Liberal Larry: It’s Time To Mask Up Again!

It has been a miserable two months.

Life appeared to be returning to normal. It seemed like most people were getting vaccinated and moving on with their lives. The CDC had said that vaccinated people didn’t have to wear masks anymore outdoors. The Delta variant has answered Larry’s prayers to Mother Earth.

X Mas came early this year! Thank you, Joe!

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  1. Someone I know, a computer engineer, who worked in China about ten years ago – the only American working among all Chinese people, so he was completely immersed in their culture – says he learned in China if you have caught a cold it is a “social requirement” to wear a mask at work, or other places in public where you could spread it. Anyone who doesn’t wear a mask is considered to be a very impolite or bad person. Under the social credit system that has been introduced since that time, non-mask-wearing would probably be an occasion for social credit loss. So there you see the difference between Confucian community-centered values and American Self-centrism.

    This “Liberal Larry” satire is a little red meat, that your anti-mask, anti-vax, Plandemic conspiracy theory convinced readers are hungry for – some of whom might also enjoy a skit ridiculing the healthy practice of teetotalling that is called “virtue signalling” by ethanol partakers. Advocacy of the prohibition of alcohol and other anti-drug laws, including “no smoking” anti-tobacco rules, seat belt laws, the lowering of speed limits, anti-abortion, anti-divorce, anti-adultery and anti-pornography laws, and dress codes, is also called “viirtue signalling” by those who value their own personal pleasure above all else. This sick “nation” trusts in the Almighty Dollar and ignores God’s commandments as well as rules of public hygiene.

    • Fuck China, and Confucianism.

      This isn’t about consideration. And the people coercing us into compliance regarding masks and vaccines aren’t part of any community of mine.

      There are no small number of White working class people that aren’t of a mind to be bent over on it either. Thats my community, not some yenta bureaucrat who has been head of the CDC for a couple months now and drifts like a windsock which ever way the New York Times blows.

      Also, teetotaling is gay. If you can’t control your drink, drink less. Abstinence isn’t self discipline, its just faggotry masquerading as virtue, like pacifism.

  2. People are getting sloppy thinking the vaxx is effective. I really appreciated the improved sanitation but we are going back to normal fast. If the vaxx works I’m guessing it’s weakly effective at best. Better just to say no to Jew Goo. Why would you trust a government that wants to kill you?

  3. You want comedy, here is real comedy:
    Note the satanic drag queen invited to read books to children at the Michele Obama library; Bojo at 10 Downing Street all decorated with “rainbow nation” LGBTQ symbols; a U.S. military gay wedding in uniform; and Russia not being allowed to be called Russia, because it is anti-LGBTQ among other “unforgiveable sins” – all real, high comedy!

  4. Never wanted to agree with a cuck like Cruz, but he at least understands whats going on here.

    “the Democrats have, from the beginning of this pandemic treated it as a matter of politics from the shutdowns we saw all over the country, to the schools that were closed and the kids that were hurt, to the jackbooted thugs that went persecuting people of faith who were going to church. We saw a political agenda instead of common sense to keep us safe.”

    Not sure why its so hard to understand for folks on the dissident right, Covid was a political Psyop. It was never a serious disease. This was a strategically weaponized pandemic of a barely ever lethal virus that was used to destroy Small businesses, erode civil liberties, and establish a set of state mandated products that we now have to consume without asking questions. Vaccines, tests, and soon, tracking apps to gauge social compliance with this new shibboleth “vaccinated”.

    This was done to hurt Trump. Of course he fumbled it, any boomer would because they aren’t prepared for the perfidy of the modern left and are easily blindsided.

    It was also done to consolidate power and implement a social credit system, which we will defacto have once the vaccine passports are mandated or forced through by “private companies” implementing policy on the governments behalf to circumvent the constitution.

    Guys like Cruz are in position to capture all the backlash momentum and redirect it into ziosafe outlets. Should have been White advocates in that position.

    Missed opportunities

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