San Francisco’s Filthy Streets Get a Deep Cleaning

It is a new progressive era.

It smells a little better than usual in San Francisco. It smells like a whiff of peppermint. Usually, the people who want to end meat eating in the United States and suppress and censor Freeze Peach on the internet are vexxed by the pile up of the fecal matter in their own streets in San Francisco.

After that poll which showed that 40% of San Francisco residents are planning to leave the city in the next few years due to the sharp decline in civilization, the city has sent out people with pressure washers to clean up the filth in the streets. It has gotten so bad that New York Magazine is attacking Chesa Boudin because San Francisco’s cultural dysfunction is garnering national attention.


“SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Francisco is famous for many things, but it has also become notorious for being filthy. On Thursday, two programs were launched with the goal of changing that.

Armed with pressure washers and a pungent peppermint deodorant, crews took on the filth and grime along Fillmore Street, officially kicking off the city’s expanded street cleaning efforts.

“So we can do a lot more detailed work than we normally do,” said Rachel Gordon of San Francisco Public Works of the new effort to clean up the city. “We dig out weeds from the sidewalk. We paint out graffiti everywhere. We flush down the roadway with water.” …”

Violent crime is exploding in San Francisco.

Shoplifting has gone mainstream in San Francisco.

Housing is increasingly unaffordable in San Francisco.

Homelessness and squalor is exploding in San Francisco.

The AAPI community is under relentless assault by “white supremacists.”

In spite of this makeover, the streets are usually covered with urine, human feces, drug needles and graffiti and will swiftly revert to their natural state due to the sheer numbers of mentally ill homeless people who are concentrated there and taking over the city. The gap between the rich and the poor in San Francisco is greater than anywhere else in California and almost anywhere else in the country.

This isn’t the top concern in San Francisco though. In a city where over 70% of the population is fully vaccinated, there is a full blown panic going on over the Delta variant.

New York Times:

“Last week, I wrote about the measures we may need to take to persuade the unvaccinated to sign up for shots. This week, I want to explore the other side of the question: How much danger does the Delta variant pose to the vaccinated? In particular, how does it compare with the seasonal flu?

I’ll be honest about the question behind my question. I want to know if there’s an endgame here. In San Francisco, where I live, 70 percent of residents are fully vaccinated, and 76 percent are partially vaccinated. These are the kinds of numbers we were once told would carry us to herd immunity. Now the hope of herd immunity appears to be gone, and even in San Francisco we’re back to universal, indoor masking. I’m exhausted, and frustrated, and everyone else is, too. Is the future just a spike protein stamping on a human face, forever? …”

They’ve gone back to universal, indoor masking.

San Francisco is also poised to follow New York’s lead on vaccine mandates.

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  1. “streets are usually covered with urine, human feces, drug needles and graffiti ”

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