KOMO News: The Fight for the Soul of Seattle

This is an excellent documentary.

You will have to click through to watch it though.

As we enter a new progressive era, it just so happens that the West Coast cities most associated with modernism and its ideal of cultural liberation – Seattle, Portland and San Francisco – are spectacularly falling apart. The local news is reporting their relentless cultural decline.

Note: This is better than anything I could produce to make the same point.

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  1. The opening scene is almost too much to take. A young white guy hopeless and homeless going through heroin shakes in an alley. What has happened to our people. We are losing too many good people to hopelessness as those in power focus on bullshit like equity and diversity. This is not acceptable.

  2. COVID gave us lots and lots of ammunition to restrict bad, dirty, COVID and TV diseased migrants, illegal aliens.

    COVID gives us lots and lots of health reasons to clear out the “Homeless” (don’t use that name).

    Mentally ill, diseased people need to be relocated to places (camps) where they will get soap and water, mental health.

    As usual, Libertarian ways of thinking don’t work with teens of thousands of diseased mentally ill walking dead people.

    Franklin Roosevelt ordered ethnic Japanese Americans in to internment camp.

    Look around for a strong White man to clear out our cities. Government isn’t the problem.

    If you are around Libertarian BSers – dump them in an LA Skid Row.

    • Chicago has Marshal Winter. Daley put all the homeless on buses to Florida (which was awesome) back in the 90’s. The kvetching made the New York Times.

  3. Few problems exist in a vacuum, and our current social problems are among those which most certainly do not.

    We imported millions of people from the third world, whom we didn’t need, and who, in fact, we would have been better off without. They are a drain on our public coffers, and our “leaders,” I now realize, knew they were going to be a liability to the United States. We are now letting what will be millions surge across our southern border, and they will only make a bad situation worse.

    Our society is breaking down. Homelessness and drug abuse are rife, and we advance less talented favored minorities over our own people. While these millions imported from the 3rd world may not have caused the problems that beset us, with their dependency on government social services their presence detracts from our ability to satisfactorily address the problems of our own people.

    We elected fools and crooks to high office. We allowed a foreign people, inimical to us, to colonize our country, its government and its institutions and to subvert them in service to themselves, instead of to the country at large.

    It is no longer a question of if the United States will fall but when. I no longer care if that happens, my only concern being for the welfare of my family, friends and fellow European-Americans.

    • When the U.S. Government gets its nuts caught in a vise such as war for ‘Our Greatest Ally’ or for Taiwan, 7,000 miles away from the West Coast it will turn to White people for its salvation. The colored hordes and White boot lickers running things now under the watchful eye of The Usual Suspects are at best, on a good day, grossly incompetent and corrupt. The country is failing, it’s in a shambles and the ruling class acts as though it were 1960 when the U.S. stood astride the globe virtually unchallenged.

      White people need to realize that the U.S. Government, corporations, so-called “non profits”, universities and every institution in the country is anti-White. They want us dead, six feet under. The ruling class despises us and wants to replace us with third world hordes. When the country flops over into failure mode just let it go, don’t get involved, look out for you and yours and let the ruling class, their colored pets, boot lickers and Usual Suspects fix the problems they created over the past 75 years.

      It’s not our problem.

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