The New Republic: How Do You Convince People To Eat Less Meat?

Progressives are never satisfied.

In the 19th century, it was common knowledge in the South that there was a class of people who live back East who are “fond of novelties” which they conflate with “progress.” These people are anti-traditional in bent. They embrace change for the sake of change, NOT because change is better. It is also not enough for them to embrace change. EVERYONE must be forced to embrace the fad of the moment … whatever it is, like the thousands of new pronouns and genders which they made up over the past decade.

This was true before the Jews arrived en masse here. Southerners looked ahead with a nervous eye to the distant future beyond the contemporary debate over slavery. They saw slavery as only the “incident” or “occasion” of secession. There would doubtlessly be new cultural issues which would arise which the same agitators would use to continue to polarize and divide the country. As soon as the slavery issue was settled, a new -ism would emerge to take its place. Slavery would be the first to go. White supremacy would be the next target. This would be followed by an assault on patriarchy and then the family and then Christianity and finally government and our common culture would be shredded and would collapse into anarchy. Utopia would only finally be achieved when all the bonds that hold the social fabric together have been severed and lie in ruins and the sovereign individual had been “liberated” from all forms of “oppression.” Then we would be invited “to sing Fraternity, &c., over it, and to rejoice in the new remarkable era of human progress we have arrived at. It would be the dawn of a new progressive era.

You know, it is always something with these people. It really is a slippery slope. As soon as they got gay marriage, they moved on to “trans.” As soon as they started toppling Confederate monuments, they moved on to toppling all historical monuments. As soon as they started “punching Nazis,” they moved on to criminalizing the Patriot movement. As soon as they started censoring the “far right,” they moved on to deplatforming the president of the United States. The same busybody and control freak impulse which animates spying on your text messages and deplatforming you from the internet and hounding people into unemployment and now forced vaccinations will also meddle with your diet. They will also condemn you as “fascism” and “authoritarianism” – a powerless private citizen who is simply sharing your thoughts on the issues on the internet – while trying to micromanage every aspect of your life.

The New Republic:

“In early July, Spain’s minister of consumer affairs, Alberto Garzón, posted a short video on Twitter urging Spaniards to decrease their meat consumption. From a political communication perspective, it was flawless. He listed the many ways large-scale meat production and consumption harm humans, the environment, and animals, all backed by peer-reviewed science. He focused on reducing meat intake, not eliminating it—he praised nonindustrial livestock systems and family barbecues. He acknowledged that changing diets is hard for those without access to cheap, accessible, and diverse food choices. He explained that the government would launch food education campaigns and implement regulations to incentivize more sustainable diets. He even added a hashtag: #MenosCarneMasVida (Less Meat More Life).

Spanish politics exploded. While Garzón’s nuanced, well-researched message received some support (the number of Spaniards who claim to want to reduce their meat consumption is rising), several fellow politicians turned to juvenile trolling. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, of Spain’s socialist party, gushed about his love of the chuletón steak to a press conference, and Teodoro García Egea of the right-wing People’s Party tweeted out a picture of a grill packed with slabs of meat with the caption, “To your health.”

The affair brilliantly displayed the fraught politics of dietary change. The average Western diet—prevalent in Spain, just as it is in the United States and the United Kingdom—is high in meat, fat, and sugar, its production and consumption an environmental and public health disaster. This has been true for decades. But in the past few years, a growing chorus of voices have begun to call for major dietary changes in the interest of human and planetary health. The EAT-Lancet report published in February 2019 called for a global shift to a primarily plant-based diet if we are to keep agricultural production within planetary limits. The problem, however, is that actually changing what people eat is extremely difficult. Who should drive this change: individuals, governments, or corporations? Can a balance be struck between consumer freedom and regulation? And how can rational policymaking be squared with food’s significant cultural, nationalist, and personal meaning? …”

I’m bullish on forced vaccinations and vegan totalitarianism.

To riff off a phrase from Adam Serwer, the exercising power over you and not respecting your rights is the point. These people are simply incapable of leaving you alone and minding their own business.

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  1. Some of these hideously ugly, fat, blue haired landwhales you see in these protests for whatever, hardly look like vegetarians. They tell us to eat no meat when they look like they’ve just swallowed an entire elephant!
    Just another example of libtard hypocrisy.
    There’s a lot of obese people in the West. I agree with meat consumption in principle, but it should be in moderation, and combined with other food groups. Balance and moderation is the key.
    Many Americans you see on tv are heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and bowel cancer cases waiting to happen.

    • Every vegan I have ever known has been fat because they just eat sugar and industrial seed oil all day.

      • Indeed. My vegan liberal neighbor eats nothing but high carb breads and is a fat roly roly and is always sick.

  2. The Democratic Party will cause the collapse of American Society…

    Roaming bands of cannibals will be roaming the wasteland known as post-1965 collapsed American Society…

    Looking for a source of protien

    YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY I GOT MANCORN IN MY CANNIBAL TUMMY!!!!’ll be a pop tune hit. Top of the Charts!!!!


    Yakov-Kreutsfeld time!!!…Prion Time!!!…Bring it all on!!!


    • I would say post-1913 collapsed American Society. Maybe even post-1865. We have been on this path a long time.

    • @Patrick – I read the book, “The Road” (Cormac McCarthy), if that is what your reference is to; and that book would indeed be a very apt reference. It is the darkest, most harrowing and hopeless book I have ever read, seconded only by “On the Beach” (Nevil Shute). Both are guidebooks to a post-apocalyptic reality that will be a nightmare in which mere survival will be a life-long sentence in hell.

      • The Road movie did a very fine job of portraying the hopelessness and harshness of the book. I don’t think the boy would be such a soft creature if he had actually survived that long, though.

  3. I’m seeing the media narrative for forced vaccinations being laid already. The test case was about 1906 with a Norwegian immigrant that refused the small pox vax already having had the Norwegian version. He lost needless to say. Veganism less so but meat prices are about to skyrocket.

    • Roman Catholicism put up a very strong resistance to smallpox vaccination through the nineteenth century, resulting in millions of unnecessary deaths. In 1885, the deliberately un-vaccinated Catholics of Montreal, Canada and Quebec experienced one of the last major smallpox epidemics to occur in a Western nation. The superstition-crazed Papists physically attacked the constables and public health workers who tried to enforce the vaccination law, quarantine the infected, and carry away the dead.

  4. “They saw slavery as only the ‘incident’ or ‘occasion’ of secession”:

    I think they wanted to downplay the importation and breeding of African people for forced labour as merely “incidental,” when in fact it was fundamental to the system, and therefore to the secession.

    “There would doubtlessly be new cultural issues which would arise”:

    They wanted to downplay the importation and breeding of Africans for forced labour as merely a “cultural” trait, practice or tradition, just one of many cultural traits, practices and traditions that should be respected, when in fact it was a method of exploitation of human beings for private profit, analogous to the WAGE slavery of Caucasian people that prevailed in the northern states.

    “bullish on forced vaccinations and vegan totalitarianism”:

    I see far less vaccinations than there should be, and no access at all to the best, most effective Russian and Chinese vaccines. What I see that is forced is forced wage slavery, and tax slavery, in this “nation.”

    I don’t see any vegan totalitarianism, at all, but I DO see very unequal levels of human nutrition: the poor can barely afford to eat the embalmed, portioned “steaks” from Dollar Store freezers, while the upper class can easily afford the best steaks as much as they want, and all the best, most expensive food including certified organic and niche entertainment farm tourist-trap-priced produce if they wish.

    “there was a class of people who live back East who are (…) anti-traditional in bent. They embrace change for the sake of change, NOT because change is better. It is also not enough for them to embrace change. EVERYONE must be forced to embrace the fad of the moment (…) This was true before the Jews arrived en masse”:

    However long before the Jews arrived en masse there were already many rootless cosmopolitans, Talmudists, et al – from the very beginning of most of the colonies including New Amsterdam/NewYork and Santa Elena/South Carolina colony. Fad- and cult-following, “fashion” and change for the sake of change are mostly feminine weaknesses or tendencies, and women who follow fads and cults, fashion and change are generally led, or manipulated, and exploited, by men of a certain kind.

    On the other hand, from the beginning there were Quakers (some of my background) who were not pushing fads or seeking change for the sake of change, but did stir up the people against some kinds of injustice including slavery (though some Quakers kept slaves, but more humanely than most), and against inhumane treatment of animals (especially horses) and especially, against war – and don’t confuse non-pacifist Benjamin Franklin with Quaker-“ism”, he was only associated with Quakers in Philadelphia and in Pennsylvania’s PRE-war government.

  5. Asia is really going to need to prevent White people from moving there. After White progressives get finished making the west into an unlivable neo-feudal hellhole, they will all try to move on to Asia afterwards if they aren’t stopped. Just like they move away from the cities they destroy here. China would do well to start incrementally removing Whites from their country.

    • @Dart,
      I have absolutely no interest in living in China. I’m sure they’d never take me, and I want all Chinese removed from my country.
      I’d sooner die defending my own nation than move anywhere near Asia.
      Being pro white shouldn’t mean being pro Asian. They are NOT concerned about our future. Everything they ever do is a strategy to further themselves, not us.

      • Being pro-White does mean being pro-Chinese because they are the only potential competitor to the American empire. America must be displaced in world affairs or we will just continue along the same trajectory we have been since the 1930s.

        White elites just need to be completely removed from power everywhere.

  6. Tomorrow there is a DE&I meeting where they will be discussing Unconscious Bias. My wife has told me I am NOT allowed to attend for fear I would ask uncomfortable questions and possibly get fired. This ? infection is growing. Don Black said they will always push too far too fast and wake up normies. It is happening so fast that my brain hurts.

  7. Tomorrow there is a DE&I meeting where they will be discussing Unconscious Bias. My wife has told me I am NOT allowed to attend for fear I would ask uncomfortable questions and possibly get fired. This ? infection is growing. Don Black said they will always push too far too fast and wake up normies. It is happening so fast that my brain hurts.

  8. Well you don’t get people to eat less meat by showing them cringy tik tok videos eating bugs or cnn hosts creepily chomping down on a cicada

  9. It must be inferred that the Jews played a major role in the development of the Yankee belief system. Failure to recognize this is failure to recognize the magnitude of the problem. Proto-progressive fanatics like Hartlib, Comenius, Dury, didn’t come out of a vacuum, (ie, goys with a bible “figured it out.”) It must be inferred that the Jews have been involved with these people, directly and indirectly, for many generations.

  10. A hundred years back people in the rural south were very poor and couldn’t afford much meat. This accidental vegetarianism resulted in Pellagra, a nutrient deficiency. My garden is booming now and I have a lot of Summer Squash and Eggplant that I am eating daily, I feel remarkably energized after not eating breads, pastas, rice, potatoes for several weeks now. But I still have been making ground bison, fish, chicken breasts, Oysters, etc to add to the vegetables to make sure I get all the nutrients I need as I doubt an eggplant diet alone would be healthy for very long.

    I also do have to add I am disappointed that whoever produced some of these box store plants mixed up the varieties as some of the pepper and eggplant are bearing different fruit from what the tag said. Competence is declining in Generation Bastards’ New Woke America.

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