Why People Don’t Trust ‘the Science’

Politicians, public health authorities, and many journalists demand that Americans trust “the science,” but “the science” is often not science but dogma. Soon after taking office, Joe Biden said his administration would “lead with science and truth.” Should we have expected fantasy and lies? Vice President Kamala Harris said:

The science behind climate change is not a hoax. The science behind the virus is not partisan. The same laws apply, the same evidence holds true regardless of whether or not you accept them.

This is true, but people don’t agree about what the “same evidence” means. What those in power want is for us to accept the truth as defined by institutions such as pharmaceutical companies, the Centers for Disease Control, the White House, and the office of the Surgeon General. Most Americans are not going to read clinical studies; even fewer can understand them. Trusting these institutions is an act of faith, and faith must be earned, not required.

If people undermine this faith, they become a threat. That is why there is such a panic about “misinformation.” This month, President Biden accused Facebook of “killing people,” though he later explained he meant people who use Facebook. The Surgeon General says “misinformation” is an “imminent and insidious threat to our nation’s health.” The White House and allied media including NPRthe New York TimesCNN, touted a report about the “Disinformation Dozen,” 12 people they blamed for spreading misinformation. The “Center for Countering Digital Hate” wrote the report, which shows the ever-expanding definition of “hate.” Naturally, some want the “dozen” deplatformed immediately. “Critical thinking, as we’re taught to do it, isn’t helping in the fight against misinformation,” explained one op-ed in the New York Times.

Generally, I’m not a vaccine skeptic. I think COVID-19 is dangerous. However, that’s not the point. Deplatforming would show that there really isn’t much difference between the state and social media. It’s even worse to claim that muzzling anti-vaxxers is fighting “hate.” The government and Big Tech getting together to decide who can and can’t speak worries me more than COVID-19. There will be bias. Black attorney Ben Crump, who is suing vaccine maker Johnson & Johnson over talcum powder, will not have to worry about being deplatformed. The White House will not say his claim — whatever the evidence — that a pharmaceutical company made a dangerous product is “hate.”

Censorship doesn’t look good when the Administration changes its advice. Two months ago, President Biden told vaccinated Americans they didn’t need to wear masks. Now, he must convince them to put them back on. The Centers for Disease Control are not publishing the data experts need to analyze the new policy. According to Pfizer, the immunity provided by the company’s vaccine declines by about 16 percent in six months. Scientistsdisagree about whether “booster” shots will be necessary. Those vaccinated may still be able to spread the disease, particularly as new variants develop. Whatever “the science” says today, it may say something else tomorrow.

Confusion about this is natural. COVID-19 is poorly understood. “The science”should change as knowledge increases. In a competent country, policymakers could say that there are no perfect solutions, but give us the best available information so we can make choices.

In America, ideology trumps science. We don’t even know where COVID-19 came from and may never know. Some scientists warn that “rhetoric around an alleged lab leak” could fuel “online bullying of scientists and anti-Asian harassment in the United States, as well as offending researchers and authorities in China whose cooperation is needed.” This sacrifices knowledge to politics.

What people call “science” is becoming closer to revealed truth. A recent studyof “antimaskers” found that it was “empirically false” to say they were “data-illiterate or not engaging with the data.” They read reports and reach their own conclusions. The study, partially funded by the National Science Foundation and the Social Science Research Council, concluded that data are a “battleground” and suggested — astonishingly — that supplying more data might undermine “mainstream science.” In fairness, the study also said that experts should emphasize their own uncertainty. The failure to admit that they don’t have all the answers “has contributed to the erosion of public trust in science.”

We don’t have modest, self-aware government, corporations, and public health authorities. Instead, we get more dogmatism. Home DepotGoogle, Facebook, and Netflix, require or will require vaccinations: Get the jab or lose your job. President Biden is reportedly mulling a vaccination requirement for federal workers. “Vaccine passports,” or proof of vaccination are already sometimes required before you can enter a business or travel abroad.

How much does the federal government really care about our health? Thousands of illegal immigrants are entering the country through the southern border, even though the border with Canada remains closed. Some illegals tested positive, but a Catholic “charity” sent them to local hotels and didn’t bother to notify local officials.

The Lancet reports that obesity (“another ongoing pandemic”) makes COVID-19 worse. Where’s the media campaign to reduce obesity, which increased over the last year? Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene may haveoverstated the case when she said COVID-19 isn’t dangerous to anyone who’s not old or obese. However, FiveThirtyEight’s dismissal of “the right-wing troll culture’s long fixation on fat-shaming” ignores reality. If the government wants to protect people from COVID-19, exercise and diet should be part of that effort — but that would be “ableist.”

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article on “How Science Lost the Public’s Trust,” concluding that “the politicization of science leads to a loss of confidence in science as an institution.” Ties with Communist China and the fear of being considered politically incorrect have warped priorities and kept researchers from investigating controversial topics. The article refers to a paper on glaciers that was criticized “because it wasn’t sufficiently feminist” — but there is a solution. “Glaciers, gender, and science: A feminist glaciology framework for global environmental change research,” published in Progress in Human Geography, will lead us to “more just and equitable science and human-ice relations.”

Several months ago, the Wall Street Journal also published “How a More Resilient America Beat a Midcentury Pandemic.” When the Asian flu struck in 1957, there were no lockdowns. Americans had a greater tolerance of risk and communities were stronger. Author Niall Ferguson:

Compare these stoical attitudes with the strange political bifurcation of reactions we saw last year, with Democrats embracing drastic restrictions on social and economic activity, while many Republicans acted as if the virus was a hoax. Perhaps a society with a stronger fabric of family life, community life and church life was better equipped to withstand the anguish of untimely deaths than a society that has, in so many ways, come apart.

A further contrast between 1957 and 2020 is that the competence of government would appear to have diminished even as its size has expanded. The number of government employees in the U.S., including those in federal, state and local governments, numbered 7.8 million in November 1957 and reached around 22 million in 2020—a nearly threefold increase, compared with a doubling of the population. Federal net outlays were 16.2% of GDP in 1957 versus 20.8% in 2019.

There are three reasons today’s America is unprepared for the pandemic. The first is that “the science” is not always science because institutions sometimes sacrifice the truth to ideology. The second is that, thanks to diversity, America is no longer a high-trust society. Many Americans don’t believe what their government, media outlets, and “experts” tell them. Finally, many people seem to think the disease is an excuse to censor people they don’t like, increase their own power, and accomplish unrelated political goals.

“You’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were,” says President Biden of the unvaccinated. Would he say that if he knew whites are more likely to be vaccinated than blacks and Hispanics? Vaccination rate shows the same racial pattern we see almost everywhere.

Do liberals really want unvaccinated people’s lives to be “hard,” or is that reserved for whites?

White advocates aren’t shocked when elites refuse to face the truth. Charles Murray, not one of us, but an honest broker, recently wrote Facing Reality: Two Truths About Race in America to explain racial differencesJared Taylorwondered in his review whether one man could break the taboo, but the taboo remains unbroken. Unlike with The Bell Curve, journalists haven’t given the book broad coverage. Instead, there has been silence, even among conservatives. It’s best to ignore what you can’t refute.

Tucker Carlson gave Dr. Murray a respectful interview, but there were many claims that this peddled “pseudoscience.” However, the data are clear. We can speak with far more confidence about race than we can about a virus that is mutating and spawning new variants.

Unfortunately, we can’t rationally discuss education, national security, crime, medicine, or any issue if policymakers refuse to accept the reality of race. Some intellectuals openly want to hide the truth.

  • Howard Gardner — “I do not condone investigations of racial differences in intelligence, because I think the results are likely to be incendiary.”
  • Noam Chomsky — “Surely people differ in their biologically determined qualities. But discovery of a correlation between some of these qualities is of no scientific interest and of no social significance except to racists, sexists, and the like.”
  • Daniel Dennett of Tufts University on ideas he doesn’t like — “[I]f I encountered people conveying a message I thought was so dangerous that I could not risk giving it a fair hearing, I would be at least strongly tempted to misrepresent it, to caricature it for the public good. I’d want to make up some good epithets, such as genetic determinist or reductionist or Darwinian Fundamentalist, and then flail those straw men as hard as I could. As the saying goes, it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.”

As one of the “New Atheists,” Daniel Dennett is not afraid to attack God, but he is afraid to attack the egalitarian theocracy.

Professor Chomsky has valuable things to say about media power and its ability to “manufacture consent.” However, he clings to orthodoxy on race, thus ensuring that “racists, sexists, and the like” are the only people with anything meaningful to say about social problems.

Racial egalitarianism is the defining idea of modern America. It is faith, not science. It is something close to a religion. Blasphemy justifies iconoclasm.

This delusion prevents progress. It’s why things keep getting worse. Many Americans live their lives desperately trying to escape diversity’s consequences. Even those who don’t consciously know this still act like white advocates when they choose where to live or send their children to school.

Our rulers may not be wrong about COVID-19. They may not be wrong about vaccines or how to prevent the virus’s spread. However, these are the same people who are wrong about race. They may be motivated by malice, misguided idealism, or ignorance, but the consequences are still disastrous.

Plenty of smart Americans recognize reality except when it comes to race. However, it’s very difficult for powerless Americans to believe rulers who are either duplicitous or completely ignorant about race.

This leads to the environment that produced “QAnon,” where wild promises of salvation lead people to a dead end. Unlike President Biden, I don’t think vaccine skeptics are stupid. They deserve better leaders, and it’s not surprising they want answers. They may be in an echo chamber, but the censors have created the echo chamber they now blame for what they call conspiracy theories.

High-trust societies behave differently. Largely homogenous Iceland has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. Largely homogenous Japan, which took an isolationist approach, has one of the lowest rates in the developed world. Diversity reduces social trust. In a crisis, diversity breaks it.

Medical questions are complicated, and every treatment or vaccine has some risk. Knowledge isn’t complete. People make mistakes. If the mainstream media won’t explore these questions, skeptics will. If the response is censorship, there will be even more skeptics. Vaccines, masking, and lockdowns are not simple issues. There are costs and benefits. In a diverse, low-trust society, our rulers don’t seem to trust us to discuss them.

A recent paper finds that political polarization between Republicans and Democrats is increased by racial sorting, namely, whites fleeing Democrats. It goes beyond race, because partisan identity is also driven by “a mental image of the opposition that is composed of disliked social groups.” White liberals, unique among all groups, have an animus for their own race. This is probably not “self-hatred,” but hatred of white conservatives, who are their true “other.” This is why it probably didn’t occur to President Biden that he was insulting his base when he said unvaccinated Americans were stupid. To him and countless other liberals, “unvaccinated” means “conservative.”

In a society with low social trust, people take a position because it offends the other side. What if Donald Trump had won the election and was pushing mandatory vaccination? We’d see a lot more liberal sympathy for anti-vaxxers, especially non-whites. Likewise, some of those refusing the vaccine might take it because they trust Donald Trump. Even in the current climate, we have politicians saying “racism” is a public health crisis. If we still had President Trump, op-eds would call his Administration “the real virus.”

The study of medicine, biology, and evolutionary history is interesting and exciting. In a rational society dedicated to human advancement rather than egalitarianism and dysgenics, would make enormous efforts to find new knowledge.

However, few people want to suffer the fate of James Watson. If “the science” is just consensus opinion we have no reason to accept it. Now, when we need real experts and nuanced communication, we get hysteria, moral shaming, and shifting guidelines.

We need a patriotic ruling class that wants to solve problems, scientists led by the data and not politics, trustworthy institutions, and honest journalists. Without them, we are in permanent crisis. A vital first step would be to recognize racial reality. Then, the long process of repairing trust between the rulers and ruled could begin.

Barring radical change, and without help from all of you, this won’t happen. Those in power will seek scapegoats to explain their failure. Now that vaccine skeptics are lumped in with “haters,” our masters will know whom to blame.

First posted to American Renaissance on July 30, 2021.

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Gregory Hood has been active in conservative groups in the US. He is a staff writer for American Renaissance. His work is syndicated on the Unz Review and here at Occidental Dissent.


  1. “Trusting these institutions is an act of faith, and faith must be earned, not required. If people undermine this faith, they become a threat. That is why there is such a panic about misinformation”:

    Science is NOT a matter of faith but of facts, and human personalities with their faults and failings or virtues cannot change the facts. Due to very poor public science education, most people cannot even define “virus” and are easily deceived and exploited by virus-denying and anti-vax rogues like Doctor Judy and Doctor Charles.

    This is the twenty-first century and this ridiculous argument against sceince should not be occurring – like the nineteenth century, when smallpox vaccination was condemned by many backward, poorly-educated doctors, and called “mark of the beast” and forbidden by religious leaders. Yes the early vaccination method often had severe side effects, but everyone needed to receive it in order to eradicate the extremely contagious disease that killed tens of millions.

    • 1) Small pox was much nastier and more deadly than covid.
      2) Getting shot up with cow pox seems vastly preferable to this “Clot Shot”.

      • Quack Doctor Charley’s anti-vax “clot shot” story is the exact opposite of the truth. The virus causes clotting in capillaries and lung, heart, brain and other organ damage.

      • Re: “Smallpox was much nastier”:

        John Campbell’s most recent update is worth checking out at 6:39 minutes: There is a graph of fatality and transmissibility, showing that DELTA, although only slightly more deadly than SARS CoV-2 Original, is many times more contagious, and is even MORE transmissible than SMALLPOX, equal to chicken pox, and exceeded only slightly by the extremely contagious measles virus:

    • OFFICIAL SCIENCE is about as scientific as “Scientific Socialism.” That is to say, not at all. We shouldn’t be having an argument as to whether science is based on authority or on independent reasoning. This isn’t an argument we should be having in the 21st Century, the notion that “dictatorship of the proletariat” is “social science.” That is dogshit for nutjobs.

      Even simple-minded people, with the simplest understanding, can see that the “scientific” narrative of people pushing the covid and global warming narratives is full of holes. They aren’t really happening, for one. Just like your Communist utopia. Ain’t gonna happen, dipshit.

      • You say official science is not science. So quacks like Judy and Charley are “real” science?

        Re: “covid and global warming (…) They aren’t really happening”:


        Furthermore the Socialist understanding of human society is far more accurate than “the magic of the market,” “the invisible hand,” “supply and demand,” “virtue of selfishness” and other capitalist voodoo that must be renounced by all nations or the human race will perish.

    • Anonymous- your fear over losing ‘FAITH’ in your [sic] god, ‘Science’ is palpable. Just bend the knee, submit to Christ, and take your Ivermectin. Because if He has predestined you to get COVID, you’re GONNA GET IT.

      “You’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were,” says President Biden of the unvaccinated.

      Right back atcha, STUPID JOE, and your COUP FAKE ADMINISTRATION.

      • I don’t “fear losing faith in science.”

        I give Ivermectin to my livestock for parasites and it works, but it has not been approved or proven to prevent Covid in humans. You are giving bad medical advice.

        Re: “if He has predestined you to get COVID, you’re GONNA GET IT”:

        Do you hold the false doctrine of predestination? It is not Orthodox. It’s not Quaker either.

        • Covid is real. It’s been around for a long time. There are various forms.

          Is it a pandemic, when the hospitals claimed to be full, but they weren’t? When hosptials and medical facilities laid off and furloughed staff? The news reports said that hospitals will full to capacity.

          I had to go to the hospital for something critical, during the height of it all, and I was told in the ER that there were no Covid cases in this hospital. But later, totally contradictory…when I asked where my nurse was, I was told (in a tone that was supposed to elicit some guilt here) that my nurse was helping the Covid patients, so I would “just have to wait”. I said I didn’t want someone coming near me, that had been with Covid patients, and I got no response. Pandemic much?

          Now, there are so many people with horrible reactions to the virus. The FDA has not even approved it. There haven’t been long trials with it, as with other vaccines. So when you talk about “science”, it’s just the same memes that the MSM is putting out. Real science means investigation, and when people, who never had heart problems, have them the next day, or the tidal wave of blood clots and strokes happening, you stop and consider it. Instead, after Biden got elected, we were told Covid rates were going down, and we KNEW they’d say that.

          So people who never had Covid, got the vaccine, and presented with acute symptoms, are not real? You said the blood clots were caused by Covid. But these are people who never had Covid. They didn’t get the vaccine because they had it.

          The pharma companies are raking in billions. If you think the testing and vaccine are free, guess who is paying for it? You are.

          As some other commenters have pointed out, the vaccine is not effective. Hence, even if you get the vaccine, they will STILL test you and insist you still can contract it. So what is it? Real science says if you contract an illness, you are immune by your own body’s defenses. Or, if you get a vaccine, you are also protected. But this is way out there. Calling it “real science” doesn’t make it so, and if you are an educated and mindful person, you should be questioning it.

          Remember, if you connect the dots, you know what is going on.

  2. I see no real science suggesting the “Vaxx” is safe and effective. In fact, quite the opposite. Using the CDC’s numbers, which are almost certainly very low, the “Vaxx” is already the most deadly in history and the long term effects are completely unknown. It is not unreasonable to be skeptical especially seeing who is pushing it.

  3. There’s an obesity epidemic but they put obese swimsuit models on Sports Illustrated and call for fat acceptance.

    • @Sceptic16,
      You’re not confusing obese women with voluptuous ones are you? I’d rather a woman with healthy curves over that of a stick insect any day. I often see catwalk models on tv with the figure of a ten year old girl……..they make me sick. Obesity and anorexia……….two extremes that are as unhealthy as each other.

  4. Do scientists lose objectivity because of pecuniary interests? Are scientific institutions answerable to financial powers? If the answer is “yes,” then asserting “we’re supported by scientists, look, they don’t dare dissent!” is hardly something to instill confidence in their conclusions.

  5. Why people SHOULDN’T trust the “SCIENCE” ….

    List of Jews in big pharma:

    Jews in Biden’s administration (POS Biden pushes vaccines for all)


    Graphic of Jews in the media which is pumping the Covid and variants:

    Yes, the above graphics proves Jews are pushing the death jab on the Goyim slave herd.

  6. I’m not a scientist and can’t pretend to be. Is the planet warming? No idea. But I do know we’re trashing, and making a fucking mess of it.
    I took a family trip to Hong Kong and China twenty years ago. What I saw changed me forever. In two weeks, I never saw blue sky, clean water, or breathed clear air…….it was that polluted! You never saw animals anywhere, and there were just skyscrapers and factories everywhere the eyes could possibly look.
    On the flight home, I had lung issues that took weeks to recover from.
    Whatever our politics on other matters, looking after the planet should have bipartisan support.

    • There are too many people on the planet, and too often, the most valuable people are the only ones who are limiting their reproduction.

    • The planet has been warming and cooling in cycles for millions of years.
      The plastic in the oceans has got to go.
      I agree with what Powell said above. Whites have never overpopulated their nations. Even when whites had big families. It’s the the groups who are doing it. We are only 8% of the world population, yet, all of the dialogue about limiting children is always aimed at whites.

  7. Shitlib scientists who refuse to freely investigate controversial issues or hide the truth out of fear of condemnation from comrade colleagues for stirring up “ignorant racists” SHOULD be ignored & ridiculed.

    Science is either about the freedom to examine ANY subject and openly report the findings, whatever they may be and whomever might hate them, or it’s about nothing but politically expedient jewshit: modern-day Lysenkoism.

    The entire kike-usurped “Western” establishment – from government, to academia, to media, to science – has squandered its trust & credibility in the name of propping up the fake god of racial equality.

  8. The Yankee Empire is starting (actually started long ago) to persecute true Christians. Here is what this godless government that sanctions the murder of the unborn rate of about 1 per minute in this country is up against. Keep in mind these people look to God for healing and not to man and rightfully so.

    James 5 (KJV)
    14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:

    15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

    Here is a letter to a minister about 60 years ago concerning divine healing.

    Dear Mr. ________:

    This letter is to tell you of the wonderful way in which God is rapidly healing me of my affliction, through your ministry and my faith in His mighty healing power.

    I wrote to you requesting prayer a few weeks ago and received your reply a few days ago. We did as you instructed and after reading your two wonderful booklets on healing, we applied the anointed handkerchief to my leg. This was last Tuesday. On Wednesday the nurse who calls at my home and has been dressing the incision in my leg, was delighted to tell me that the discharge had ceased entirely. Last Friday I had an appointment to see my doctor at Newcastle Hospital. My doctor had told me two months ago that I would be better without my leg, but after examining me, told me that I shall now keep my limb and that the healing process was very good indeed I believe with all my heart that God is rapidly healing my damaged bone or has healed it.

    Mr. ________, my leg had been discharging for twenty months and now God has healed me of this terrible disease in a moment. What a wonderful God He is.”

    Can you imagine the intensity of prayers will go up to God to stop this demonic Yankee Empire of their godless persecutions and actions against those who believe and trust in God for healing?

    May God Save the South!

  9. The American Republic is a very very divided country in 2021. That division between Democrats vs Republicans vs the rest of us is causing the problem. People forget we all still live in America and should get along the best we can. We should look past differences and come together and defeat Covid-19..whatever it takes. Use common sense in life…you’ll go far. Deo Vindice !

    • It’s divided, but it’s not Democrat versus Republicans. Those two parties are dealing the same cards, and both of those parties have it in for whites.

      The division lies with those who trust the government and those who do not.

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