Buck Breaking: Lil Nas X Goes To Prison In Hot Pink To Be Sodomized For His Next Music Video

It is a new progressive era.

When I was growing up in the 1990s, it was fashionable in the music industry to present black rappers as hypermasculine gangsters. The Jews who control the entertainment industry have apparently grown tired of that transgressive image and have replaced it with their new trope of black effeminacy.

New York Post:

“After weeks of hyped legal battles with Nike over his “Satanic Shoes” and backlash over his steamy BET Awards makeout session, Lil Nas X has landed himself in Montero State Prison.

Yes, the controversial 22-year-old rapper dons a hot pink prison uniform in the raunchy new video for his new song “Industry Baby.” (Warning: Don’t watch the clip above — which already has nearly 3.5 million views on YouTube as of Friday morning — if you are easily offended.) …

“I become 10% gayer every time I read a ‘we get it you’re gay’ comment,” tweeted Lil Nas X in response to the fan reactions.

He’s already promising an uncensored X-rated cut of the music video if he can get enough clicks and likes on Twitter. …”

The “new masculinity” is Lil Nas X in pink or wearing a dress and being sodomized by Satan or Pharrell Williams in a dress in GQ. Is Tariq Nasheed right about Buck Breaking?

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  1. This creature is very popular with the kids these days. This country has become a curse to the rest of the world.

    • Which is why I call our dominant culture Judeo-African beauuse Jewosh musical executive produce of all this Black rap. (The main consumers of which are White male teens)

  2. Africa may also be the darkest continent in the moral sense. One of the reasons why most subsaharan Africans never advanced beyond the stone age is that they’ve been too busy committing sodomy. David Livingstone and other nineteenth century European explorers and missionaries all encountered it. Kurt Falk, a German anthropologist who lived in the German Southwest Africa colony (Namibia) in the early twentieth century documented widespread, institutionalized sodomy, including cross-dressing and same-sex marriage in many southern African tribes including the “very fierce, martial” Zulus. In traditional Zulu “culture,” documented since the early nineteenth century, Zulu warriors may take young boys instead of females, and even marry them. In traditional Zulu same-sex weddings, that continue to the present day, boy-brides with false breasts wear women’s wedding garb; and more recently, they wear Western-style white wedding gowns.

    The mostly Trotskyist and fake-left capitalist “liberation” movements that succeeded colonialism in SA, Angola and other south African countries mostly repealed or did not pass anti-sodomy laws, unlike most socialist states, such as the U.S.S.R. which under Stalin, as soon as Trotsky was removed, enacted anti-sodomy Article 121, and meted out severe punishment beginning with five years hard labor in the mines.

    In 1949, the CCP enacted severe anti-sodomy laws for the first time in Chinese history, and today any history of sodomy or support for it is a bar to membership in the CCP. Even a history of cheating on one’s wife, or having a child with a drug abuse problem will bar one from membership. But in the U.S. having some of these immoral views and behaviors is considered virtuous, and is politically advantageous, especially for advancement in the Democratic Party.

  3. If anyone doubts that the US is circling the drain, they only need to look at this. This isn’t art, it’s insulting.

  4. He might have a limited point. But, this gay stuff is the way blacks really are. Overloaded testosterone and low intelligence means they are bizarre out of control freaks at the best of times. The Buck Breaking idea is a cope though. Whites just shooting a few blacks in executions and otherwise in public hangings would be a better way to get the rest to settle down than homosexual rape ever could. Rape would encourage justifiable revenge. Capital punishment can’t be avenged by the executed.

  5. Before this weekend, I promised myself that I would NEVER forgive Billy Ray Cyrus for cosigning this thing.

    After this weekend, I’m going to add a hundred more NEVERs to that.

  6. That Tariq Nasheed lunatic with his Twitter comments above is hilarious. Talk about a disgusting role he plays. This guy blames blacks for nothing. The guy doesn’t even distinguish between the individual Jews funding these videos and whatever else in many cases and general White people. Get a clue, homey.

    As if Lil Nas and his crew were not angling for this video? So Tariq, which is it? Blacks are just infants pushed around by the White man or do blacks get credit for anything on their own including demon worshipping homos and multi million dollar rappers?

    Talk about an utterly hopeless burn out Tariq is going to be. In 10 years from now blacks will still be leading in crime and degeneracy while this dude is talking about White executives or showing a video of a White guy saying racial stuff as he blows off the blitzkrieg of black degeneracy. All while Twiiter Dorsey is fine with this racial arsonist because he’s black.

    In the end blacks’ undoing is lower on average Iq which instead of hiding from, should be worked on. A history of African nations and Haiti involved in demonism and witchcraft; a disgusting communist agenda promoting hatred of Whites on television and the movies; 92% of blacks voting Democrat all the time no matter what.

    No difference between smarter blacks and hoodrats on the political party they vote for no matter how much their comical rants of ” don’t take the black vote for granted” is said. No, it’s the easiest vote to take for granted by far as Democrats know full well. That’s why our mush mouth ” president” says stupid and butt kissing comments to blacks all the time. “Gonna keep y’all in chains.” And he actually said that when his brain was still working relatively well. A disgraceful, con artist, Irish cat lick fraud.

    Nothing more gross than watching politicians with a handful of years to live or just shuffling around, perpetually stabbing our country in the back on the way out.

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