Liberal Larry: Table Manners Are Racist!

Progressive activists recently discovered that “racism” in this country is worse than anyone ever thought. It is baked into the “structures” of society. It is deeply embedded in the system. The list of things which are structurally racist is expanding at a rate faster than the speed of light.

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  1. Larry is lovable…….. 🙂

    We should copy his style……parody goes a long way. There’s great potential on YouTube and other sites for us, if the methods are right.

    We’ve been too serious, too direct.

  2. Larry is so right, WHITE folks are so overly restrictive of their children’s behavior.

    I’d encourage ppl to teach their kids ghettoquette, with an Ebonics accent.
    In public places, run around like a monkey, call women ‘dat bitch’, use the ubiquitous ‘mofo’ etc. And the instant anyone complains, call them ‘a GD mutafkn racist’.
    Tell them ‘yo chil bein raised to be a no racisss em diversity chil’.

    They want diversity, we can give it to them , by the acre.

    WHITES are too polite !

  3. The claws and fangs of our Anti-White enemies become more and more transparent: Every last shred of White culture and history is “racist” and has to go. “Anti-racist” is a code word for Anti-White.

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