Crews Clean Up and Sanitize Brentwood and Azusa Homeless Camps

It is a new progressive era.

The state can’t maintain its own borders. It can’t house its own citizens. It can’t protect them from violent criminals. It can’t control a viral outbreak. It can crush lemonade stands though. West Coast cities are being overrun with homeless camps on sidewalks and smell like feces and urine and have needles in the streets. Graffiti is spreading everywhere. They are becoming Baltimore or New Orleans.

Ezra Klein recently lamented on his show that even with Democrats in control of every branch of government that housing is outrageously expensive and building infrastructure is nearly impossible in California. The local news in Seattle, Portland, Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles is filled with stories these days about the growth of these homeless camps which are full of mentally ill people and drug addicts. In Los Angeles, there have been tuberculosis and typhoid fever outbreaks. Dr. Drew is saying that the Black Plague is present in LA’s homeless camps due to the rat infestation.

Imagine coming here from a foreign country and witnessing drug addicts staggering around San Francisco or Los Angeles like zombies in The Walking Dead. Would you admire what you see here? Would you want your country to be more like what this country is becoming?

Note: Southern California wasn’t always this bad. I’m told the weather is still pleasant there. The BoBos are just running civilization into the ground.

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  1. East LA is alright. Oddly the oldline Spanish Mexicans with extensive roots there are decent enough people.

  2. The destruction of California in the last 50 years is astonishing. Young people watch all those beach movies, music by the beach boys, Jan and dean, etc, they would be astonished to find those songs and movies really aren’t all that exaggerating about how California really was in those days. I remember the 70s and 80s in particularly southern California. The change is incredible. Destroyed in 50 years, 50 years……

    • “The destruction of California in the last 50 years is astonishing.”

      Did you ever say it !

      If a great state like Calif can go down that quickly, just think how fast the rest of the nation can go to hell.

  3. it really sucks that our weather is so mild. Magnetic for those who can’t rely on climate control. That can be our new Woke-friendly term for homeless, in fact. Climate Control Challenged.

    If it’s not the viruses, the crap, the loony bin escapees, it’s having to walk in the street to avoid them…nothing good comes of the scourge.

  4. Southern California is 80% Hispanic. Most of the rest are Asians and Jews. Tell who really ruined the place..

  5. “Would you want your country to be more like what this country is becoming?”

    Just wait, until the rot spreads to the financial markets.

  6. “East LA is alright. ”

    Yeah, because the spics moved in and took all the housing and towns that WHITE folks built.
    Drove out the WHITES, with their violent gangs and wrecked the schools.

  7. ” Southern California wasn’t always this bad. ”

    Hah, it was the best place in America, for a working person.
    High paying aerospace jobs, with fat benefits and retirement.
    Cheap clean housing, good jobs, fresh food, open beaches, mild climate, best schools in America , with the highest academic standards.

    Ppl use to move to Calif, for the high quality schools for their children and good reputation of Cal graduates.

    Where else in America could a person snow ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon?

  8. “Oddly the oldline Spanish Mexicans with extensive roots”

    What, a dozen families ?
    There are just a handful of ‘oldline’ Spanish.

  9. The immigration problem will eventually be solved when the USA becomes such a run down dump that staying in Guatemala and India seems preferable.

    • I dread that.

      All the generations of WHITE labor, who thought they were building for their descendants, thrown away for muss.

  10. Air pollution has got way better in Southern California since the 1970s.

    Black criminal gangs and Black political power was pretty much broken in Southern California after the Rodney King riots in ~ 1991.

    Everyone else had had enough.

    • “Black criminal gangs and Black political power was pretty much broken in Southern California”

      Yes, the Mexicans pushed most of them out.

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