CDC Extends Eviction Moratorium

Is the situation with the Delta variant going to be any better in flu season?


“Days after a national eviction moratorium expired, the Biden administration on Tuesday issued a new, more limited freeze that remains in effect through Oct. 3.

Like the previous order, the two-month moratorium issued Tuesday comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The new ban on evictions covers parts of the United States that are experiencing what the CDC calls “substantial” and “high” spread of the coronavirus.

As of Tuesday afternoon, that’s the vast majority of U.S. counties.

The order, which cites the rise of the delta variant, says: “Without this Order, evictions in these [higher transmission] areas would likely exacerbate the increase in cases. …”

At some point, these people are going to be evicted. The only question is whether it happens sooner or later. This new eviction moratorium might not even last until October.

Note: Of all things, National Review wants the GOP to shut down the Senate over the issue. This is where the True Cons draw the line. Throwing people out on the street is their hill to die on.

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  1. The National Review opposes the CDC moratorium primarily because they see it as an assault on private property and wealth, both of which they worship. NR may be correct on the Constitutional merits, it looks like the CDC has wildly exceeded its powers but it’s telling that the scumbags writing for NR don’t give a damn about the destruction of White America except for making the “Conservative” case for it. Perhaps David “The Cuck” French can take in some more Negroes who will get evicted.

  2. Where in the Constitution does it give the CDC the right to do anything remotely like this? I guess we don’t worry about the Constitution anymore. Haven’t in some time really.

  3. At this point, it has become effectively “just the flu” in terms of risk. Vulnerable populations have been mostly vaxxed already, so the bad cases will be down significantly. The priority should be exporting vaccines for countries that aren’t vaccinated yet.

    • Assuming that the vaccine is a “lifesaver” are you advocating that Western nations export, at their own expense, vaccines to sub-Sahara Africa? India? Bangladesh? Haiti?

  4. Yet another example of the Republican Party being run by a bunch of Jews and White Rich People who think like Jews. All they care about is uhhhh Muuhhhh Money all the time. Nothing but a bunch of Capitalist Pigs with no care or respect for anyone. The Democrats are right on this issue. However it’s not enough. This should continue until Covid-19 is over the the economy has fully recovered. It’s these issues why Nationalists are so important in the political debate. Those of us with more NS / Populist views who look at things from a middle ground…doing what’s right for everybody. Deo Vindice !

    • “This should continue until Covid-19 is over the the economy has fully recovered.” The economy is not going to be “fully recovered” no matter what. Sorry to break that news to you.

  5. Where are the pictures of Bush sleeping on the steps? Where are they? She said she slept on the steps like a homeless person and nobody took a picture of it?

  6. The point is pretty simple. We’ve had this eviction moratorium which was a fine idea, but it was a law.
    Civil Servants should not be able to make law or extend laws, that’s the role of Congress. When they do, that just increases Anarcho-Tyranny. Piglosi didn’t bother to push this in the House, where it would have passed, because she was too busy with her January 6th Reichstag Fire dog and pony show. Passing the eviction moratorium extension in the Senate would have been much harder because capitalism is a hill that “true conservatives” would have been happy to die on. Now you will get to see the Supreme Court stop the moratorium while Democrats sit on their hands and blame the evil Republicans. Maybe we’ll get some more BLM riots out of this, which will further increase the South Africanization of America. Whitey gets blamed again for what Shlomo did.

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