Minneapolis Will Vote On Abolishing The Police In November

Minneapolis is ground zero of our new progressive era. It was there where the spark was lit and the glorious revolt of the “racial justice movement” began against “white supremacy.”

In retrospect, we can see that the firestorm that started there after the death of George Floyd and which sparked the worst riots since the late 1960s across the country has precipitated the collapse of the police and an explosion in violent crime in all of these big cities. No one could have seen it coming!


“Minneapolis city officials voted Friday to approve the language of a ballot measure that will ask voters in November whether the city’s police department should be replaced with public safety department.

The Minneapolis City Council approved the ballot question language, which will be presented to residents in the municipal general election on November 2, 2021.

If approved, the Minneapolis Police Department would be eliminated, and a new Department of Public Safety would take its place.

The public health department would take a “comprehensive public health approach to safety” and include “licensed peace officers,” according to the proposal. Essentially, the measure would also remove the police chief and the mayor’s power over the agency, the proposal states. …

Yes 4 Minneapolis has called on city leaders to “move away from violent policing to create a department that addresses community safety holistically and with a public health approach,” according to its website. …”

How are we doing?

A few months ago, Minneapolis was on track to shatter its record as Murderapolis which was set back in the 1990s.

CBS Minnesota:

“MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis police say the city has reached its 50th homicide of 2021 following the death of an assault victim Monday. …

There were 42 homicides in Minneapolis at this point in 2020. The city appears to be on pace with the body count racked up in 1995 — the year the city was dubbed “Murderapolis.” There were 97 murders in total that year. …”

MPR News:

“Violent crime surged nearly 17 percent across Minnesota last year, including a record number of murders, according to data released Tuesday by the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension …

Minnesota recorded 185 murders in 2020, up 58 percent from 117 in 2019. That broke the record of 183 set in 1995 when Minneapolis alone had a record 97 homicides. The report said 75 percent of the state’s murders last year were committed with guns, up from 69 percent in 2019. The homicide “clearance rate” was 65 percent of cases resulting in arrests, in line with 64 percent in 2019 but below the closure rates for 2016-18.

Other significant trends included a nearly 54 percent increase in arson to 710 fires after several years of declines. Motor vehicle thefts rose nearly 20 percent to 13,662, the most since 2005, amid a surge in carjackings. Bias crimes hit the highest number in 15 years, with 223 incidents reported, and 41 percent were motivated by bias against Black people. The value of property stolen jumped nearly 55 percent to $216 million, with big increases in thefts of food, grooming products, cash and vehicles. …”

Crime is surging all over Minnesota.

Yahoo News:

“The crime spike in Minneapolis and St. Paul has been well documented, but homicides in the rest of Minnesota have also jumped dramatically.

Driving the news: The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension released its annual crime statistics for 2020, reporting an all-time record of 185 homicides.

Homicides reported by Minneapolis and St. Paul police departments increased from 69 in 2019 to 114 in 2020, a rise of 65%.

But homicides in the rest of the state — removing Minneapolis and St. Paul’s totals — also increased, from 48 in 2019 to 71 in 2020. That’s a jump of 48%. …”

Behold, the result of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

The Center Square:

“(The Center Square) – A record 185 Minnesotans were murdered in 2020 – an increase of 58% over 2019’s level of 117 homicides, according to data from the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Violent crime increased in Minnesota in 2020 by 16%.

2020 broke the Gopher State’s all-time homicide record of 183 in 1995 when Minneapolis was dubbed “Murderapolis.” …”

As we have been saying, the Democratic Party is centered on the toxic relationship between the woke professional class and blacks. The former is so consumed with self loathing and White guilt that it is incapable of maintaining the basic functions of civilization out of deference to their black gods. The latter is so infantilized and coddled and shielded from criticism that its worst impulses are unchecked. Criminals are allowed to run wild even when they have committed serious crimes like murder.

We live under systemic antiracism. This is why Jacob Frey comes out and grovels like a baby before the mob and the spirit of anarchy is running so strong that the police are giving up because they are incapable of doing their jobs. The mob was so emboldened and the willingness to enforce the law and maintain order so enfeebled by “antiracism” that it burned down a Minneapolis police precinct. The Minneapolis riots were even blamed on “white supremacists” who were disguised as Antifa.

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  1. Abolishing the police entirely would be an improvement most places over current politically partisan policing.

  2. I know there’s the old saying “Be careful of what you wish for” but – as an accelerationst- hell yeah I would vote to defund the ZOG troopers.

  3. Yank their pensions too. BTW Detroit was much, much worse in the late 70’s. It appears the statistics have been altered too.

  4. We should encourage defunding police in all darkie cities … as we simultaneously encourage the restructuring of America into 4 or 5 new “Republics” … one for each side / group, ours being a very enlarged all white Confederate States Of America 2.0

    The only problem is, defunding police is an old NWO plan to have an excuse to send in the UN WHEN the porch monkey cities collapse. ( It’s called “Smart Cities.” )

    So, we should HURRY and get the CSA 2.0 conversation going huh?


  5. Until the Somalians start offing each other at record numbers . When that happens it will be racism because dey bez no poooolice in the black hood

  6. I couldn’t care less what Minnesota does. The suburban yuppies have spent decades looking down their noses at people in small towns, let them reap what they’ve planted.

    I’m not a big fan of the police anywhere, most of them have an attitude problem of one kind or another, but, they are a necessary evil to maintain a civil society.

  7. “Bias crimes hit the highest number in 15 years, with 223 incidents reported, and 41 percent were motivated by bias against Black people.”

    ^^ What exactly is a “bias crime” –?? And is not “41 percent” the minority of the totality of these “crimes”? Consider the countless number of REAL crimes committed against WHITE people by pos/poc that are not defined as “biased”!

  8. Even if “Red Scandinavian” Minnesota fails, PERU WILL be replacing its neocolonial fascist law enforcers with community-based “peace officers” – IF the democratically-elected (against powerful U.S opposition) Pedro Castillo socialist administration is allowed to proceed. The U.S. is using all its power to stop socialism from developing in Peru. The U.S.-backed fascist opposition in Parliament will do everything to stop the new constitution being written and any other legislation being passed, but as the leader of Castillo’s party said “Revolution is NEVER made within official parliaments, the revolution is made in unofficial parliaments, on the street, with grassroots organizations.”

    President Castillo’s speech at his months-long-delayed (by the U.S.) inauguration yesterday was VERY good: https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Progress-and-Social-Justice-for-All-President-Castillo-Vows-20210728-0013.html

  9. Blacks shooting blacks in Chicago………white supremacy.
    The slaughter in Rwanda in ’94……….white supremacy.
    Everything is Y man’s fault……..do ya dig?!

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