The Top 10 States Where Homelessness Is Out of Control

It is a new progressive era.

I’ve never seen anything like this in my area. Housing is far more affordable in the Deep South, especially out in the rural areas, than in New York and out on the West Coast.

We have poor people in the Alabama Black Belt, but we DON’T have people living in these conditions. Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana have the lowest rate of homelessness in the country.

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  1. Yet another trend going in the Republican Party and Conservative media. It’s all about Republicans making it look like the economy is bad under President Biden. Not so. It’s really no different. Travel through my area is Mississippi is no different than before. Some places are having problems finding help because not everybody is interested in jumping back in Jobs that are very public and will cause more increases in the Covid-19 cases. As for Homeless problems. Some do live in Tupelo. However the Homeless Rate is lower here in these Southern states because the cost of living is so low. Plus here in Mississippi several people live in 1 house because of Poverty which lowers the Homeless Rate. I can see the rate going up in the future with the cost of living going up and up. Deo Vindice !

    • I think a lot of Millenials/Z’s do not want to do real jobs. Big problems are looming for this country.

  2. ” Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana have the lowest rate of homelessness in the country.”

    Yeh, because a ‘starter’ home doesn’t cost 750k+ and studio apartment s aren’t 3000/mo.

    • Yes, but these people wouldn’t be able to manage coming up with an affordable rent either. They can’t hold a steady job, they are degenerate addicts with a taste for the action of where the day takes you. I worked with a guy who moved to Hawaii where a bunch of his friends chipped in and all have a rental house in Honolulu where they all work long hours in the service industry, but are not homeless, degenerate drug addicts shitting on the street.

      Of course this is one of many first steps our out of control system has in creating this degenerate homeless problem. When you have unaffordable housing and lots of unrelated adults all rooming together you have a situation where substance use is going to be much more serious than it would with nuclear families in affordable housing. Instead of growing out of the college party scene, five late 20s’ guys all rooming together are more likely to move into more serious substance usage of which the more antisocial of them can end up completely falling apart and moving out into the streets.

      • “they are degenerate addicts ”

        True, for most of them.
        Some have severe mental problems not related to drugs or personal misbehavior.
        There are some , a small portion, are victims of circumstance.

        All are a reflection of a sick society.

  3. Flyover America looks to be the place to be if you want a roof over your head. But even so, it’s disgraceful how the world’s No.1 economy has this scourge from top to toe.
    While you have troops overseas fighting other people’s wars and endless foreign aid being doled out to dictatorships who give nothing back, issues at home aren’t being addressed. I’m guessing a sizable portion of these homeless are ex military.
    Priorities and logic are non existent in political circles.

    • “troops overseas fighting other people’s wars ”

      A corrupted society, with an alien tribe pulling the levers of power.

      It started gradually and insidiously then shifted into high gear with Kissinger.

  4. If you rent a single family residence, your landlord is likely a person of modest means. An apartment, not so much.

    I have always warned against house ownership for rental purposes. It is exceedingly risky; one bad tenant can financially devastate. It never occurred to me that the federal government might seize the ability to collect rent.

    • “I have always warned against house ownership for rental purposes.”

      ‘Fair housing” laws have driven out landlords with good sense.
      The only ones remaining are either stuck or exploitive.
      A good landlord with good tenants is now exceptional.

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