‘Blew My Mind’: New Portlanders Shocked By Gunfire

Don’t get the wrong idea.

In our new progressive era, it just gets a little rowdy at times in Portland.

They are passionate about “social justice” in Portland. This is especially true since the police began evacuating in droves. A third of the people who live in Portland want to “Abolish the Police.”

KGW 8:

“Portland, Ore. — Four people were shot in four separate shootings in Portland and Gresham over an eight-hour span from Monday night into Tuesday morning. All four victims are expected to survive their injuries.

The first shooting happened at 11:27 p.m. Monday in the area of Southeast Powell Boulevard and 107th Avenue. The victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. …”

They have some of the loudest voices on the West Coast in Portland.

They have murals of sacred blacks, vandalized churches, managed villages for legions of homeless people, a trashed downtown full of shit, piss and heroin needles, delivery service for human fecal matter, ruined historic monuments, CRT in public schools,plummeting real estate value and homicides are up by 800%. The mayor has had to move out of his condo out of fear for his life because Antifa have been emboldened enough to threaten to kill him.

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  1. I hear gunfire around my house all the time and I live in the middle of nowhere an hour from any major populations.

    Sounds of freedom. I’ve never felt safer knowing every person within miles of me is heavily armed and plans to stay that way.

    What a difference a little thing like zip code makes to perception

    • Shotguns going off all the time is a rather nice sound. It’s funny as that sound is all about context.

    • Again,
      The reporter starts wi the term ‘gun violence’.
      All the media in using this, it’s scripted.

      Uh, what happen to the truthful term ,’black violence’?

      The two sheapes that killed the paki in DC didn’t have a gun

      • They never tell the truth about the high crime rate of blacks. Never. They walk on eggshells to avoid “being racist”, by not telling the truth.

        If this world survives thousands of years into the future, history will show how the advanced race groveled to the stupid, backward one, and handed over the keys to the ones that don’t even look or act like they do. It will be perceived as insanity.

      • They like the term, “gunman”, too.

        “Gun violence” seems so funny, because a gun can’t commit a crime. It’s a tool. A weapon.
        It’s like saying, “Knife violence”.

  2. As a former resident of the area, back when it wasn’t a bad place to live in, I say Portland deserves all this, and more. There need to be consequences for stupid ideas.

    • The consequences haven’t even started yet, and not just for Portland. Things are going to get drastically worse quickly once the money starts going bad through rapid inflation. It will break down supply chains causing shortages of everything all the time, not just higher prices. When there is nothing left to loot and nothing to buy, even for those who have money, places like Portland all over the country are really going to collapse. Some of those places will end up being abandoned or with drastically reduced population.

      There is no stopping it now, it’s too late. Wait until Dementia Joe goes away and Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President, Yikes!

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