New York Times “Journalist”: Trump Supporters Are “Enemies of the State”

You are “fascism” and “authoritarianism.”

You are a “legitimate national security threat” for opposing progressive activists.

Note: Most of you don’t support Trump. It is not like these distinctions matter to woke shitlibs though.

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  1. It is all a cover for the “states” involvement in the releasing of the coronavirus. It was not China or Wuhan Lab. Fauci admitted, the spike protein is not natural occurring and the spike protein was created in a lab in North Carolina. Fauci is on tape admitting to it. This January 6 stuff is just hide the truth from the American people.

    • ….and they want you to take a “vaccine” that makes your body produce this unnatural protein.

  2. It looks like someone smacked her face in with a frying pan. She works for CNN so she is a prostitute but thinks she’s a “journalist” She does what her masters tell her and that’s demonize anyone that was there, except for the fbi and the cops that escorted them in to the capital.Those she will give a pass to.

  3. These people just seem to have this idea in their heads that what they think about things, is just the way things are . The fact that outside of their own progressive bottle filled with to quote Orwell, smelly orthodoxy, their opinion mean nothing to anybody else, is amusing to behold. Her opinion ain’t worth nothin..

  4. 1965


    9/11…Dancing Israeli Art Students

    The Democratic Party=THE ADL=13 year old Mary Phagan’s Corpse=Leo Frank=The pederast party…

  5. Another ugly whore of a “woman”, who instead of practicing whatever in her own country (China), comes over here to help the enemy attempt to destroy this country.

    • Yep, that ugly pan face gook taught English in China for years and she never said a word about the corrupt communist Chinese govt because she knows if she did ,she would be dead.

    • She is not a real American. She is not White and that is the source of her rage. She belongs back in China with the rest of the Chinese in the U.S. and Canada.

  6. Typical,
    All you’ll get from NYT is a deluge of propaganda.
    “How to teach your children not to be racist”
    “The economy will collapse under Trump presidency”
    “Is your child being radicalized by WHITE extremism”

    On and on, the sewage is endless.

  7. Dang, I guess the next obvious solution is prepare the re-education camps and the box cars for all those evil White Conservative People. Right?!

    We all know that those Evil White Conservative Christians are totally hopeless and we can not, and must not have them voting for another Donald Trump or someone worse.

    A proper Marxist Utopia does not include those nasty White People with their outdated ideas of freedom, independence, individualism and free market economics! We could make an exception of a few White boot lickers, or coarse.

    NOW is the time comrade! Now is the moment to exterminate the evil White Man…..

    The Republic is OVER…. done, toast…..

    The South WAS and IS Right…


    • If the South, when sovereign, had started a program to repatriate Africans we might not be where we are today.

  8. These god damned commie scum – the kikes and all the other enemies of the White race – are going to keep pushing, going to keep running their fucking mouths, calling for & gleefully cheering on the oppression of sane, normal Whites by the usurped, illegitimate Washington perma-regime, until their victims at long last rise up and butcher them.

  9. @ A free and righteous people, will always be a threat, to corrupt and evil gangsters, such as, this illigitimate administration, that currently holds the reins of federal authority.

  10. Is that creature female? Looks like a relative of Genghis Khan, the most successful rapist and mass murderer in all of history.

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