PBS Newshour: As Rising Violent Crime Turns Atlanta Into a Warzone, Residents Disagree On a Solution

It is a glorious new progressive era.

The “white supremacists” have deftly responded to it by staying out of the public spotlight. It was angry Trump supporting normies who stormed the Capitol over election fraud claims.

When the cities exploded after the death of George Floyd, the “white supremacists” generally spent their time chilling and grilling and laughing at the chaos on television. CHAZ/CHOP declared its independence from Seattle. Feral thugs and anarchists rioted in Atlanta. The smart move was to just stay out of it and let “the movement” have its moment in these cities and let nature take its course. The ridiculous policies that these people were enacting was bound to unleash a tidal wave of reaction.

In Atlanta, we watched “the movement” detonate in the city like a bomb after the Rayshard Brooks police shooting. The Atlanta Police began to collapse after the indictment of Officer Garrett Rolfe. The frenzy culminated in the NFAC declaring a race war at Stone Mountain, the storming of CNN Center and the death of an 8-year-old girl near the burned out husk of the Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks had been shot. Wendy’s thanked the “racial justice” activists for burning down their own store.

Atlanta has since gone the way of all the other big cities since the George Floyd riots. Police officers have quit in droves. Violent crime is soaring in Atlanta. Mayor Keisha Bottoms has blamed it all on Republicans for ending COVID restrictions too early. It has nothing to do with the triumph of the “racial justice” movement. The people in Buckhead who are trying to secede from Atlanta know better.

Just the other day, a White lesbian and her dog were brutally stabbed to death in Piedmont Park. Murder is rising in Atlanta, but this crime stuck out because the dog was stabbed to death too.

FOX 5 Atlanta:

“ATLANTA – The loved ones of an Atlanta woman found brutally stabbed in Piedmont Park say they are mourning the loss of a “beautiful soul” after her death.

Katherine Janness went out to take her fiance’s dog for a walk early Wednesday morning and never came back. Family members say her fiance Emma Clark followed them through her iPhone tracker and found both Janness and her 3-year-old pit bull Bowie dead near the entrance to the park at 10th Street and Charles Allen Drive.

Officers with the Atlanta Police Department told FOX 5 that the Janness had been stabbed multiple times and the scene of the crime was “gruesome” and “hard to stomach.” …”

CBS 46:

“ATLANTA (CBS46) — Emma Clark says Katie Janness, 40, was her favorite person in the world. The two women celebrated six years as a couple in June. Each called the other her wife. Thursday, Emma said she still hasn’t come to terms that her life partner is gone.

Clark called police after finding Janness stabbed to death inside Piedmont Park around 1:10am Wednesday. Their dog Bowie had also been killed.

“Katie didn’t deserve to go through what she did,” Clark said. “She was a really good person. She never did anything bad to anybody.”

Janness worked as a bartender at Campagnolo Restaurant in Midtown. Clark works as a server at Henry’s a few blocks away. The two met at a Midtown bar about 8 years ago.

Clark says she and Janness began their Tuesday together with coffee, as usual. Janness did not have to work that day, but Clark did later that evening. Clark said Janness stopped by Henry’s with their dog Bowie to say hello before leaving the restaurant to walk their dog that night. …”


“Janness and her dog were found stabbed to death near the entrance of the park early Wednesday morning around 1 a.m. A memorial at the park entrance continues to grow.

Investigators say Janness went for a walk with her dog after visiting her wife at work. When she did not return home, her spouse pinged her phone and found Katherine and her dog dead inside the park. …”

RIP Bowie.

You didn’t deserve this.

Apparently, another woman was stabbed to death in a different park in Metro Atlanta. Neither of these crimes can be blamed on “gun violence.” It is an urban violence problem.

Note: We will leave the urbanites to enjoy the fruits of their progress. It is their own affair.

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  1. “Neither of these crimes can be blamed on “gun violence.” It is an urban violence problem.”

    Shame on you HW, using one of those evasive euphemisms ‘urban violence’.
    It’s black violence, pure and simple.
    Diversity 101, primary law,” the more blacks, the more crime” and its corollary, “the darker the neighborhood/city, the more dangerous”.
    New slogan, “crime of color”.

    Really, this must have been a ‘gun crime’ , maybe the stabber was thinking about a gun.

  2. PBS reporting is so biased to the left, it’s become a macabre comedy.
    Who am I telling, all of you know it, just for emphasis, I suppose.

  3. We have black violence here in Peoria, Il, but thankfully, it hasn’t exploded like Chicago or any other big city. However, I think it’s only a matter of time before It comes to our town. We have a black mayor now, and I fear the worst.

    • They keep telling us that blacks are only 12% of the population, which contradicts what we really see. Plus all big cities have black mayors, black police chiefs, black city councils, and black school boards, as well the jammed in urban populations.

    • Yeah, they usually screw them and leave them to die in agony, from internal hemorrhaging.

      See the many instances of animal abuse/public housing nj/ny.

    • Well a lot of ” doggos” can be ” violent o. I think it was a pitbull killed which is far and away the most violent ” doggo” there is. Rottweilers, cane corsos, shepherds, dobermans are no bargain either. If a cat type was even 20% as violent as some dog breeds, some dog nutters would be calling for a ban.

      No, it was just another black demon racist on a murder spree. So why would he not kill the dog too? He probably killed it first.

      Where blacks are in any substantial numbers, violence, depravity, demonism increase and general way of life fall off substantially. Unfortunately we have a lot of ” book smart” Whites who are terrified by the reality of black criminality in terms of admitting it.

      Our vile, monstrous, mostly jews media will never, ever defend Whites and report it. The only way they would do that is if jews were negatively affected.

      I’ve never heard of an area that goes black and the quality of life and the school system.( outside of the basketball team) improves. Have you? If blacks voted even 30% Republican I would have minuscule hope. But the fact they vote about 7% Republican year after year and that the smart ones vote exactly like the thugs tells me there is zero hope. So it’s another year of ” black is whack.”

  4. The Yankee Empire, Republicans, Blacks, etc will not get the “train” back on the track. It takes fearless white Southern men who will give strong commands and threaten to back them up to get everyone moving in the same direction to turn the situation around.

    The homeward-bound general [Nathan Bedford Forrest] could have been little cheered, either, by the fact that in Washington the president of the now forcibly re-United States was Andrew Johnson, a fellow prewar Southern Democrat, who on May 9 had announced that Lincoln’s assassination had been plotted by Jefferson Davis and thereupon authorized $335,000 in rewards for the capture of Davis and a number of other men labeled co-conspirators. Ruling the statehouse at Nashville, as the result of a March 4 election from which all men of Confederate leanings were excluded, was William G. “Parson” Brownlow, a Knoxville preacher-newspaperman whose son was lieutenant colonel of the Ninth Tennessee Cavalry (U.S.) and who himself on May 10 used the authorization of a new Unionist legislature to offer a $5,000 reward for the capture of Isham G. Harris. In his Knoxville Whig of May 10, Brownlow—who remained a sometime correspondent of his journal while the state’s chief executive—wrote that “[i]f captured the fugitive must be delivered to me alive, to the end that justice may be done upon him here, upon the theatre of his former villainous deeds!”

    The homeward ride was a wrenching affair in many more ways than one. On the first leg of it, from Meridian to Jackson, Mississippi, the train was crowded with soldiers and other refugees, and the tracks were in such poor condition that at one point the rails spread, causing the train to run off them. C. B. Kilgore, later a judge and a congressman, was a passenger that day, and he recalled that Forrest quickly took command of the situation, ordering “every one of us out of the cars.” The erstwhile general “soon had us at work with levers placed in position to lift the … coach so that the displaced rails could be pushed back in proper line.” After a first effort was unsuccessful, someone said: “General, there are some men in the car, and if they would get out we could lift it more readily.” Outraged that his initial command to leave the cars had not been fully obeyed, he sprang up the locomotive’s steps and onto its platform shouting: “If you damned rascals don’t get out of here and help get this car on the track, I will throw every one of you through the windows.” In “rapid fashion,” Kilgore said, the offenders “tumbled out,” and the train was made mobile again.
    Hurst, Jack. Nathan Bedford Forrest: A Biography.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  5. Re: “The two women celebrated six years as a couple (…) Each called the other her wife (…) She was a really good person (…) and went for a walk with her dog after visiting her wife at work….”

    The full degeneracy of the Laissez Faire system of the U.S. and its satellites is on display for the world to see. “Upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH (…) all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.”

  6. I left Atlanta due to the goodwhites as much as the thugs. They deserve each other. I’d support restrictions on movement if it meant they had to live together forever.

    • @NBF – That innocent dog, though. That is haunting. As someone above wondered, who stabs a dog?? Seems it have not taken more than one person, as the dog would fight to the death.. Maybe it was a pack of ‘teens’?

    • In a perfect world the ‘cahpet-muncha’ would marry the Buttplug and solve both their problems at once.

  7. How do we know the perp wasn’t another jealous white lesbian suitor? Perhaps one that already knew the pit bull and was thus able to approach and kill it first? Lesbians have been know to use pit bulls for dildos too.

    Either way, bada bing, bada boom.

    • “How do we know the perp wasn’t another jealous white lesbian”

      Uh, Atlanta, violent crime and who’s the Perp ?
      Play the odds, it’s a money maker.

  8. @ I am surprised, the host of this site, hasn’t reported on these two stories, in Minneapolis, MN man cut off a woman’s head, in broad day light, now get this, in Seattle, a couple, both white, were trapped on a elevator, in the apt.building they lived in for three days, they had no way too contact anyone for help, the man admitted it, late in day number two, the man killed his wife and ate her flesh, they estimate he ate twelve pounds of her flesh, he told the cops, he did it because he thought he was going too starve too death, what a world………..

  9. The defund the police movement has caused quite a bit of harm, it’s latest attack by the communists to destroy Christian civilization. However if you listen to the Republicans you’d think things were fine in cites until George Floyd’s death, this is not the case. There has been decades of mass immigration from Latin America and the near and far East The war on drugs which has been going on for 50 years has exposed millions to endless prison and parole, most them poor. It’s caused lots of social disentigration. American industry was shut down and put in other countries. Sub literate blacks have been running some cities for years, meaning the usual corruption and incompetence. .

    Not to mention how the Supreme Court destroyed public education in the U.S, destroyed the white working class’s property rights, and freedom of association.

    • The attack isn’t against Christians. It’s an attack against Whites. When they do things against Christians, it’s just all part of the whole thing.

  10. Hey Hunter,

    How about a little less negativity, a little less gloom and doom tales of our cities collapsing in to early 1990s criminal, immigration and racial anarchy?

    Let’s publish some stories about local, regular (White) Americans forming volunteer riot response teams that will work with responsible sheriffs to done security uniforms, appropriate privacy protection COVID masks (don’t look like paramilitary armies) to guard shopping malls, gun stores and just private property.

    I recommend 4 – 5 member teams, and they should be volunteer, non membership so it’s harder for ADL, SPLC to sue or infiltrate.

  11. Over the past few years I have come down with dead shitlib fatigue. I have no factual knowledge specifically of her politics, but Janness was an urban lesbian living in Atlanta. Personally I don’t care that she was a lesbian. Nonetheless I can’t help but wonder whether she was yet another diversity-preaching, self-righteous libtard who would have hated me, an unshamed white man from the South who voted for Trump (enthusiastically in 2016, reluctantly in 2020).

    Whenever I find out that a shitlib was brutalized by their diversity pets, I always have to wonder whether in their final moments they realized that, say, open borders and forcible integration were so wonderful after all.

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