Krystal Ball Confronts Bernie On Joe Biden’s Failed Promises

Bernie is Joe Biden’s body servant now.

Stick a fork in him. Look at him. He is done. He has been housebroken.

I supported Democrats taking control of the Senate. It was important for them to control all three branches of government in order to prove to everyone that they have no intention whatsoever of moving on issues like student loan debt forgiveness or the $15 minimum wage or the public option in health care. It was all talk. The truth is that the Democratic leadership doesn’t support these things.

Note: It goes without saying that the same is true on the Republican side. They also exploit backlash politics and sucker and manipulate their own voters with promises that they have no intention of keeping. We’ve been saying that for over a decade now. Partisan politics makes you stupid.

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  1. Both parties lie to the sheeple. Something I thought you would have learned from Trump. It started long before Trump but that’s how they operate. Make a promise, break a promise.

  2. The two party system is nothing but a joke and a scam. It leaves Whites left without a voice and stranded in the dark. The Democrats forsake our people back in 1964 and Republicans have been doing it consistently in small ways. It’s time for a change.

  3. The current dichotomy of party politics in federal elections is a skinner box for mass manipulation.

    The legitimate political dichotomy is of the states against the federal government. This is already apparent with the gridlock becoming increasingly obvious in the biden admin.

    Any chance we can influence things, encouragement should be given to governors and state legislatures to defy the federal government. Regardless of party.

    Balkanization is our only good option.

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