Joe Biden Addresses His “Intelligence Community” Supporters

Why wouldn’t Joe Biden support the “intelligence community”?


“You’ve served the American people no matter which political party holds power in Congress or the White House,” Biden told staff at the ODNI. “It’s so vital, so vital that you are and should be totally free of any political pressure or partisan interference. It’s basic. And I want to be absolutely clear that my administration is getting us back to the basics.”

“I’ll never politicize the work you do. You have my word on that,” he added. …”

Have you ever noticed that what these people say is 180 degrees at odds with reality? We live under “white supremacy” in which blacks are “marginalized” and “oppressed.”

The so-called “intelligence community” worked tirelessly to subvert Trump on behalf of the Democrats from before he even won the 2016 election. It continued through the infamous Steele dossier through the Russiagate hoax through his second impeachment over the Ukraine phone call to ignoring Antifa rioting all over the country to hunting down and arresting his hundreds of supporters after the Capitol Siege and branding all of them “far right domestic extremists.” We don’t have to like Trump to perceive that the “intelligence community” was completely politicized and weaponized against him.

Note: Along with the U.S. military, the “intelligence community” needs to be defunded and outright abolished because it has become nothing more than a weapon that is controlled by the political establishment.

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  1. Dementia Joe is their ideal President. He was stupid and corrupt to begin with but now with his mental decline he is even stupider and easier to control. Any time the so-called “intelligence community” decides it’s time for Dementia Joe to go away they will just have the NYT, Washington Post and WSJ run stories about how their reporters are shocked, shocked to discover Hunter Biden may have been involved in something underhanded and illegal.

    Dementia Joe will be clueless but “Dr.” Jill, being one of the finest medical doctors in the U.S., according the distinguished editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, “Dr.” Whoopi Goldberg, will get the message. If “Dr.” Jill balks there will be more stories with threats of prosecution this time. Shortly after the second set of stories about Hunter Biden’s corruption Dementia Joe will announce his resignation because of something called “ill health”.

    Once Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President it’s look out below, the country will crash and burn for sure. Cackling Kamala can blame her problems on racism all day and all night but it won’t matter, she will go down in flames along with the other scumbags in the government as the country flops over into failure mode. There is no stopping it now, things have gone too far.

  2. None of these institutions do anything for the citizens of the nation they;re supposed to defend. They’re pawns of the oligarchs looking to fight foreign wars and persecute the citizens they’re supposed to defend.

  3. “ever noticed that what these people say is 180 degrees at odds with reality?”

    You could never say that enough.

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