Portland and Seattle Clear Homeless Camps

It is a new progressive era.

We’ve got soaring gas prices.

We’ve got drug overdoses at an all time high.

We’ve got camps and villages of homeless people.

We’ve got rising inflation making everything more expensive.

We’ve got collapsing police departments and an explosion of violent crime.

We’ve got an endless tidal wave of illegal aliens flooding across the border.

We’ve got world class cities like gleaming with graffiti and broken windows and the smell of feces and urine.

We’re losing our constitutional rights to free speech and free assembly due to violent street thugs, lawfare and government and corporate censorship and demonization by “journalists.”

Note: Can we hurry up and put Harriet Tubman on the progressive $20 dollar bill?

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  1. The Governor of Oregon just invited all the homeless to camp on public land. Maybe this is a city thing.

  2. Some 30 years ago the usual suspects turned loose the mentally unstable and disabled from their care givers and institutions. Shortly thereafter a massive homeless problem mysteriously developed.

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