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  1. I have never known a Mexican or any other latin call themselves Latinix. Evidently these people have nothing better to do than to make up names and try to get others to use them.

  2. We just say beaner. Any beaner offended doesn’t belong here. Yes I have lots of beaner friends.

    • They can shop at El El Beaner, who is now catering to nonwhites. Instead of athletic or preppy whites, you see fat brown people wearing their clothes.

    • Be nice. You should say: “People of The Bean”. By the way, I like my rice and whole (not that re-fried shit paste they serve in those Monterrey style Cinco de Drinko restuarantes) black beans reheated in a skillet with sauteed onions and seasoned with a dash of Salsa Lizano served with scrambled eggs and pork sausage as much as any “Person of The Bean”.

  3. Niggras debating the finer points of linguistics and other languages. The absolute height of absurdity. Che would be laughing his ass off.

  4. There is no debate. White progressives and their buck broken brown pets use latinx. Everyone else, including real Latinos, think they’re retarded.

  5. Another garbage article, in the endless stream of petty nonsense, from the jew media.

    “by their shared culture of contempt for traditional values.”
    That gives them the highest standard of living in the world.

    “Cast not your pearls before swine, lest they turn and trample you”

    I thought everone learned that as a kid.

  6. hahaha crackerx, I love it and will drink to that. Wear that, as well as all their other lame slurs as badge of honor. I’m stealing that one. Cheers HW. Strangely the black female presenter dresses like a White woman, uuuuuuuuh, something, something appropriation?

  7. More bullshit coming out of the communist faculty lounges from worthless liberal arts departments at universities across the country. Only college professor types or grifters with foundation grants worry about these things, just another made up controversy. The diversity consultants use it to extract money from big companies which pay up to be left alone.

  8. Mestizo. It’s not a hate word–yet. Does anyone remember Sailer’s blog post where he said a mestizo could be 100% Indian? He read a scholarly article saying Indians regard one of their own who leaves the village to work in the city as no longer Indian, but mestizo, because presumably when he lives in the city he will go with mestizo women. Sailer said he looked for more info on this, but there is little or no research on race or ethnicity because the policy is not to fund that research.

  9. Hispanics are not buying into this “Latinx” bullshit. You are talking about people who are more socially conservative than any in this mongrel proposition nation. Latinos know there are only two genders and they are not going to let anyone else define them. If only White people had the cojones of Hispanics, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

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