The United Kingdom is not free. There is no free speech, freedom of association, or freedom to bear arms. Owning the wrong books can mean jail. The state church — the Church of England — is anti-white. The state media, the BBC, is anti-white. The monarchy is pleading that it is not racist, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) are anti-white. Even memorials to Winston Churchill are in danger.

There’s very little opposition to this. Instead, we see anger from white fans because black players missed penalty kicks. It’s pathetic that the English are furious over a soccer game, but tolerate the destruction of their country. These fans probably would have worshipped the black players if they had scored.

Still, the reaction from the British government and the press is worse. Obviously, people shouldn’t send racial taunts to black players. On the other hand, insulting opposing players is normally part of the game. Only when it is racial, it is apparently criminal.

If it is a national disaster when black athletes lose a game, then let’s skip the games. Just change the rules and give non-whites the trophy to spare everyone’s feelings. That seems to be the trend with the Oscars and debate competitions.

What is the point of the English soccer team? If it is a collection of players from around the world who happen to wear an English jersey, what makes it English? It’s just a brand. Rooting for it is as silly as cheering for Coca-Cola or Pepsi. The Italian team has a real connection to its people, so its victory was a victory for Italy. That’s what a national team should be.

People like sports because it allows for pure expressions of loyalty and opposition, victory and defeat, and feelings of “us” and “them.” It’s a socially acceptable way to express primal drives. Diversity poisons sports, just as it poisons everything else. English fans can’t identify with their team. A true English patriot should be relieved that “his” team lost, and his country was spared weeks of lectures about why England needs blacks.

Whites lack symbols, representation, and ways of expressing common interests and identity. Until we restore them, let us mock the facades our rulers have put in their places. If Britain is in crisis because some black guys choked during a soccer game, the system isn’t as strong as it appears.

I don’t think soccer is politically important, but our rulers disagree. So let’s celebrate when the best players in Europe are a bunch of white guys. Forza Azzurri!

First published on American Renaissance on July 22, 2021.

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Gregory Hood has been active in conservative groups in the US. He is a staff writer for American Renaissance. His work is syndicated on the Unz Review and here at Occidental Dissent.


  1. Who cares? England are the world champions in Cricket, the gentleman’s game. Football is a game of niggers and low-class hooligans.

      • Well, at least, the Rugby players are manlier than footballers.

        I mean, just look at these divas…

    • Cricket is boring (baseball – also invented in England – is better), but for some reason the English and many of their former colonial subjects in the West Indies, East Indies, NZ/OZ and South Africa are nuts about it.

      • Hard disagree. Cricket is the the most entertaining sport in the world, apart from tennis. You have to understand the technical stuff to fully appreciate it. The problem with cricket today is the same as in tennis: the best players have either retired or are on the verge of retirement.

        I used to be a huge fan of Australian Cricket during the Waugh/Ponting era. The Australian team in 2006-07 was probably the best sports team ever assembled.

  2. Bad decisions by White coach Southgate. Those Black players should never been put in that position (especially since two of them – Rashford and Sancho – were virtually ignored and barely played all tournament); they were obviously nervous, and White players (e.g. Grealish) had volunteered. So Southgate probably wanted a “diversity” victory.

    It was good to see a fully EUROPEAN team – Italy – win. Although from a soccer fan point of view, racial politics aside, the French World Cup winners in 2018 were fantastic.

    • They were given immortal glory and Rashford scuffed the shot wide. It was sad.

    • I guess you missed the very popular sentiment regarding the 2018 final, “France’s gold smells like sh*t while Croatia’s silver smells like gold”.

      Many interruptions during the game at opportune times including an engineered pitch invasion.

  3. Way too much emphasis on sports,
    Most especially pro-sports.

    It is a diversion and distraction for the lazy.
    In the greater scheme of life and the progress of civilization it is wasteful. Pro-sports is a drain on society, taking time, assets and resources while producing no value. Giving tremendous salaries to low intelligence felons.

  4. Soccer is for children and homosexuals. Globalists started pushing soccer hard after WWI to subvert nationalism. It wouldn’t matter if the England team had 100% Englishmen on it. It would still be a globalist game for faggots.

    • The only faggots I see here are the fat fans of the so called ‘American Football”, a weird “sport” something between handball and rugby, a game full of niggers who can be drafted from the ghetto and win the Super bowl two weeks later. To this day I don’t understand why you call it football? It should be called American handball, those niggers never use their feet to kick the ball except after touchdown. And now you are going to have to listen to a shit called ” black national anthem” before any of your boring games. No skill necessary, a typical nigga sport. On the other hand in real Football the whole nation watches, life stops before an important match, a victory of the home team is an unforgettable memory many years later. That is why this is the most popular sport in the whole world!

      • You might be amused to know that blacks are never the kickers in “football”. The kickers are always White, with few exceptions throughout history. American football is a cancer on society. But I suppose something else would take its place if it wasn’t there. Your European soccer teams are getting filled with niggers, too. I don’t see how people can cheer for national teams full of blacks.

  5. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Jewnson to go after the “GIVE IT TO A BLACK GUY – HE’LL SCORE!!”-chanting niggers for “racist hate speech”.

  6. Yes it’s infuriating to watch the Friday night football on TV here in Australia, and both teams are two thirds Pacific Islander. Then the ad breaks come on……. every one of them shows a white husband enjoying some new purchase with his Asian wife.
    There’s just no escaping this spoon feeding of the promotion of our destruction as if it’s this wonderful, progressive development. Nobody ever says that promoting and preserving white culture is a good thing, even as they sit there benefitting from it.
    Extra crime, pollution, social instability, welfare blowouts…………but hey bro, our team won!
    Just play sport to aid your fitness, rather than sitting there getting fat, watching it.

  7. Unlike countries like France and Italy, England does not focus only on soccer. It’s one of the reasons why England does so well in many other sports besides football. England won more gold medals than any other European country in the last two Olympics.

  8. Someone (Steve Sailer? Vox Day?) has argued that soccer is a white man’s sport because it deemphasizes the physical gifts of blacks, namely sprinting, in favor of endurance.

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