Hot Church Summer: Portland Antifa Have Begun To Target Local Churches

Well, at least it hasn’t gotten as bad here yet as in Justin Trudeau’s Canada. Eventually, these people will run out of monuments to topple and vandalize and will start setting churches on fire.

Note: Merrick Garland’s DOSJ will turn a blind eye to it. In our new progressive era, White people getting their comeuppance isn’t something that is protected and covered by the law.

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  1. The Jews hate Christ. They, the Jews, are the only ones who hate the innocent. The only ones on this earth. So when you see the innocent being attacked it is the handy work of the Jews. Christ the Palestinians the unborn, tell me their crimes, tell me why they deserve to be hated the way they are, tell me.

  2. I casually look at Yahoo News 2-3 times a week. I did not see information on these church attacks. Without this website I would have missed this news. I could write that if these were synagogues it would be national news and the FBI would be involved but that is obvious.

    I will share and spread this information to family and friends. If Catholic countries were ruled by Catholics there would be strong condemnations by our governments. I know Moslems and Jews would react strongly. In the United States I expect the Bishops to mildly protest or remain silent.

    I wonder if American protestants will protest if or when it is their turn?

    • @Cristina,

      I wouldn’t hold your breath at any type of resistance to old slaver Protestant churches in the South being torched by blm and fagtifa. They are full of hot air, a paper tiger, and their enemies know it. I wouldn’t be surprised, if some of them would find a ‘Devine’ message in their destruction.

  3. Churches being burned and not one word of outrage by the media or the Republicans but if 1 mosque or synagogue was set on fire, the shit would hit the fan overnight. The adl would be screaming antisemitism and demanding Biden use all resources to find the culprits.

  4. Shades of the Spanish Civil War. Next, if the historical record is any indication, they’ll be raping and murdering nuns.

    • There is a church in Portland that still does Latin mass. Of course the anti-pope decries this. SSPX I think is the name.

      • KT-88,

        I have attended the Latin mass before including a SSPX one. You are well informed. In Texas not Oregon. Oregon is a beautiful state. My family used to have some land there with timber rights.

      • Francis is a POS Marxist, and the trad-Catholics recognize his elevation to the Papacy was as illegitimate as the election of Zho Bai Din. Francis was installed to attempt the destruction of the Catholic Church from within. Just as Bai Din was installed to attempt the same with the United States.

    • @Dart – You should care. The demonic forces at work will not be distinguishing between denominations. This is just yet another brutal attack on Western civilization — that is, White people.

      • The Satanic papist church has nothing to do with White people. It is majority brown, is doctrinally anti-White, and has promoted race mixing for hundreds of years.

    • Dart- Take off the Romeaphobia blinders, and realize that, whatever your myopic sectarian opinion, the burning of Catholic Churches is an affront to Jesus Christ, Christendom, and TWENTY CENTURIES OF UNWAVERING WITNESS TO THE INCARNATION…

      Now, if all ‘xtianity’ to you means your Bah-BULL, JEbuss, and your own personal selfish ‘get into heaven’ pass card, then, no….. I suppose it wouldn’t matter to you.

      But, trust me. You won’t be going to meet God the Father, OR His Son, Jesus Christ, with that attitude.

      • Re: “the Romeaphobia blinders”:

        I call it the accurate understanding of the history and nature of Papism. This Southern Populist politician had it: “The Roman Catholic Hierarchy! The most damnable group of interlocking secret societies that ever met in darkness, and took hellish oaths to a compact of greed, and lust, and crime, for the sordid purpose of grasping uncontrollable power, boundless wealth, and a never ceasing supply of the most enjoyable women. These secret societies, the Society of Jesus, the Knights of Malta, the Knights of Columbus, Shriner Freemasonry, etc. which constitute the real machinery of the Roman Catholic Church, have the same sort of religion that Satan would have were he to take human shape on earth.” ?Thomas E Watson, “The Roman Catholic Hierarchy” 1915


        • Rumor has it that Tom Watson was the result of his father/grandfather and his mother/sister fornicating, and that his grandson was the kid playing the banjo in the film “Deliverance.”

      • Fr. John,

        That as always was a strong comment from you. Most people on this website understand that those church burnings are more than just anti-Catholic. The Enemy hates everyone on this website and beyond.—-Or I would not be here.

      • Papist temples have nothing to do with Jesus Christ (Papists don’t worship Him) or with Christendom, except that they are in total opposition to both. Destroying Satanic temples is an obligation of Christianity.

  5. Jewish golems are desecrating and threatening to burndown your God’s “house.” Where are the American Catholic crusaders? Has Christian with the “Armor of God” in defense of their faith gone extinct?

    Last summer there was some resistance to the feral humanzees of blm by Catholics in St. Louis to the desecration and uprooting of the statue to the Christian Saint that city was named after.

    • November,

      Some of us will do our best. As I have mentioned when I was Confirmed it meant I have to die for the Faith if necessary. The priests at the church I currently attend know this information and have mentioned it in the pulpit.

      • @Cristina,

        Perhaps, ‘rooftop Catholics’ will become the new trend? Though, I believe that everything in the decadent West are breaking down due to the role of the jews in controlling the mainstream narrative through all their media platforms and entropy of civilizations.

  6. @ the churches, should hire or form themselves, perhaps from their own congregation’s, security services/ protection, anyway it doesn’t really matter, the real church, is in the hearts of those, who love the lord, the devil and his sorry minions, can burn down every church across the land, we will meet and worship at people’s houses, parks, if we have too, we will go too the desert, the mountains, whatever, we will never stop loving our GOD, the devil has lost, his time is short, his judgement awaits, we fight for the honor of our lord and the souls of men.

  7. They have attacked churches and statues of the Holy Marry (!) already last year. They set the second oldest church in california on fire (oh, my bad, the cause of the fire was never determined) and destroyed it’s interior. It only made local news and without following some assorted people on twitter I wouldn’t have known.

  8. Agghhh we never have to say much. These imbeciles are doing our job for us………and doing it damn well!
    Grab your popcorn, and watch em go!
    As if attacking churches will somehow get the public on board. There’s but not a brain cell between them….

  9. Mainstream Christianity condemns “racism” and “white supremacy”, loves “Diversity”, is totally indifferent or hostile to White survival. Will mainstream Christians start realizing they’ve been programed and duped into supporting their own destruction?

    • @MOTS,
      Yeah I hear you. They’d happily accept a black trans former drug peddler if he promised to ‘repent’.
      They’re hardly fighting our fight.

  10. How is this any different than what Neo-Nazis are doing In “Khazarkraine” (U.S.-run Ukraine) – where the Nazis have been attacking Russian Orthodox churches, priests and parishioners, with the tacit consent of the U.S. coup-installed puppet regime, for years now?

    “Orthodox churches and monasteries are being destroyed, and priests and believers are being intimidated and humiliated,” the Russian foreign minister said. “Ten churches have been completely ruined in southeastern Ukraine and 77 have been damaged,” Lavrov said. “Three Orthodox priests have been killed, and many others have fled….”

    • Putin and Lavrov are philosemitic stooges for billionaire Ashkenazi jewish oligarchs. Do you think that some of us haven’t seen crypto-orthodox vlad putin genuflecting to audiences of wealthy jews on multiple occasions, and his recent comments condemning “anti-semitism” also known as connecting the dots?

      • November,

        Do you think this website would be allowed in China or Russia? I think the owner would be in jail in China and maybe Russia as well.

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