Poll: Joe Biden’s Policies Are Blamed For Inflation

Progressive activists have recently opened up like 25 fronts in the culture war.

There is more material to work with than ever on that front in the Joe Biden era. We barely have the time to touch on the old culture war issues like abortion and gun control and it is a struggle to keep track of all that is going on. These people are just brimming over with some pretty wild ideas like abolishing the police and ending immigration enforcement and forced vaccinations and establishing a Ministry of Truth led by the ADL to censor “misinformation” on the internet and “trans” and cracking down on meat eating and toppling monuments of George Washington. This country is also being Africanized and new woke monuments of sacred blacks are being erected in the public square.

What about the economy though? What about foreign policy? So far, Joe has resisted the temptation to send troops into Haiti. Joe’s biggest moves on this front are withdrawing some, but not all American troops from Afghanistan which the public supports. He has continued the Obama and Trump tradition of air strikes and selling weapons to OUR GREATEST ALLY no matter what they do to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. CNN is saying that the cost of literally everything in America is going up under Joe Biden and it is difficult to come up with a more damaging economic argument than that one. It is clear from the polling that inflation and rising gas prices and the steady creep of shortages are striking an economic chord with Independent voters that complements their cultural concerns.

What about the Delta variant? What about the January 6th insurrection though?

Note: A FOX News poll last month found that this was a big problem on the economic front for Joe Biden. Joe’s own pollster has also warned him that it starting to stick and cut into his approval rating. Maybe this issue is temporary and will fade though?

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  1. Shadowstats.com
    Runs the real numbers on inflation
    As they were calculated by 1980 gov method
    13.5% being the current rate of inflation.

    (‘Gun control’ is another kosher euphemism, the real term is ‘gun prohibition’)

  2. Inflation is a cruel tax on the people, who are being put in prison and worked as slaves for debts and fines they cannot pay. The moratorium on evictions is ending, student loans will not be forgiven, the remnants of public health care will be privatised, and I predict that Alabama coal miners, in the longest labour strike in Alabama history, five hundred of them protesting now in front of BlackRock in New York City will not win back the pay cuts and benefits taken from them:

  3. And we deride the native Americans for giving up Manhattan for some beads and trinkets. THOSE actually had value. We gave away our entire country for less.

  4. “So far, Joe has resisted the temptation to send troops into Haiti”:

    Joe is just being coy. The “Joe” administration wants to APPEAR to be hesistant about sending uniformed troops – while the proxies and special forces that were sent immediately after and even days before the “puppet replacement” operation are already hard at work, and arrangements continue to be made with U.S. allies to contribute troops to “stabilize” capitalism in Haiti, where Prime Minister Henry is taling about a “democratic” election and making all sorts of high-sounding populist-reformist promises that will never be kept. The Washington Post a main CIA amplifier is demanding that troops be sent. Yes troops are going, and they are already there. Haiti is run by a very small “White” (Talmudic) elite with names like Brandt, Braun and Boulos, with tight U.S. and other global connections who own over 90% of the wealth and all of the large businesses, assisted by a small mulatto bourgeoisie who own all the secondary businesses; and the APPARENTLY Black-run democratic government is their showpiece and puppet. It isn’t rocket science, does not require a high IQ, to figure out how the system works. The vast Black majority of Haitians KNOW and they don’t want ANY foreign troops on their land protecting and propping up the rule of their hated exploiters.

  5. It’s looking like the Afghanistan semi pull out is just the prelude to sending jihadists into western China. Same as with Iraq and Syria. The American empire is not going to cede ground without some larger strategic purpose, and the pivot to China is the explanation. Luckily, using jihadist proxies has had diminishing returns for the empire in recent years and China is hopefully competent enough to handle the situation.

    • That would jive with all the media concern over the Uighurs. They wouldn’t give a damn about those people unless it is for some self-serving purpose.

  6. Then they will turn around and send out more “stimulus checks” to people who aren’t working. Never mind us working folks, we don’t get them.

    So it’s really NOT about stimulating the economy. It’s another welfare handout.

    • Re: “they will turn around and send out more “stimulus checks” to people who aren’t working”:

      Regarding people being paid not to work in Biden’s populist-reformism: Pedro Castillo the first-ever socialist and indigenous president of Peru said in his inaugural speech yesterday “all young people who do not work and are not in school will have to go to the army.” No one but the old and sick will sit at home and be idle in Peru, and the expanded Peruvian military will buiild and maintain public infrastructure and provide social services instead of waging or preparing for war.

  7. “So it’s really NOT about stimulating the economy. It’s another welfare handout?

    BINGO !
    Welfare to the undeserving.

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