American Medical Association: Remove Sex From Public Birth Certificates

You’re invited to continue to have confidence in “science” and “public health officials” as woke progressive ideology continues to sweep away all resistance inside these institutions.

Web MD:

“June 16, 2021 — Sex should be removed as a legal designation on the public part of birth certificates, the American Medical Association (AMA) said Monday.

Requiring it can lead to discrimination and unnecessary burden on individuals whose current gender identity does not align with their designation at birth, namely when they register for school or sports, adopt, get married, or request personal records.

A person’s sex designation at birth would still be submitted to the U.S. Standard Certificate of Live Birth for medical, public health, and statistical use only, report authors note.

Willie Underwood III, MD, author of Board Report 15, explained that a standard certificate of live birth is critical for uniformly collecting and processing data, but the government issues birth certificates to individuals. …”

CNN reported earlier this year that biological sex at birth is a misleading way to describe the human body and that attacks on trans people are attacks on “science” itself. Both sex and race are social constructs although most people don’t see it that way.

Note: If you disagree, you will be put on the ADL’s “domestic extremism” list and unpersoned from the internet. It is against the Twitter rules to “deadname” trans women.

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    • “No one will trust the AMA anymore.”

      No one HAS, since March, 2020. I read this article and was screaming at the screen, becuase of these GODLESS SOB’s with their CONFLICTS OF INTERE$$T, denying Ivermectin to people, who were DYING!!

      Every single one of these bastards should be shot at sunrise. This is CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, the NUREMBURG CODE, and the CONSTITUTION. And FAUCI and BIDEN are the MOST GUILTY, and Trump was a DUPE, if he was given I’mectin, and then DID NOT TELL THE WORLD ABOUT IT!!!!

  1. There are only two sexes:‘MALE AND FEMALE…..

    Anything else is Satanic Sexual Perversion……..

  2. Biological sex on the birth cert is harmful, experimental vax is safe. God bless the modern science to keep us informed… 😀

    But actually this is good news. Power lies on the institutions and when the institutions collapse, then the end of power is near.

  3. I’m going to love them try to force this on immigrant and minorities. Along with most christians, moslems, Hindus, Amish, etc, etc, etc they want to fight everyone all at once. I can’t see many conservative catholic, even a few Jewish hospital systems going along with this. The AMD is heading for irrelevance with stupid woke things like this. The are other organizations. All to appeal to a small part on the population. The hubris is incredible.

  4. These dang people are crazy for real. Oh but it’s not just Liberals. Libertarians don’t believe in gender either. Conservatives are going in the same direction over Limited Government politics and will look the other way when this happens. Perfect reason why us White Nationalists should be running this country under Yahweh’s Laws. Deo Vindice !

  5. AMA should change its name at this point because they are satanic subversives who hate normalcy. I knew this gender identity crap would spiral out of control into the bounds of absurdity and chaos

    When you change the term pregnant woman into birthing people yep just absolute fricking madness just end the stupid bullshit shows over. I don’t trust the science or scientists either not when you have this funny farm operation out of hell

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