Nancy Pelosi Orders Capitol Police To Arrest Vaccinated House Staff and Visitors Who Are Unmasked

Even if you have been vaccinated, you will now be arrested on the orders of Nancy Pelosi for refusing to wear a mask on Capitol grounds. The refusal to wear a mask and comply with the mandates of our public health experts is a known sign of “fascism” and “authoritarianism.”

Meanwhile in Washington, DC:


“(CNN) – A 6-year-old girl was killed and five adults were injured in a drive-by shooting in Washington, DC, on Friday night, officials said.

The incident happened shortly after 11 p.m. in the southeast part of the district.

In a video released by DC police, a silver or gray vehicle can be seen driving through the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE and Malcom X Avenue SE, and several gunshots can be seen being fired from the car.

The child was identified as Nyiah Courtney, according to Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee. …”

FOX 5:

“WASHINGTON – D.C police are searching for a killer after a triple shooting in Northwest Sunday afternoon.

It happened around 3:38 p.m. in an apartment building courtyard on Q Street near 1st Street in the Truxton Circle neighborhood.

Two men were killed and police say a third shooting victim walked into a local hospital with injuries that aren’t life threatening. …”

Washington Post:

“Markeith Muskelly, a barber who has spent half his 52 years cutting hair in Southeast Washington, has seen people get shot on the street outside the shop where he works.

Last fall, he saw a man die there.

Fifteen bullets fired.

The cracks of gunfire stick with him, the sound of a neighborhood under threat.

“It is like a rack of firecracker sounds,” said Muskelly, who works at Unique Cutz on Benning Road. “You go to work and you see someone get killed. How would it impact you?” …”

More people are actually being shot to death in DC these days than are dying of the Delta variant. The DC Chief of Police recently complained about the judicial system which is releasing murderers back into the streets. Will the same judicial system in DC go so easily on the vaccinated?

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  1. Next news is that maccinated persons will be arrested when they do not wear vask all the time.

    Donald Trump is the greatest warlord mankind ever had.. He pushed madness over the edge and now madness goes self destruct.

    This how stable genius and strategic retreat works.

    • If the shitlibs bring in vaccine passports, the red states should do the same but opposite. If you’ve taken the vaccine, you cannot enter govt buildings, clubs, grocery stores, and so on without a hazmat suit. Treat them like second class citizens just as they do us.

  2. Allegedly the vaccine doesn’t stop Covid. So why would you get it?
    Why would anyone trust them, since they want to get rid of white people?

    The mask doesn’t inconvenience me at all. But the idea that the vaccine could be something more than a vaccine does.

  3. The Masks and Vaccines do help keep the nunbers down. However the problem is Trump idiot was in office when the Vaccine was developed so naturally it’s not as good as it should be. I honestly believe the establishment believed most people would get Vaccinated by now aka when everything opened back up. However a bunch of anti vaccine nuts somehow took control of the Republicantard Party…so Covid-19 keeps on going. Well being a Nationalist with Socialist thinking…if I was President I would have all the anti vaccine crazies arrested. Always been crazy. However sadly I’m not President so Biden’s gotta crack down on the Sheeple and stop Covid-19 now. Maybe develop a better Vaccine. Deo Vindice !

    • @ mr.pace, you dare too end your post with ” deo vendice !” After what you just wrote, this us a sovereinty issue, my man !!!!!, Don’t you get it!? if you don’t have sovereignty over your own body, you have no sovereignty, over anything period……………

  4. This cannot end well. A government of gerontocrats scared about meeting God.

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