Newsweek: The Doomsday Variant

It is a reasonable question.

What if most people get vaccinated and that only encourages the rise of variants which can evade vaccines and which are deadlier and more transmissible than the original COVID virus? Isn’t this what they are saying about the Delta variant? It is more transmissible and vaccine resistant?


“Scientists keep underestimating the coronavirus. In the beginning of the pandemic, they said mutated versions of the virus wouldn’t be much of a problem—until the more-infectious Alpha caused a spike in cases last fall. Then Beta made young people sicker and Gamma reinfected those who’d already recovered from COVID-19. Still, by March, as the winter surge in the U.S. receded, some epidemiologists were cautiously optimistic that the rapid vaccine rollout would soon tame the variants and cause the pandemic to wind down.

Delta has now shattered that optimism. This variant, first identified in India in December, spreads faster than any previous strain of SARS-CoV-2, as the COVID-19 virus is officially named. It is driving up infection rates in every state of the U.S., prompting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to once again recommend universal mask-wearing. …

The variant is so contagious that it’s set to smash through every previous prediction of how soon the U.S. might reach herd immunity.  …

It’s too soon to say whether Lambda will turn out to be the next big, bad thing that COVID-19 unleashes on us. But it’s a good time to wonder: Just how destructive can these variants get? …

Is there a Doomsday variant out there that shrugs off vaccines, spreads like wildfire and leaves more of its victims much sicker than anything we’ve yet seen? …”

Sky News:

“The emergence of a new COVID variant with a similar death rate to MERS, which kills one in three infected people, is a “realistic possibility”, the government’s scientific advisers have warned.

However the experts also say the virus could result in “much less severe disease” in older people and those who are clinically vulnerable in the long term.

In a paper published on Friday, the scientists outline the chances that a new variant will evade current vaccines, saying one of the causes is “almost certain” to happen. …”

Wouldn’t that just be f***ing wonderful?

For the record, I don’t think there will be any “Doomsday variant.” The obsession with the “unvaccinated” could possibly end up being counterproductive though.

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    • The same people who have been pushing White Genocide for a long time. This is one big genocidal psyop that began with a bio-weapon release. Now people are lining up to be injected with a toxic cocktail that will destroy their DNA. One of THEM once told me: “Your (White) people are so easily led.”

  1. “COVID-19 could increase dementia, other brain disorders for decades to come.” Why would Jewsweek worry about that? More brain disordered people would mean more Democrats.

    • Yes, it would be a real paradox , if the vaccinated are a breeding ground for ever more virulent strains of wuflu.

      Leave it to zog and the zoglings (Fauci) to totally f up the world’s health.

  2. It’s a very insidious disease with probably many still-undiscovered effects, that crossed over from a distantly-related species. Some of the most challenging diseases such as Rabies, thought to have evolved from a plant virus, are ones that have made the widest jumps.

    While WN groupies listen to quacks and scoff at scientists, CCP-led China is taking no chances with its peoples’ intelligence (brains) and other vital organs, doing whatever is necessary (targetted lockdowns and quarantines, universal testing and universal vaccination, using ITS OWN superior, state-of-the-art killed-virus vaccine – which is the actual, whole SARS CoV-2 virus, not a subunit, not mRNA nucleic acid, and not an attentuated viral vector – to ERADICATE it again (Delta strain, this time) within its borders.

    • Okay we get it you ‘trust the science’ but you see the scientists don’t trust the science they aggressively harass and intimidate other well respected scientists/ researchers who go against the globalhomo agenda and fauci is a lying two faced rat who deserves to be scoffed at. He could actually be partly responsible for the lab leak for all we know

      At least the Chinese vaccine makes more sense that I agree with then the mrna spike protein bullshit from 20 different pharmaceutical manufacturers

    • We all know that the neoliberal West has neither the will nor the competence to pull off what China does. In the West, we will just get more punitive pseudo-lockdowns, more political power grabs, more BS culture war theater, and more wealth stripped from the lower and middle classes to private equity and institutional investment funds. Obviously China along with certain other Asian countries have the best model, but it just isn’t going to happen in the West.

  3. All this stuff is exactly what the major dissident anti-vax medical doctors and scientists, such as Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier, have been predicting

    The weird new ‘vaccines’ themselves help create the ‘variants’

    And these variants increasingly resist so-called vaxxes, which don’t really inhibit transmission but merely limit symptoms for a while

    Gibraltar fully vaxxed, cases skyrocketing … ditto Iceland, nearly fully vaxxed … the ‘narrative’ is falling apart

    A whole lot of scientists not funded by big pharma, are expecting waves of sickness and death that is vax-incited, much worse than the covid wave would have killed by itself

    Here is Nobel Prize winner Montagnier, short vid 2min34 with English subtitles, where he talks about the curve of vaccination being the ‘curve of death’

    • (1) Using his Nobel laureate reputation, he spread a false claim that he “found HIV insertions” in the SARS COV-2 virus, which “proves it had to be created in a laboratory.”

      (2) He also says the bodies of victims of “vaccine-created” variants “need to be incinerated” (like zombies, witches and vampires) and he seems to be serious. It may be a sign of senile dementia..

      (3) He might already have been losing his grip on reality a decade ago, or he revealed himself to be a quack, when he “discovered” that radio waves are emitted by DNA, one of the false claims, or beliefs, of the cult of homeopathy.

      (4) His recent claim that vaccines are “creating these variants” is ridiculous, rejected by all scientists, and even a good high school biology student knows it is impossible. The deadlier and more infectious new variants exist only because there is no effective, functioning public health system in capitalist countries, that allow the virus to essentially run free, to mutate, adapt and “gain function” among billions of people.

      (5) If any “scientific authority” appears on Fox News and far-right alternative “news” websites, you should be very suspicious.

      • @anonymos,

        You lying and disinformation CCP shill are fooling no one.

        Your PLA masters are not going to be happy with you, and you know what that means, correct?

        The Queen song “Another One Bites the Dust” comes to mind.

        • Shills and trolls for Anglo-Zionism, and Neo-Nazis and apologists for capitalism are very common on WN websites, but I doubt that any CCP shills on WN websites even exist.

          Re: “lying and disinformation”:

          I share facts and the facts speak for themselves.

  4. The problem with the vaccines is they are not vaccines. A real vaccine would turn its host into a sterile rock for the virus, so it cannot spread to other victims. The so called vaccines they made allow the virus to continue to spread and mutate. Imagine if the Polio vaccine did this? We would still have Polio and it would be much worse.

    This explains it well:

    My father is in need of follow up medical care due to a recent operation. He has had both doses of the Covid vaccine, and yesterday they told him he can’t visit the hospital again without a Covid test. So the vaccine passports are not a ticket to freedom, they are yet another lie.

    • @Rob,

      No other vaccine in history has killed as many of its recipients, as the covid-19 vaccines, and they were only rolled out less than a year ago.

      Another thing that covid-19 vaccine fags don’t understand is pathogenic immunity in regards to using a vaccine for prophylactic or for therapeutic outcomes.

      The simple reason that bacteria and viruses become resistant to antibiotic and antiviral medications are because they’re used therapeutically. The host is already infected. Think of hand sanitizer or chlorine bleach; it says very clearly on their containers that they kill 99.99% of germs (both viruses and bacteria). It is the .01% that will become the resistant strains of pathogens. That doesn’t mean that the .01% will necessarily become the dominant wild strain, but it will be resistant to therapeutic antivirals and antibiotics.

      The covid-19 vaccine is given to people with or without the illness (both therapeutically and prophylactally)and it only targets the original wild or laboratory coronavirus variant. Like any other pathogen, it too will become immune to the vaccine due to being used both ways.

      Remember, all the other vaccines you have received were prior to becoming infected by those specific disease causing microorganisms. The covid-19 vaccine even if it didn’t have all those nasty morbidity and mortality side effects would still be the catalyst of covid variants.

      • You do not undertstand basic principles of vaccination and epidemiology. While it is true that a disease that is not totally eradicated by a thorough vaccination program may “live to fight another day,” eventually mutating enough to “break through” the immunity of resolved cases and vaccination. But in the meantime there will be much less of it, and therefore fewer mutations, and thus it will tend to “gain function” more slowly. For example the DPT vaccine that protects against Pertusis (whooping cough) has declined in effectiveness for Pertusis over many years, because Pertusis that was not eradicated in some countries has evolved, and now the vaccine may need to be re-designed; but in the meantime it has saved countless thousands of lives. It is not uncommon for vaccines to lose effectiveness over time, if a disease is not eradicated totally, which should have been the goal of ALL nations with Covid, working together in seamless, common global effort; but instead, the U.S. and its capitalist satellites all focused on “getting through it” with minimal harm to bourgeoisie business and wealth.

        You may learn when an even worse new disease appears.

    • “Imagine if the Polio vaccine did this? We would still have Polio”:

      The polio vaccines have not been perfect either. Probably no vaccination is perfect, but like other vaccines including the new Covid vaccines it is effective along with testing, tracing and other public health measures to reduce and eventually eradicate disease if all nations work together.

      Incidentally, there are still up to 100 test-confirmed cases of polio a year, mostly in countries where vaccination programs have been interrupted by imperialist war such as Afghanistan. If the health system is privatized completely, polio could return to the U.S. The U.S. also maintains some eradicated smallpox “for research only” and most of the U.S. population is not vaccinated for it. Russia and some other countries still vaccinate children for smallpox.

  5. My boomer brother took the J and J shot and he has been in 3 hospitals and he is gone mentality. He doesn’t even know who we are. He lays in bed in the latest hospital and twitches and has no cognitive brain functions. All this happened after 2 months of taking the “vaccine”

  6. Another White conservative scoffer at vaccination and denier of the “Plandemic” has just died of Covid. He was a new father (his wife has the virus too) and a member of the Texas Republican Exective Committee: But you can say he is a rare exception to the rule that it just kills old people, if you even admit there is such a disease.

    While you so-called “intelligent and hard-working” Americans are scoffing and denying because you cannot understand, and are lazy and essentially do nothing, the so-called “un-creative copy-cat chinks,” those “slant-eyed yellow-peril commies” (the Chinese) are working hard to ERADICATE the new, much more infectious “Hindu” mutation (bred in capitalist India, where the virus runs free to “gain function” among more than a billion people) every time it slips across their border. It is a war for their national health that they intend to win, and their victory will be an example for all peoples.

  7. Whatever happened to original idea of “flattening the curve” with two weeks of lockdowns, and using “herd immunity ” to defeat the virus?

    It would not surprise me, if TPTB attempt to gaslight the public, and claim that those strategies were never suggested or put into action.

    The so-called Spanish Flu eventually burned itself out, and herd immunity was accomplished without more contagious or deadlier variants being spawned by the original influenza strain.

  8. All other pandemics down through history – even genuine mass killers like bubonic plague – eventually burned themselves out – oh, but this Covid 19, boy, its ability to mutate is infinite! Why, it’s the DOOMSDAY VIRUS!

    The stabs are non-sterilizing non-vaccines that do not prevent its spread – but DO turn your cells into spike protein factories that likely clog capillaries & shorten your life. I myself have not gotten the bastards, but I have had some sort of vascular pain in my left leg for the last few months, which happens to coincide with all the lemmings getting theirs. Based on the symptoms & the bulging veins which were visible pre-Covid, I’d say it’s almost certainly varicose veins (at least one grandmother had them years ago), but I can’t know for SURE that it wasn’t caused by these bovine mouth-breather fucks spewing their spikes into the air.

    That’s the trouble: the totally earned lack of trust in & suspicion of a jew-usurped government that has made itz genocidal hatred of the White race plain as day with itz every policy & action.

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