Brazilian Fortnite Streamer RaulZito Arrested Over Child Rape Allegations

I’ve never heard of this guy.

Who could have seen it coming though?

It is not like there were any warning signs that he was a sexual pervert.

Note: Does RaulZito remind you of a popular Breadtuber?

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  1. Sadly, Brazil has lots of child prostitutes and associated crimes.

    ( lots of Israeli involvement in pedo sex tours to Brazil.)

  2. Beware of freaks with cartoonish hair colors. Male or female. It’s a sure sign of severe issues.

  3. Got his shirt to hedonism on too. They always think that kind of cute statement is going to move anybody’s opinion of child molestation. Pink beard, really…. He reeks pedo ..

  4. The photo of it says a million words. It has kiddie diddler written all over it. I’ve never heard of it, but hope to never see it again. It belongs on DR.

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