Tom Hanks Unveils Cleveland Guardians

I’ve never cared about professional baseball.

Hopefully, the trend of people tuning out of professional and college sports which have gone woke to appease progressive activists will continue. The MLB is woke now.

Note: The Atlanta Braves have to go next, right?

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  1. This is alright with me, but only because I don’t like the naming of sports teams after a cannibalistic, racial enemy that raped, tortured, and slaughtered white settlers.

  2. “Atlanta BLMs” or “Atlanta Antifa” next…

    The pitch … the hit … hold on … the Atlanta shortstop has sprayed a mace-like substance into the eyes of the runner going from 2nd to 3rd, the runner is blind, he can’t see 3rd …. now both benches are emptying and we have an all out brawl — pandemonium on the field… Baseball has never been so exciting…

    • Yes but the real question is how many of them were Catholic?! Lol

      Seriously tho changing a baseball teams name for microaggresions is the dumbest thing ever. Pretty sad actually especially when a large majority of American Indians want the name to remain but the sportsball elite ceos don’t care

      • Hopefully none. Btw, the Dolan family who got rid of the Clevelnad Indians are Roman Catholics. I think Paddy O’Assholes would be a good name for a Roman Catholic owned team. Really Greasy Dagos, and Polish Tards would also work.

        • Good to know about Dolan family didn’t know that. I remember my friend telling me most sports teams are owned by rich Catholics and heebs. Wonder if they change the basketball team Boston celtics with the leprechaun mascot Wonder what that would replace with

          Sportsball is fricking stupid anyway literally bread and ciruses to distract the soyim

  3. The jews are not only cancelling out the White race but any other race that has it name attached to a sport team. How about the Cleveland “native” Americans.

  4. I hate Tom Hanks most overrated shit actor in the world. I whince everytime someone mentions him. Him and stupid wife got the coronaflu first btw he’s very proud of that apparently

    I’ll watch his earlier 80’s films for nostalgia and toy story but any other Hanks films I will simply not watch if I see his name in credits

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