Former Sen. Barbara Boxer Mugged In Oakland

We’ve been watching the crime wave building up to this in Oakland for the last month.

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    • She did more damage to the United States than the Rosenbergs. Shame Jews are exempt from Treason laws now.

    • Maybe she was pursuing her new career as a streetwalker. Plenty of that going on in beautiful Oakland.

  1. Chimp attack Primate Keeper at the zoo.

    Don’t rejoice too much though because sadly, sadly sadly she will just end up saying she got mugged and we shouldn’t make a big deal about such things.

  2. This story is like the ones you see occasionally on TV where some guy buys an exotic, dangerous, illegal pet then the thing bites him. One of Barbara’s exotic pets just bit her but only lightly. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

    She won’t learn anything significant from this episode, she is full of bile and hatred for White people.

  3. “KT-88
    JULY 26, 2021 AT 8:18 PM
    Who steals phones? Calling bullshit.”

    I respond:

    In my 40 + years of Chicago and New York City urban experience, I’ve only been successfully robbed once and yes I was robbed of my smart phone.

    There are specific smart phone robbery teams that target citizens on public transport. One person robs the victim, the other person interferes with anyone trying to catch the perp.

    So yes, there most definitely are smart phone robberies in the bay area and throughout urban America which is now falling down to late 1980s levels of crime and racial resentments, BLM takeovers.

    • I remember this was a frequent occurrence when Apple’s I-Phone first came out. Robberies of people’s I-Phone’s was so common in the NYC metro area that the Negroes even had a name for it, ‘Apple picking’.

    • I remember back in the day when I worked at a fast food joint I was walking back to the store and the doors of the cell phone store next door suddenly opened and two young jiggers ran out, eyes wild and red like stampeding cape buffalo, legs pumping as their shorts hung low, doo-rags flapping in the breeze.
      Then a young White dude cam shuffling out, tapping furiously at his iphone. He had a scraggly bumfluff goatee attempt, little manboobs and a burgeoning pot belly.
      “What’s the number for security? They just ripped off a frickin’ iphone!” he complained in a whiny voice.

      I just shrugged and headed back into the kaffer chow factory.

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