Breaking Points: Why A Left-Right Alliance Won’t Reign In Big Tech

Editor’s Note: H/T to Jack Ryan for the Farstar cartoon. It fits in nicely here.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s bill has made this clear. The Democrats are threatening Big Tech because it ISN’T censoring enough “misinformation” on the internet. Shitlibs love censorship.

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  1. The placard in front of him really said “Mr. Mark Zuckerberg”? That’s hilarious!

  2. You can get censorship only one way. Fire current workers who turned out hidden extremists and replace them with BLM and Antifa specialists.

    Of course hard work need to be properly rewarded so that million per year for dumbest screaming lunatic is not much to ask. Also, routing out misinformation is serious job, so every street nut need to employed.

  3. Big tech firms are tools of the intelligence agencies, so of course they will never be reined in.

    We can see why with the recent attack on Cuba. The American regime is agitating for Cuba to have “open and free internet,” which just means allowing American intelligence agencies to spread agitprop to the Cuban people on American tech platforms. Americans don’t have open or free internet and we aren’t even allowed to use any of these social media sites that the regime demands to be allowed in Cuba.

    • I think (((Zuckerberg))), like most YIDS, DOES want to REIGN.

      But yes, the misspelling was hilarious.

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