National Review: The Robert E. Lee Statue In Richmond Must Go

It goes without saying that these people are worthless.

As we have said for years now, they have conserved absolutely nothing including monuments of their precious heroes like Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant. Their program can be summed up as tax cuts for oligarchs, deregulating Wall Street, sucking up to Jeff Bezos, OUR GREATEST ALLY, defending Big Tech monopolies, imperialism and squandering trillions of dollars on the Pentagon.

National Review:

“Catesby Leigh, writing on NRO, asks whether “Richmond’s Robert E. Lee statue is next,” i.e., next to be removed from the city’s Monument Avenue. (Statues of Stonewall Jackson, J. E. B. Stuart, and Jefferson Davis are already gone.) Leigh’s essay merits consideration. But I do hope the Lee statue is next.

I side with those who think there is a clear and important distinction between the Founders and the defenders of the Union, on one hand, and the Confederates on the other: The Confederacy was philosophically devoted to racial slavery, while the United States was philosophically irreconcilable with it. Or to speak less abstractly, the founders of the Confederacy inherited an evil practice, wished to perpetuate it indefinitely, and rebelled against the United States to achieve that purpose; the founders of the United States (or those we typically honor) inherited an evil practice, looked forward to its end, and expressly committed the nation to principles (as in the Declaration of Independence) that brought its end about. Removal of monuments to Confederates should not be seen as an “indulgence” of “the BLM­-Antifa statuary rampage,” since it was already right to remove them before the rampage started. I won’t belabor these points, which are by now familiar. I will instead recommend Philip Klein’s and Cameron Hilditch’s more extensive thoughts. …”

This is a hilarious argument.

Aside from Southern independence, what exactly was new about the Confederacy that made it so uniquely evil? There was nothing new about slavery, white supremacy or racial theories in the Confederacy. The same people owned the same slaves in the United States. There wasn’t much that was new in the Confederate constitution either. The Confederate flag was the American flag with fewer stars on it. The same people also always believed in classical republicanism and state sovereignty in the antebellum era.

Nothing changed when the South became the Confederacy EXCEPT our relationship to the Northern states. If the Confederates were evil because of slavery, white supremacy and racism, then the United States was equally evil. The American flag which flew over all the slave ships that went to Africa was equally evil. The Constitution was equally evil and a “Covenant with Death and an Agreement with Hell” like William Lloyd Garrison argued at the time. The Founders were evil because the Confederate system of government was copied straight from them. The Confederacy was also based on their evil principles of self government. The Founders created a White Republic without consulting any women, LGBTQIA or BIPOC people.

How were the Southern colonies good in the American Revolution when they revolted against Great Britain and fought against its Indian allies and to preserve slavery and white supremacy, but evil when the Confederates left the Union when Lincoln was elected president? How is the Declaration of Independence good when it condemns King George III for inciting slave rebellions and Indian wars on the frontier? Isn’t that racist? How can you condemn Robert E. Lee and praise George Washington? How can you condemn the Confederacy on the grounds of “racism” and praise the “American Founding”?

It’s true that the Confederates believed that the Declaration of Independence was a slippery slope. Why should the Confederates be condemned for believing that though? Was there not an “insurrection” among the women? Did they not start smoking tobacco, drinking whiskey, cursing, aborting their children and divorcing their husbands? Did we not go far beyond abolishing slavery? Did we not go far beyond ending segregation? Isn’t John Brown and Black Republicanism the ancestor of wokeness? Everything that the Confederates predicted would happen because of liberalism whether it was social equality and miscegenation or nightmares which even they couldn’t imagine like “trans” has all come true.

Confederate monuments should remain standing. Hundreds of thousands of Southerners gave their lives to get out of this cursed Union with the Eastern states and to avoid the relentless downward spiral of cultural degeneration and moral decline that their “principles” have led to.

Note: This cartoon is actually from New York City which Lincoln lost in the 1864 election.

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    • Lee made an earth-changing mistake at Gettysburg (Pickett’s Charge). The only blot on the life of this exemplary man, whose story reaches tragic, heroic, and Biblical proportions.

      • The invasion of the North that led to the charge was an earth-changing (like Operation Barbarossa) mistake in itself, launched when the long war of attriition was already lost, and straining every resource that was already exhausted for an impossible feat, hence he has been called “the butcher of the Confederacy.”

      • I don’t think it was so much Lee’s mistake but Stuart’s. Stuart was supposed to behind the Yankee lines pushing them towards Lee and Pickett but Stuart got caught chasing around Custer and his men. Lee could have spit his forces and used Pickett to flank the Yankees on Cemetery Ridge in case Stuart was ambushed but it didn’t work out that way. He gambled and lost but there’s enough blame to go around than to just put it all on Lee.

      • @ John, ” marse Robert ” , understood more than anyone, that we could not defeat, northern industry and manufacturing, we were too far behind and not enough time to catch up and fight this war both, when the union lost a soldier, they had a more than ample supply , too draw off a replacement, when we lost a soldier, we had no supply of men too draw off, too question marse Roberts decisions, while not knowing the full facts is wrong, he led our army north, too engage, union forces on their own ground and give Virginia, a chance too heal up, we relied on the farms in Virginia , too keep our army supplied and in the field, it was his hope too utterly crush the army of the Potomac and force them too negotiate a end to this war, an end too this slaughter, that was his intent, that is why he ordered that charge, their lines were weakest there, he wanted to break them , right then and there, but alas! It wasn’t too be, fate was against us, he asked everything of us and it was our honor too comply, their was no lack of effort, or lack of love, for our noble commander, from the brave army of northern Virginia, but I really hope hope our people understand a few facts not well known at all, marse Robert, we now know, suffered from ” angina”, is believed too have suffered a mild heart attack at Gettysburg and also was suffering from “dysentery” at the same time, he carried the burden of our people of our southern Confederacy on his back, no man, I repeat no man could have done more or any better than him, he stands alone, he was the greatest among us, then and now, if he had accepted’s offer of command of the whole union army and ended this so called’ rebellion” as saw it, there is no doubt among the learned, that he would have went on too become president and who know all what else, he put “DUTY” and the well being of our people first and foremost, I have nothing but love, respect and admiration for this man.

  1. Conservatives have constructed this absurd fake history of America that doesn’t even make sense. Conservative history is even more phony than Howard Zinn. Even Jewish new left fake historians have nothing on National Review and Dinesh Republicans.

    • The taking down of the monuments is another way to distract the public from the real happenings. The government is printing money like crazy, the border is wide open, and inflation is sky-rocketing.

      It’s as if…they really want to destroy the US, because everything they are doing, would be how to do it.

  2. This removal of famous statues and monuments is almost criminal. Destroying mankind’s knowledge of the past by historical markers could even be called a crime against humanity.

    It should have gone no further than removal of Christopher Columbus monuments and let it go at that.

    In “Khazarkraine” (U.S.-run Ukraine, formerly part of Russia) the U.S. puppet regime works to destroy Russian Orthodoxy and Russian ethnic identity, and to remove public monuments to the great Russian socialist leaders of the past:

    • “Destroying mankind’s knowledge of the past by historical markers could even be called a crime against humanity.” I agree with you in principle but our history is total bullshit already.

      • You are correct.

        It is possible for people, communities and nations to erect new, more accurate monuments without removing any existing ones, like we do not remove grave markers from cemeteries because they are family records, or at least they are history.

        I almost don’t mind the loss of statues of Crypto-catholic Christopher Columbus, but Columbus statues left in place could be surrounded with better statues, such as William Penn statues.

        “Did we believe a final Reckoning and Judgment; or did we think enough of what we do believe, we would allow more Love in Religion than we do; since Religion itself is nothing else but Love to God and Man. Love is indeed Heaven upon Earth; since Heaven above would not be Heaven without it: For where there is not Love; there is Fear: But perfect Love casts out Fear. Love is above all; and when it prevails in us all, we shall all be in Love with God, and one with another.” ~ William Penn, Quaker founder of New Wales (Pennsylvania colony)

        “If thou wouldst rule well, thou must rule for God, and to do that, thou must be ruled by him. Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.” ~ William Penn, letter to Peter the Great, the Czar of Russia, on July 02, 1698

        • @anonymous,

          The only not so crypto-jew is you.

          If Christopher Columbus were actually a jew, not only would his statues not been torn down or desecrated by maladaptive, Neo-marxist anarchists, but such activities would be considered “anti-semitic” and a “thought crime.”

          Do you have a Post Office Box? Your so full of shit that I would like to send to a pallet of laxatives.

          How do you manage to type such utter balderdash and rubbish, while bobbing on Slavoj Žižek”s phallus?

    • Lee didn’t have 3 million of his countrymen murdered. I thought you were a Christian?

    • @anonymous,

      STFU third sex spiteful mutant.

      The only statues in the USA that needed to be torn down are the one of Lenin in Seattle, the statue of tommi smith and john carlos raising black power fists on the campus of San Jose State University, and the Statue of Liberty.

  3. It’s cute how Catesby says that the Founders inherited an evil system but looked for to its abolishment. Oh gawd, how convenient. Sure, they looked forward to it just going away on its own, I guess, just not in their lifetime. After all, they could have abolished it when they wrote the Constitution, but didn’t, cuz reasons. Or if not then, what were their reasons for not outlawing any further slave trade, and forming a 50-year plan to gradually wean the country off of its dependence on slavery—gradually freeing and at the same time repatriating the slaves back to where they belong.

  4. Off topic, but critically important. If you are not buying Ben & Jerry’s ice cream now to support them boycotting Israeli settlements, you are an agent of international zionism, period.

    I recommend Cherry Garcia. You can afford one pint, how matter how broke you are and nothing else you eat this year will fight zionism.

    Breaking the support of white conservatives for zionism is one of our highest priories. We have a lot of influence. A lot of the normie conservatives secretly think we are cool and ape us. We need to be very visible supporting B&J right now. We can start to influence conservatives to see trolling zionism as cool and edgy. A lot of them are getting tired of Israel first talk and are primed for our message. But we must take this opportunity to criticize zionism when it is in the news in front of normies. We can’t distribute our anti-zionist activism randomly thought the year. It must all hit hard at the right moment.

    In before “B&J was founded by leftist jews so we should take the same side as powerful zionist elites.” Anyone too smooth brained to understand why this is the right strategy is also effectively a zionist agent. All large corporations that you all pay money to every single day fund leftist causes. Every single one.
    Only Ben & Jerry’s is confronting the zionist power structure in any way.

    • B&J is still owned by leftist Jews just like every other public company. All I can tell is they are not selling to Palestinians.

      Unilever PLC (GB00B10RZP78)
      Name Equities %
      The Vanguard Group, Inc. 51,443,000 1.96%
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    • @ATBOTL,

      Ben and Jerry’s gave many shekels to blm last year, and they continue to financially support that anti-white jewish golem.

    • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is a wholly owned subsidiary of Unilever Corp. and has been since 2000. Unilever is one of the most anti-White corporations there is. Their advertising is straight up anti-White all the way. Unilever has contributed millions to BLM and other anti-White causes. All big business is the enemy.

      Get a freezer and learn to make ice cream at home. It’s easy and you control what ingredients go into the ice cream and more importantly, what ingredients don’t go into the ice cream such as HFCS.

      Prediction: Ben & Jerry’s (Unilever) moves back into the West Bank after a decent interval and makes a “charitable” contribution to the ADL or a similar organization for their penance. Any bets I’m wrong?

    • “Breaking the support of white conservatives for zionism is one of our highest priories.”

      False. Zionism is a highly successful survival strategy. Conservative worms just need to switch their allegiance from jewish zionism to White zionism. But that won’t happen because their preacher tells them jews are the Chosen Ones.

  5. They will just put up massive statues of blacks instead. It’s obvious what’s going to happen. Big Black Gods to scowl over the whites.

    • The one that doesn’t bother me is the negro cook from Lewis and Clark expedition. They were all heroes and worthy of respect.

  6. Appeasement is impossible.

    As we know full well, it will not stop with the Honorable General Robert E. Lee, one to the greatest men the continent produced before or after the war. No, the Marxist feed on division and constant grievance to fuel their lust for total power.

    Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington and the rest of the founders are next in line after our Confederate Grandfathers get erased. And when they are gone the “perpetual grievance” will continue unabated. Mr. and Mrs White America they are coming for you!

    Make no doubt about it, we can deny it, run from the facts, blow it off and attempt appeasement, however they are coming for all of us. The end game is a box car ride to the camps.

    The South was Right, and here we are today witnessing the destruction of the Civilization they built, fought and died for wholesale. They knew! They new full well.

    ” It is said slavery is all we are fighting for, and if we give it up we give up all. Even if this were true, which we deny, slavery is not all our enemies are fighting for. It is merely the pretense to establish sectional superiority and a more centralized form of government, and to deprive us of our rights and liberties.”
    General Patrick Cleburne, CSA

    Rest in Peace General Cleburne, you sir had more courage, fortitude and wisdom in you little finger than 100 moderns combined.

    Wake up White America! Your extermination is being planned right before you eyes….

  7. “It goes without saying that these people are worthless.”

    These people are SHIT. Because they’re brown.

  8. Jefferson Davis didn’t “fight for slavery,” In a letter to his wife he said that slavery was doomed regardless of the outcome of the war. In 1864 he dispatched a emissary to Britain and France, asking if they would recognize the Confederacy if it moved to abolish slavery.

    Southerners saw no point in a union with abolitionists who proposed to end slavery with immediate emancipation brought about by race war. The cause of the war, purely and simply, was Yankee invasion motivated by the desire for political and economic domination.

    National Review, what a bunch of worthless cucks!

  9. Jews will crap all over whites, morning, noon and night just to avoid having to pay to blacks what is due to blacks. The wealth that black people complain they have been cheated out of is in the pockets of the Jews. Take from the Jews and give it to the blacks and leave whites out of it.

    • lol “…what is due to blacks.” – good luck getting your fellow kikes to donate any shekels to the schvartzes, Hymie.

  10. Jason Lee Steorts is a homosexual and the homosexuals are among the closest of allies to the Jews. Forget this party affiliation, left, right, liberal, conservative, non sense, it is the Jews versus Christ and Christians. And the homosexuals regardless of political affiliation are henchmen for the Jews, and enemies of Christ.

  11. The National Review is now a thoroughly disreputable, judaized publication. At least under Bill Buckley it occasionally dabbled in country club racism. I doubt NR would have called for the removal of Southern war monuments 40 years ago.

    Was the Southern Confederacy based on the origial Articles of Confederation?

  12. This is a good example that I can see of why I don’t care for the ‘conservatives’, the only thing they seem to want to conserve is cut throat capitalism and their privileged place in it. I believe Christianity is what should be defended by conservatives and the traditional family. Not to mention the positive achievements of western civilization.

    • The “conservatives” couldn’t even conserve two genders, how are they going to conserve anything else? The Republican Party and “conservatism” is just a marketing scam, a version of three card monte. The Republican voters always pick the wrong card, lose their money but are invited back to play again at the next election so they can lose again.

      The best you can do is not play at all. The Republicans and other “conservatives” cannot and will not stop the march of the Left, they may slow it down a little for a payoff but that’s it. The system has to collapse of its own dead weight. All the voting, constitutions, democracy, Republicans, “conservatives”, voting, voting, voting again and donating money to Trump cannot change this outcome, it’s too late. What comes next is what’s up for grabs.

  13. Where are all those proudly sons and daughters of the Confederacy? No irl protests? Not even nonviolent resistance and disobedience like Ghandi and baby boomer St.Martin Lucifer Coon?

    If it gets removed from Monument Avenue, my humble suggestion is to place the General Lee statue on HW’s plantation.

    • So many whites, now…have nonwhites in their families. There are white grandparents, who just surrender to the Mexican mixed grand kids, and smile, and rationalize that Mexicans are just another form of White.

      One pro-white guy said to me, how he was “sort of glad” that his grandchildren were part Mexican, because they will “be protected” and “get government help”. How can someone be pro-white and say that? He just laughed through the whole statement, that nervous, sort of ashamed laugh.

      They aren’t strong enough, to reject the son or daughter who paired up with a nonwhite and had kids. They aren’t strong enough to be called a racist, and take it on the chin, for the rest of their lives.

      There are very, very few families that have not mixed in some capacity now, and obviously, that’s the plan.

  14. Conservative INC. are no better than the Democrats. Both of them hate the South and want to see our entire heritage and history erased and replaced.

  15. Meanwhile capitalist Canada is erecting a “Memorial to the Victims of Communism” in the capital, Ottawa. Some of the contributors to the “buy a brick” donation fund are known fascists and Neo-Nazis.

    One of the memorial bricks is inscribed in honor of Ante Pavelic, another is for Mile Budak. Look those up, if you don’t know history.

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