Breaking Points: NSA Confirms It Unmasked Tucker Carlson

This was labeled a “conspiracy theory” by the “journalists.”

In the name of fighting “fascism” and “authoritarianism,” the intelligence agencies are unmasking private citizens on behalf of the Biden administration and leaking their emails to “journalists.” The “journalists” then deny it is happening and ignore the story when it turns out to be true.

Note: Isn’t it interesting how the “intelligence community” and the “journalists” and the Democratic Party all seem to blend together and act as a cohesive unit to shape and push narratives?

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  1. Speaking of surveillance a grad student was kicked out of UCLA for having attending Charlottesville. Next it will be banking then buying food as we are deplatformed and readied for extermination.

  2. Seems like a publicity stunt to give Tucker credibility. A lot less convincing than having the mob of nigger lovers pounding on his door.

  3. The ADL

    Leo Frank

    Mary Phagan’s corpse



    Dancing Israeli Art Students 9/11

  4. Of course, the faceless shitlib bureaucrat who unmasked him will not be exposed; no god damned (((fed))) scum is ever held accountable for any outrage they commit, let alone any agency, since the suddenly-demure judenpresse turns a blind eye while howling with laughter inside,

  5. The system only pretends to be shutting down the right. It is much more concerned about shutting down the true left. Tucker Carlson will never end up in the U.S.’s REAL gulag like Julian Assange, a subject Carlson carefully avoids.

    Here, a very brave anti-imperialist woman, Rhania Khalek, explains how the system has deplatformed, cancelled, libeled, “exposed” and threatened her:

  6. Tucker Carlson is part of the Zionist establishment that rules us. If he was really a problem for them he wouldn’t be allowed near a TV studio.

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