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  1. The rent is so high because the 2 faggots wanted to live in a prime location within walking distance of many other high-powered DC degenerates.

  2. Haha, that highrise residential building in the Krystal and Saagar lead looks a lot like that building in Florida built by the Polish Canadians that just imploded. In fact, all of those buildings look like that. Is it luxurious to live in a penthouse built on rebar-less sand? It’s ok because you’ll die in your sleep at 2 AM. They never collapse in daylight.

  3. Remember when Mayor Pete cold-heartedly ordered the police to destroy the homeless camp while all the homeless were away at the soup the kitchen? What a cruel surprise for the homeless, when they came back from eating and found everything they had is gone! (Sodomic Instant micro-gentrification.)

    • No, but I do remember him doing a ludicrous photo op with some homies drinking vomit-inducing “malt liquor” from 40 ounce bottles wrapped in paper bags. Our host likes to show those photos, which always make me chuckle. Drinking booze in paper bags: is that the only activity that is keeping the paper bag industry alive? Also, who is Saint Ides?

  4. What a surprise, a homosexual who is out of control in multiple areas of his life. Who would have thought it. Shocker.

  5. Barf. Buttfuck and his soi-disant ‘husband’ (((Chasten))). Buttfuck looks like Alfred E. Neumann of MAD fame, if Alfred had suffered cataclysmic mental retardation at some point. How revolting. This depraved ass-burglar and his oleaginious catamite deserve the bog or a long stay at a forced labor camp near the polar circle. Instead these two reprobates live in the lap of luxury, while the average citizen finds it increasingly hard to make ends meet and to put food on the table and to keep a roof over his head. I find this highly symbolic. We are so fu…d.
    The absolute state of the west.

  6. (((They)))) love gay Pete and they hate Kamala. But how are (((they))) going to get blacks to vote for that queer?

  7. So the Buttplug is back after the political beating he took. Soon-to-be President Cackling Kamala will probably find him a cabinet level position, something like Chairman of Homo and Pervert Affairs. He can use a buttplug as the official seal of his office and sign paperwork with a drawing of a buttplug, everyone will know it’s him. He will probably have a buttplug (lightly used) on his desk, sort of a family crest type thing; The Ancient and Dishonorable Order of the Buttplug, with AIDS cluster attached.

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