Jeffrey Sonnenfeld: For Corporations, Political ‘Wokeness’ Works

Obviously, we must continue to support our “free enterprise” system and the entire point of engaging in politics should be ensure that giant corporations which are explicitly anti-white and who are our political enemies pay the lowest corporate tax rate and face the fewest burdensome regulations possible!

Washington Post:

“Since last fall, we have witnessed unprecedented levels of civic engagement from America’s corporations. Last November, to help fortify our electoral system, thousands of employers gave employees paid time off to vote or volunteer as election workers. Following up on that commitment to democracy, many CEOs and major trade groups promptly confirmed the election results and stood their ground when President Donald Trump challenged the count. In January, dozens of major companies pledged to withhold contributions to “objectors” in Congress who failed to perform their constitutional duty with a perfunctory confirmation of the electoral college results. Three months later, hundreds more firms signed onto petitions condemning attempts to roll back voting rights in nearly every state. …

But new data from the Federal Election Commission shows that these claims are myths. In fact, the vast majority of corporations are sticking to their pledge not to support those Republican “objectors,” and that stance is not hurting their market performance. In short, political “wokeness” works. …

Certainly, the objectors are feeling the pain. According to the Journal, “nearly 100 of the members who voted against certifying the election results and had comparable 2019 data reported receiving less money from corporate and industry PACs for their campaigns in the first half of the year compared with the first half of 2019.” That’s in line with a previous report that the 147 GOP legislators who voted against certifying Joe Biden’s victory saw an 80 percent drop in donations from corporate and industry PACs. …”

It is true that political wokeness is working. At least for now.

Republican politicians continue to cling to their antiquated Reaganite ideology. Mitch McConnell’s red line in the infrastructure negotiations is raising the corporate tax rate even though Big Business is openly aligned with the Democrats now. The GOP continues to suck up to these people and carry water for them and pay the political price for doing so even after being financially cut off by them.

Note: Many of these elderly conservative politicians have been in Washington for so long that they don’t know what else to do. They’ve always served Wall Street even though it is on the other side now.

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  1. “Go Woke get broke” doesn’t work any longer since they are all woke now. Also, US corps use the money they make in Asia or other foreign markets (Hollywood or the silicon valley overlords as an example) to make up for the (small) losses in the USA.

  2. Look at the shareholders. Blackrock, Vanguard and a few others own controlling interest in nearly all of them. Both Coke and Pepsi. Boeing, Lockheed and Raytheon. Unilever (Ben and Jerry’s) and Haagen-Dazs. Allowing a hostile tribe into your country then allowing them to print and control your money has consequences. After 100 years of the Fed they own and control nearly everything including the government.

  3. Fidel Castro wasn’t a threat to White America. JFK was…when he brought the Kenyan Students to America legally.

    Two Socialist Labor Leaders…Denis Kearney and Samuel Labor Leaders …gave us the wonderful 1888 Chinese LEGAL Immigrant Exclusion Act…

    Capitalist Pig Class is the enemy of the Native White Working Class…

    God Bless Ho Chi Minh!!….Johnson gave us the 1965 NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN EXTERMINATION ACT….think about it…think about it…

    • The Left believes JFK was assassinated by the far-right to stop JFKs liberal agenda. However, after the assassination:

      We got the Vietnam war but it was carried out in such a half-assed way we lost.

      There was never any serious effort to kill Castro or oust him.

      We had the Voting Rights Act, Civil Rights Act, Great Society, Fair Housing, Busing.

      We had the 1965 Immigration Act.

      Hoffa still went to prison.

      So we are to believe that the far Right successfully assassinated JFK (while all the attempts against Castro were inept and comical), got away with it and the government covered it up but went ahead and enacted Leftist policies anyway?

      No, JFK was not going to end the Fed. He was an Irish pol trying to break into the Establishment.

      My guess is that Oswald was doubling for both the US and Cuba and in doing so left such a muddled record that he was a perfect patsy either by the Cubans or an outside organization with insider knowledge. I think that would explain why the US still has a hard spot for Cuba despite making amends with Vietnam.

      • We got the Vietnam War because the US Military invaded Vietnam..

        Oswald put the bulletin in JFKs head…The JFK Conspiracy Theorists have lost the physics of the debate many times over -over the past 60 years……JFK was not a friend of the Native White Working Class…He was a good to Barack Obama sr…

        I really am disgusted by JFK worship….No doubt the homosexual tendencies of JFK worshippers is behind the worship…

      • Key thing is why Rubinstein shot Oswald. Mossad baby. Kennedy was slowing and blocking nuclear proliferation in Israel. No president since has told these people no.

    • I would choose National Socialism over the Jewish Oligarchy that controls us any day. You have no chance in this system unless you do the baby blood drinking ritual (or whatever it is) and sell your soul.

  4. Gather the names and addresses of all CEOS of woke companies. If Bowel Live Movement can do it, and so can Antifa, merely the threat of personal culpability for tolerating being woke, when they are before a mob, could work wonders.

    Violence? Oh, no. We want a peaceful solution to all this wokeness…. Disinvest. Hold them responsible.
    “We know where you live.” That’s all…. because you KNOW the J-LEFT is already doing the same, time and time and time again. We can’t control what a mob does… isn’t that what (((THEY))) are always saying… to U.S.?

    We either secede or descend into civil war. Your Choice, America.

  5. More than anything else blacks want money. Jews and big business have got lots and lots of money, but they do not want to give it to blacks. So black rage and grievance is vented towards innocent whites, through agitating and fake meaningless tributes and slogans. it is only fair for Jews and big business to share their riches with blacks but they won’t.

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