“Police Reform” Goes Into Effect In Washington State

I was never persuaded by Harold Covington’s case to “come home” to the Pacific Northwest simply because White people live there. Who are those White people? What do they believe? What if those White people don’t share my same values and culture? What happens then?

ABC News:

“SEATTLE — Washington state is embarking on a massive experiment in police reform and accountability following the racial justice protests that erupted after George Floyd’s murder last year, as nearly a dozen laws took effect Sunday.

But two months after Gov. Jay Inslee signed the bills, law enforcement officials remain uncertain about what they require, leading to discrepancies around the state in how officers might respond — or not respond — to certain situations, including active crime scenes, welfare checks and mental health crises. …

The laws, passed by a Legislature controlled by Democrats and signed by a Democratic governor, constitute what is likely the nation’s most ambitious police reform legislation. They cover virtually all aspects of policing, including the background checks officers undergo before they’re hired; when they are authorized to use force and how they collect data about it; and the establishment of an entirely new state agency to review police use of deadly force. …

The measures ban chokeholds, neck restraints and no-knock warrants, and limit the use of tear gas and military equipment. Inspired by the officers who stood by in Minneapolis as their colleague Derek Chauvin pressed a knee to Floyd’s neck, they require officers to intervene when a colleague engages in excessive force and to report misconduct by other officers.

They restrict when officers can engage in car chases; make it easier to decertify police for bad acts; make it easier to sue individual officers; and require police to use “reasonable care” in carrying out their duties, including exhausting appropriate de-escalation tactics before using force. …”

Seattle is the land of CHAZ/CHOP now. It is a place where mathematics is considered racist and where people die in heat waves because air conditioning is considered taboo.

Seattle has been steadily dismantling law enforcement since 2012. In what is known as “lateral transfers,” there is a mass exodus of police officers going on there to other cities. The murder rate was up 41% last year. Seattle just experienced its deadliest June in over a decade. Murder was up another 125% in June over last year. The city is being overrun by camps of homeless people like Portland and Venice Beach. Led by Seattle, Washington State set a new murder record in 2020.

In response to this spike in violent crime, the Democratic legislature in Washington passed a dozen anti-police bills which were signed by Gov. Jay Inslee. “Police reform” went into effect in Washington on Sunday. The reforms ban chokeholds and no knock warrants. They prevent the police from using tear gas to disperse violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrations. They also restrict when officers can engage in car chases which has created confusion about how police are supposed to do their jobs.

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  1. Liberals are locusts . After destroying their former territory they move near you. This is happening all over the planet and even in “conservative” Eastern Europe.

    So sooner or later all white territories must figure out what to do with our fellow lunatic white population. In Hungary there is a little mess right now because of their new law about sexual deviancy and with protests , the sad fact came out. Approximately 90% expats are very liberal western whites who moved to Hungary, enjoy comfort of 100% white society and in the same time spending every minute to destroy it.

    So we all need one big divorce.

  2. Police forces should be minimal (in numbers) and fully public, fully community-based, subject to local election and recall/dismisal. They should be strictly peace makers, not monthly QUOTA makers. This change cannot happen in capitalism. Some temporary reform is possible, but police work cannot change fundamentally, and after a period of reform, fascist/fascistic police enforcement will return and double-down with a vengeance.

  3. Seattle (area) is fucked. Worse yet, they’ve brought in even more monkeys to fill up all the political seats. Tired of electing American niggers to local office? Hey, have some Hmong (basically asian nigger monkeys, they even use shamans) and some Somalian bitches! One of the Somalian bitches threatened to blow up a school bus a few years back (supposedly a mental health breakdown), but now she’s running for county council because the media refuses to cover her indiscretions.

    All of the non white dreg running for office are literally reading off minor variations of the same Jew script: equity, equality, pour more money into worthless transit so Tyrone can take the bus to your exurban home and rob you while raping your daughter, build more apartments (for Tyrone), home ownership assistance (for pajeet), pander to the homeless.

    And you can’t really escape by going rural. They’re working hard on getting rid of that option. Example: Siskiyou County in far north California? Home of “Jefferson State” and all that? I recently read an article that this county of around 45k people has gotten the gift of 1000 Hmong refugees, who apparently spend their time doing illegal marijuana grows in the national forests. When government cracked down and demolished some of the grows, the Hmong monkeys literally hired a lawyer to complain that it was racist to target their illegal grows for eradication.

    Bottom line. No where left to run, white man. Your back is against the wall. There is no where they won’t pop in a couple hundred aboriginal monkeys and turn your life upside down.

    • “I was never persuaded by Harold Covington’s case to “come home” to the Pacific Northwest simply because White people live there”

      Amen !
      Retreat isn’t a winning option, especially among libtards.

  4. Washington isn’t nearly as white as people imagine it. There are a metric ton of Latin Americans all over the central part of the state. They don’t vote but they’ve left their mark on the region. There are also boat loads of Indians coming over every day,

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